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Submitted by: johnny5dm

Hey all, I'm submitting this tab based on what Jon Foreman of Switchfoot 
plays in the song Twenty-Four (copyright by Sony) on the live DVD and on 
the album. Other tabs are ok and the chord progressions are right, but they 
don't really show what Jon REALLY plays.  So, here it is!  I'm writing this 
out in terms of chords rather than the actual rhythm since that would take 
forever.  Listen to the album to get the rhythm; it's not hard.

First line, alternate between these two chords:
    x    x
    x    x
    x    x
    7    9
    10   10
    x    x

Second (same style):
    x    x
    x    x
    x    x
    7    9
    10   10
    8    8

    x    x 
    x    x
    x    x
    9    10
    9    9
    10   10

Fourth line is same as first.
    x    x
    x    x
    x    x
    7    9
    10   10
    0    0
Last few lines of verse are repeats of lines 2, 3, and 4.

First Bridge (Life is not..) (repeat twice):
Em7   C9     D      D/F#   G
3     3      2      2      3
3     3      3      3      3
0     0      2      2      0
2     2      0      0      0
2     3      x      0      3
0     x      x      2      3

Back to second verse, same as first for first 4 lines, then (this is from the 
live show):
(I'm not copping...)
x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x
x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x
12  11  12  11  12  11  12  11  12  11  12  11  12  11  12  11
x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x   x
10  9   10  9   10  9   10  9   10  9   10  9   10  9   10  9
0   0   0   0   8   8   8   8   10  10  10  10  8   8   10  10

Chorus:  Jon sometimes plays with a set of extra notes that follow the 
melody line of the violins/other strings on the album.  Sometimes he doesn't.  
Basically he tends to play them when he's not singing, as a general rule.

G     D/F#4  Em     C9     D      D/F#
3     3      0      0      2      2
3     3      3      3      3      3
0     2      0      0      2      2
0     0      3      2      0      0
x     0      3      3      x      0
3     2      0      x      x      2

With:  basically, use your pinky finger to play the extra notes.  He plays 
them on the G, Em, and C9 chords in the chorus.  To play the G chord:
Oh..          I..
 1 2 3 4 5 6  1 2 3 4 5 6
|3 33333 3333|333333333333 
|3 33333 3333|333333333333
|0 00000 0000|040000040000
|0 00000 0000|000400000400
|x xxxxx xxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxx
|3 33333 3333|333333333333  
To do the other chords, just do the middle two strings the same way at the 
fourth fret.  It takes a little bit to get used to, but once you do, it's not 
hard at all.

Then, in the last verse, he does two separate things in the show or in the 
album.  For the show, he softly strums:  G  Em D  G  Em C9add5  D  D/F# 
C9add5(see first bridge for actual chords)

On the album, it's different, but I just kind of made up something that's 
similar and sounds good.  Just strum it once on every beat until you get 
through it once, then play the first bridge chords once through, except with 
the C9 at the end instead of the G.
(I wanna see miracles...)
5   5   5   5
8   8   8   8
7   7   7   7
5   5   7   5
x   7   5   x
x   x   x   x


That's it!  You're done!

Submitted by Jon Mesh.  Yay for Switchfoot!

Comments about this tab

Fuzz - 2004-05-14

Hey man, Kudos on sitting down and writing the tab for this one down. Amazing song. The only "big" error in this tab(which it's not that big at all!) is for the intro and main "theme" of the song you need to keep that G string open. Keeps all the harmonics alive :) Jon plays it that way. Anyway, you rock dude. -Adam

johnny5dm - 2004-05-26

Doh! You are indeed correct, Adam. Apparently, I also screwed up the G chord under "first bridge" - the A string should be muted, not played on the third fret. Other than that, I hope everyone gets some good use out of it! - Jon

crazydeb8r - 2004-06-21

I freeze framed what I could of Jon Playing the chords, You never get a shot of the third one, but I think I figured out EXACTLY what he is doing...

The best way to play the chords in the intro is:

Chord 1:


Chord 2:


Chord 3:


Chord 4:


The second time through it is the same, except chord 1 changes to:


EXCELLENT Tab otherwise, I'm still working on the bridge bits and the "Oh-Oh-Oh..." part...I think You're reallllly close.

N O A H - 2004-07-24

On the Oh oh oh i am the second man part thing this is how it goes:
G G G * EmEmEmEm * * * * D D D D

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

*= Chords im not sure of the name And i spaced them out for easier reading not because theres rests between them ill put the counts under the chords its in 4/4

the strokes for each count are like this: D u d u
Capital letter = Hard stroke
lower case = soft stroke

those strokes are done for each beat. What i like to do is play 24 on a cd player and make it really loud and play along with it, it can help you learn the strokes and the speed. Weell see yall later.

N O A H - 2004-07-30

sorry i put down the wrong strokes the strokes are like this D D U D U

GuitarBeemer - 2004-10-08

Noah, in between Em and D, that chord you're not sure about is C2.

carsonh76 - 2004-11-06

just play chords like jon

gtrox17 - 2004-11-08

good job man


needshelp4 - 2005-01-01

I'm having trouble trying to play the intro chords...the main problem for me is muting the bottom two strings. Can someone please help me with how I should place my fingers ? thx =D

am66 - 2005-01-14

i just watched john do this song on their concert dvd. i was able to see the first two chords. the first is x107xxx. during that chord he does some hammer-ons on the D string on the 9th fret. the second chord is 807xxx. here he again does some 7h9. after that you can't see what he's playing. hope this helps a little.

superchick52 - 2005-01-28

i luv switchfoot they are awesome and have awesome songs and totally rad concerts love it!!!!! great job!!

surge88 - 2005-02-27

did u get this from cause there is this exact version on that site, except it says it was submitted by Jon Foreman. I'm not saying u couldnt have done this, im just sayin i find i peculiar(big word) that its the same thing.

needshelp4 - 2005-03-07

The guy on is not the real Jon Foreman, but some guy who likes using his name for some reason. The guy here who posted this tab is the same guy who posted on (notice how they both like to call themselves Jon)

Jetix - 2005-03-18

ok. now that everyone has tabbed the acoustic. what about the electric? i hear it in there. i would tab out what i play but its completely wrong. just sounds good with the combination of vocals and acoustic.

xRoxy2x - 2005-07-25

Awesome job on the tab. Switchfoot rocks!

Hilt-}3D^gomer{ - 2005-08-23

Over all it's a pretty good tab but on the "Life is not..." part
there is a D and D/F# before the Em7 C9...etc. Great tab though,
good job.

rocker_john_113 - 2005-09-01

honestly how do you mute the bottom two strings for the intro ... it seems near impossible to do

rocker_john_113 - 2005-09-01

sorry i meant mute it for the intro if you use one of the commenter's version...

where G string is open rather than muted

susbandgeek1990 - 2006-05-06

Finaly!!! I have found the correct tab for a song.....

Alex_face - 2006-08-09

After the bridge, just go back to the verse chords and do a single down stroke on the down beats of each measure. It sounds the same as the CD and it's easy to remember. I haven't tried the other way, but it might be the same notes. good job. The rest sounds perfect and dead on.

+SEAL+ - 2007-10-10

Awesome!! You rock. This tab is amazing.

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