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Submitted by: happy_face_guy

Beautiful One
Words and music by Tim Hughes
Album: Carried Me: The Worship Project
(C) 2002 ThankYou Music(ASCAP)
Tabbed by Jonathan Mercier


Another amazing song off the new worship project by Jeremy Camp!!  If you have
questions or corrections, feel free to e-mail me (
Also, if you need the version with lyrics, you can also e-mail me and I'll
gladly send it your way!  God Bless!  Have fun!!


Verse (1&2): G  A  D/F#
             G  A  Bm7
             G  A  D/F#
             G  A  D

Chorus:      G  A
             G  A
             G  A  D

Bridge:      G A
             G A
             G A D
             G A 
             G A
             G A D

Comments about this tab

decendedelf - 2004-05-03

This is the true way that jermey camp plays the song but i dont know about the bm instead of going G A on the second line I would do a D/F#

decendedelf - 2004-05-03

Also it is always nice to have words that go along with the cords just incase you dont know the song

happy_face_guy - 2004-05-04

We can't add words... It's supposingly illegal (STUPID LAWS!)... Anyways! If you want the version with words, I can send it to you... I think I saved it to my computer... Just email me!

dustyjump82 - 2004-05-07

it's definately a Bm7 on the second lines of the verses.

yearofrolling - 2004-06-08

Hey happy_face_guy, what's your email?
Could you send the JCamp song to:

A thousand thank yous, sir.

woodrow - 2004-06-21

could you also send the version with words to:


Freakylou - 2004-06-23

question: did you capo it at all?

godsson316 - 2004-07-02

please send me the words too at
i want to learn this song to play it for my college group...thanx..

happy_face_guy - 2004-07-06

Freakylou: No I didnt use a capo... but if the song is too low for you to sing, you can play the same chords with a capo... but the orignal version has no capo.

bradesp - 2004-07-19


Please email me tab with chords - Thanks!

phil_rolsten - 2004-08-15

would it be possible for you to email me the version with words and chords that would be great. email it to thanx and God bless

JewelofGod03 - 2004-08-15

Please send it to me also....

ShdwDrake8 - 2004-08-24

Yup, you guessed it please send it to me! your profile said you specified you dont wish to recieve emails, so I couldnt send you one. Hope you actually check this!

happy_face_guy - 2004-08-25

If you guys want the song with lyrics, email me at the adress mentionned in the intro of the tab (

Thanks ;)

h8n_s8n - 2004-08-25

Hi, can you email /w lyrics to:

Thanks In Advance!

JesusFreak2009 - 2004-09-04

I would like them too, lol. My e-mail address is Thanx, its ok if u don't get time to send them I am sure I can get them somewhere else.

jdb31 - 2004-09-11

could you also send me the words?? thanks

glenn99 - 2004-09-14

On the bridge try using a B bass on the second G and a C# bass on the second A. I think this works especially well on the repeat of the bridge. With respect to lyrics, two comments. First, copyright laws are there for a reason, so get over it. Second, I rarely have a problem finding lyrics when I type a song title into a search engine. It ain't that tough to combine chords and lyrics on a PC.

da8778 - 2004-09-23

Hey bro could you please e-mail me the words and tabs at


makea180 - 2004-10-04

hey i would love those words

heres my email

LFDsnowball - 2004-10-10

please email me the version with the words. thanks!

Syrup - 2004-10-20

One more of many, Could I get those words also? Thank you!

astocks2622 - 2004-10-23

hey guys, try to save this poor guy some work. his email is he asked us to email there if you want the lyrics. then he doesn't have to check this message board all the time...

JDHeath - 2004-11-01

astocks is right! I was almost laughing about how many people kept saying the exact same thing give this guy a break lol! Im sure he will do his best to get you all the words though so dont "fret" lol!

los angeles - 2004-11-29

The lyrics for all Jeremey Camp songs can be found at his website
just click on 'tunes'

happy_face_guy - 2004-12-01

Thanks guys! I already have enough of the 1000 emails I received so far (ok... maybe I'm exaggerating! HAHA.... but I did get 100+ ppl!)

timmyfuge - 2004-12-30

Yep, I also would like the chords and lyrics. Much thanks. Please send to

artyscr4life - 2005-01-02

Hey guys I was replaying the song in my mind and I think in the chorus it goes G-C-D. The melody follows the G-scale which if we put any kind of A in the song the 3rd would have to be flat, giving us a Am. However, the harmonies do not match the part the lady is singing in the background so I tried a C and it matched. Try it out if you don't like it go back to the A. I'll keep working on it and keep you guys posted.

ChristainPepper - 2005-01-08

i would love the words too! ! thanks!

Godsdaughter - 2005-01-21

please send me a copy with the words! thanks!

Freestar007 - 2005-01-25

artsy4life, you're playing the song in your head in the key of G, so the verses would go C D you said. However, the song is in the Key of D, thus the melody follows the D scale (it's got a #C that the G scale doesn't). "...soul must sing" is the notes #C and D. Thus, A is the correct chord, and the chorus is played G A.

and everyone else, DON'T ASK FOR THE LYRICS HERE! go to a search engine and find them quicker that this guys could mail 'em to you.


N2HiMguitar33 - 2005-02-13

Nice tabbing, it's just right!

UGmember_PILLAR - 2005-02-14



N2HiMguitar33 - 2005-03-01

I just wanted to say, these arent the chords in the jeremy camp songbook, but they can be used, because i have a chordbook and the chords in the book are exactly the same.

David wood - 2005-03-16

Don't wored I'am not asking for the lyrics! I just wanted to say great tab.

jiggyfly18 - 2005-04-11

wuz up can you send me the lyrics with the song at
God Bless p.s. awesome song

Albertlim - 2005-04-18

can u send me the Chord with the lyrics... thanx...

vickiz - 2005-05-09

I would like a copy of the lyrics with the chords if you still have it on your computer -

rockstar_91 - 2005-05-31

Heres the lyrics!
Dude! Have fun playing this song! I know I will!

Wonderful, so wonderful
Is your unfailing love
Your cross has spoken mercy over me
No eye has seen no ear has heard
No heart could fully know
How glorious, how beautiful you are.

Beautiful one I love you
Beautiful one I adore
Beautiful one my soul must sing.

Powerful so powerful
Your glory fills the skies
Your mighty works displayed for all to see (beautiful)
The beauty of your majesty
Awakes my heart to see
How marvelous how wonderful you are.

Beautiful one I love you
Beautiful one I adore
Beautiful one my soul must sing
Beautiful one I love you
Beautiful one I adore
Beautiful one my soul must sing.

You opened my eyes to your wonders anew
You captured my heart with this love
Because nothing on Earth is as beautiful as you (Jesus)
You opened my eyes to your wonders anew
You captured my heart with this love
Because nothing on Earth is as beautiful as you.

Beautiful one I love you
Beautiful one I adore
Beautiful one my soul must sing
Beautiful one I love you
Beautiful one I adore
Beautiful one my soul must sing.

And you opened my eyes to your wonders anew
You captured my heart with this love
Because nothing on earth is as beautiful as you.

Ha! Jesus Rocks! Remeber that!

rockstar_91 - 2005-05-31


gibson_sg_faded - 2005-12-08

Hey! This song sounds awesome if you play it with a(n) electric and a(n) six string. The electric should have a medium distortion and palm it throughout the verses and then play it normal when your in the chorus. The six string should play it normal throughout the whole song.
I love this song! God Bless!

GeorgiagurlB15 - 2006-03-23

Hey..I played this along with the cd & it sounds gr8! The only prob is th@ I can't seem 2 get the strum pattern right. Could ya help me out a lil? Plz & thnx!

chan3 - 2006-07-05

Its not Jeremy Camps version or anything but try this just for fun:
Standard tuning
Capo 2nd fret

C, D, G, Em
C, Em, Dsus, D
C, D, G, Em
C, D, G
C, D
C, Em
C, D, G

nomar826 - 2006-07-11

hey could you email me the song with words also my email is
Thanks alot

Sky1RN - 2006-07-29

Here's Beautiful One by Jeremy Camp. I hope this helps anyone who needs it. Any questions feel free to e-mail me at


G A D/F#
VERSE 1- Wonderful so wonderful is your unfailing love
G A Bm7
Your cross has spoken mercy over me
G A D/F#
No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart can fully know,
How glorious how beautiful you are.

CHORUS - Beautiful One, I love you,
Beautiful One, I adore
Beautiful One my soul must sing.

G A D/F#
VERSE 2 - Powerful so powerful Your glory fills the skies
G A Bm7
Your mighty works displayed for all to see.
G A D/F#
The beauty of Your majesty, Awakes my heart to sing,
How marvelous, how wonderful You are.
(chorus 2x, bridge, chorus (rpt), ending on bridge)

BRIDGE - You opened my eyes to Your wonders anew
You captured my heart with this love
Because nothing on earth is as beautiful as you

Sky1RN - 2006-07-29

Sorry about the way the song was printed on the above thread, but all the music and words are correct. You just have to figure out the chord changes.


Jeffrey rocks! - 2007-03-25

it sounds pretty cool if you change the A's to A2's


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