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Submitted by: Jesusguitar9

Love Song For a Savior
Music by Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowell, Matt Odmark, Stephen Mason
Words by Dan Haseltine
(c)1995 Bridge Building Music/Pogostick Music, Inc. (BMI)

All the tabs I've seen so far of this song were either completly wrong on the
chords or they had wrong names for the wright chords. This version if a
composite of the two. It has the accurate chords for Nashville tunning, 
which is what Jars of Clay uses for most of their songs, and has accuate names
for them so if you wanted to you can play it is standard tuning, although it
will not have the same sound as Jars of Clay. Some of the chords like the F#m7
sound a little goofy in standard tuning but it is still the wright chord.
Anayways have fun with this, and don't ever forget the wisdom in the classic
saying "If you count from 1 to 10 backwards you will end on the same number
that you would have started on had you counted forwards."
-Bennyboy (

Standard Tuning:  EADGBE
Nashville Tuning: EABEBE

Capo: 3

C#m7 Bsus E5 C#m7 Bsus E5

Verse 1:
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5

Esus     E5
Esus     E5
Esus     E5
Esus     F#m7
Am       C#m7   Bsus   E5

(E5)      Esus              F#m7
          C#m7    Bsus      E5
	  Esus    F#m7
          C#m7    Bsus      C#m7  Bsus E5 C#m7  Bsus E5

Verse 2:
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5


C#m7 Bsus
C#m7 Bsus

Verse 3:
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5
C#m7    Bsus      E5 C#m7 Bsus E5

(Chorus 3x)

Chords Used in Nashville tuning:
F#m7:        202020
Esus:        005500             or 303030
Bsus:        020200 or 020202   or 707070(B7sus)
C#m7(or E6): 040400 or 040404   or 909090(Amaj7)
E5:          020000
Am:          001010

Chords Used in normal tuning:
F#m7:        242222
Esus:        022200
Bsus:        024400
C#m7(or E6): 046454 or 022120
E5:          022400
Am:          002210

Comments about this tab


I do believe it is on Capo 4.


instead of playing the Esus like that, i would play it
000400 just release the index and the middle fingers after the E5.... it sounds better... Or if you'd like... you could just release the index finger and play it lke...

FireFlight - 2004-11-07

it is capo on 3...check out the harmonic just after the's a harmonic on the 12th fret(counting the capo-ed fret as 0)

Deltawing - 2005-01-05

At the end of the intro there's a change (just before he strikes the harmonic). As far as I can can tell, it seems to be from 020000 to 040000. Anyone have any better ideas?

toastrocker1029 - 2005-04-18

one other way to play that
e sus is this... 020200
it makes the transistion
from e sus to e-5all the
easier. other than that sick
job and thanks for the tab bro

~FreT~ - 2005-09-25

it confuses me sometimes that for example, E5 is actually G5...

FireFlight - 2005-09-28

There isn't a specific fret at the end of the intro. After that last chord (E5) he just slides up. Personally, i slide up to the 12th fret then hit the harmonics. It seems to work fine if you slide up anywhere from 7th - 12th fret though. God bless :)

praise_habit - 2006-04-01

Some of your standard tuning chords are a tad off. Your C#m7 should be x46600. The F#m7 should be 2x2200. The 002400 on the Esus sounds the best. Great tab, though.

Sidebar: according to music theory, these chords aren't right, but they sound right.

praise_habit - 2006-04-01

Oh, and the E5 sounds better as 079900. I'm done now.

jdironfist - 2006-05-09

Yeah, standard tuning chords sound better up the neck—E5 is 079900, F#m7 is x9(11)(11)00, C#m7 is either x46600 or x(11)(11)900 or 9(11)(11)900, Esus is 077900, and G#m7 is x(11)(13)(13)00.

WariorForChrist - 2007-05-26

Strumming patterns?

dragnwstyl2001 - 2008-10-23

The strumming pattern is a standard 4/4 time with feeling (in other words, feel the 4/4 beat, don't go at it with a robotic, rythmic mind set), also, the strums are 16th notes with accents on the down beat of 1, 3, and 4. In other words, play the 16th notes, but down strum a little harder on the downbeats of 1, 3, and 4.

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