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Submitted by: mattrussell1124

artist: united live
album: more than life
key: B
tabber: matt russell

intro and verses: 



questions comments or for a chart with lyrics and chords email me 

Comments about this tab

acoustic_man - 2004-05-10

On the bridge, the chords are: B, F#m, G#m, E
G#m, F#m, E

thousandfootkru - 2004-05-24

no, the bridge is correct

Pianos_N_Cheeze - 2004-06-06

Actually, Acoustic Man is right. It's not a B to an F#, it's a G# to an F#! :D


ChosenProphet - 2004-06-20

I believe it's played in R#

RaNdOmNaMe29 - 2004-06-23

Yes, Acoustic Man is correct...
The chord progression for the bridge is...

B F# G#m7 E G#m7 F# E
//// //// //// //// //// //// //// ////

paco_alphonso - 2004-06-26

Hi there. I'd just like to add these two chords which are in between the verse and the chorus: F#-G#. That's it! :)

timsaley - 2004-07-05

no the bridge is correct and i am not joking. just play it yourself and you can see clearly!!!!

happy_face_guy - 2004-07-09

It doesnt really matter, cuz both versions sound great... I'm not entirely sure what the REAL version should be, but I guess ppl can take the one they like best :D

liven'4GOd - 2004-07-15

I have to agree that Accoustic Man (that sounds like a superhero name) is 100% correct. I just got back from worship practice and we are playing this song at our sunday morning's service. We shall see how the congregation responds to the youth letting loose with some United Live. We are also playing Free (i Think) this sundays worship is going to be HOT!

tha_duda - 2004-07-15

I've played the song a couple of times and i've detected that they end the chorus with an A insteed of E. So playing the chorus once will go like: B F# G#m7 E, B F# G#m7 A ...
the riff at the end of the first chorus (after the A) goes like: G#m7 E G#m7 E

BenHamilton - 2004-07-15

For those who havn't got a copy of the lyrics, here they are:

I lay my life down at your feet
You're the only one I need
I turn to you and you are always there
In troubled times, it's you i seek
I put you first, that's all i need
I humble all I am to you

You are always always there
Every how and everywhere
Your grace abounds so deeply within me
You will never ever change
Yesterday today the same
Forever til forever meets no end (-here we go!)

One Way, Jesus,
You're the only one that I could live for
One Way, Jesus,
You're the only one that I could live for

You are the way the truth and the life
We life by faith and not by sight for you,
We've living all for you

If this is a breach of copyright i am tremendously sorry, i just grabbed them from the inside cover of the cd. Hopefully this will be useful to those out there who don't own the cd. Praise God!

TheRealEvidence - 2004-07-19

OK everyone...there's been alote of arguring goin on about what version of the bridge is right...I can honestly tell all of you's that the right chords are B, F#, G#, E, G# ,F#, E...this is the correct way because my worship team plays this song and we do the bridge this way...and i can tell you that it sounds exacly this is the right stop arguring!...youth net Rox

joemag - 2004-07-22

this song must be really popular! too bad i havent heard it yet. anyway, rock on guys!

guitarplayer105 - 2004-07-28

We sing this song also with my youth group and it is great. well it is B, G#, F#, E. So there you go this is the correct way i agree with "TheRealEvidence"

SRC YC - 2004-08-07

Yeah, i find no fault with this tab-in fact it's real great! i've been playing this song 4 quite a while n i know dat this tab is correct.

TheRealEvidence - 2004-08-10

Yo SRC YC...i'm sorry to tell you this...but the bridge in this tab is incorrect...the real way to do the bridge is B, F#, G#, E, G#, F#, E....and i know for a fact that this is the correct way because i got this chords out of the united live song there ya go bud!
l8er and god bless

The Real Evidence
Paul L'Ecuyer

wastin - 2004-08-12

i have the songbook... and the bridge IS IN FACT B F# G#m E G#m(!) F# E.

and in case the rest of you didnt know either... the chorus is wrong.

it goes, B F# G#m E B F# G#m A(!)... and that is correct. listen with your perfect pitch ears and you'll hear that the LAST chords is an A... then go buy the musicbook to be confirmed of my correctness and my big head.

SRC YC - 2004-08-12

My apologies, real evidence, i missed his bridge. i agree. the bridge should be B F# G#m E G#M F# E.
thousands of apologies!

hlois1123 - 2004-08-17

*sighs* artists, everything has to be perfect. the essence of the song is what's important, what does the chords matter when they seem alright? real worship doesnt come from your vocal chords, Christ doesnt care if you sound like nails on a chalkboard as long as your heart is right.

TheRealEvidence - 2004-08-23

yo hlois1123,

Your right. It dosent matter about the music, but god wants us to show his best for him, and if we just play a song when the chords r wrong and it sounds bad and ruens the worship, then god wouldnt apreciate that very much. So we should still play the song as best as we can but we shuldnt consintrate just on the music, but on him. When we worship, its not about the show, its about us getting into a place of worship with god, but att the same time we should show our best for god cuz he att least desrevs that and even moor. So there ya go!

l8er and god bless!
The real Evidence

Paul L'Ecuyer

J-RedEckhardt - 2004-09-04

My friends youth pastor who is originally from Hillsongs plays it like this.
Intro and Verse
B G#m7 F# E
B F# G#m E
B F# G#m7 E G#m7 F# E

McVities - 2004-10-04

There seems to be a bit of angst here. Perhaps there are two versions, one where the second half of the chorus finishes with E as the first half, and the other finishes with A. The latter is the version I know, it sounds quite cool going to the flatted subdominant, but it really doesn't matter, both chords fit the melody, and as long as it inspires people to worship!

4Play - 2004-10-09

Let's just agree to disagree. It doesn't matter which way you play it. We've tried all the ways suggested here, and we get a crowd of 2200 people shouting out to Jesus no matter which way. If it comes from the heart, what does it matter??? Oh, and Newsboys rule... Cheers.

4Play - 2004-10-11

Sorry- led you astray, correction to my above post - we rock 1200 people, not 2200 - we're not hillsong!

stephy216 - 2004-10-24

haha we also play this at my church at both youth group and church, but we play it in g major
so what i have to say is basically irrelivenat
rock on guys
be like jesus!

paul_armand - 2004-11-03

Hi everyone! This song has really been a big hit in our worship! Hallelujah!
Anywayz, does anybody here know the tabs of the song Always? Do you know where i could get one? If you do, please post it here or e-mail me at Thanks!
Keep on standin' on the Rock!

Relient_K_Rules - 2004-11-07

does anyone know the unitedlive site

kyamph - 2004-11-29

Hey guys! are u all from the western hemisphere? I live in Asia, philippines to be exact and we're also playing this song in our church. Hillsongs has used by God to touch the hearts of many people around the world. So guys keep on jamming for Jesus. God speed you all!

kyamph - 2004-11-29

Hey Relient K Rules!

did u find the website of unitedlive? actually its Unitedlive is under hillsong production! God bless!

Iam am Jeremy - 2004-12-03

Or you could just go to I was about to write but luckily I realised.

stevo54 - 2004-12-07

Intro and verses




That 100% correct, i've played it 1000's of times at church

enjoy ..... Jesus Rocks

sher_blade - 2004-12-24

Brothers this might help!

Intro: B – G#m – F# - E

I lay my life down at Your feet
You’re the only one I need.
F# E
I turn to You and You are always there
In troubled times, it’s you I seek
I put You first that’s all I need
F# E
I humble all I am, all to You

B F#
One way, Jesus
G#m7 E
You’re the only One that I could live for
B F#
One way, Jesus
G#m7 A (G#m7 – E [2X] )
You’re the only One that I could live for

B F#
You are the way, the truth and the life
G#m7 E
We live by faith and not by sight
G#m7 F# E
For You, we’re living all for You.

That's it!!! God Bless everybody!!!

369852147 - 2005-01-13

how do u the backrounds the like in the bridge how do u do the plucking??

P.M... (palm mute)
h (hamer on)



Verse 1

D-9999999999999999-6666666666666666-4444444444444444-2222222222222222- x2

G|-44444444----------------------------| X2

|------66666666-22222222----------| X2

Verse 2 (same as verse 1)




samx109 - 2005-01-30

hey guys
im trying to learn as E chord main or G chord main but i dont no how to change it.. so can u guys help me out with it?

its really hard to play with B chord xP

samx109 - 2005-01-30

oh and

and yes it sounds like they are playing its B F# G#m7 E G#m7 F# B cus it sounds right on it too but the real right one is B F# G#m7 E B F# B

and im 100% sure
if u dont believe me make the sound really loud and listen to it and also look at the hillsongs lyric book =) <-- thats wat i did

samx109 - 2005-01-30

ah sry top part got cut off....


oh and acoustic man is wrong and timsaley is right cus wen u hear it carefully they play a high chord and the B chord is higher than the G#m7 chord so yes they are playing the B chord and also i looked in the hillsong book =)

and yes it sounds like they are playing its B F# G#m7 E G#m7 F# B cus it sounds right on it too but the real right one is B F# G#m7 E B F# B

and im 100% sure
if u dont believe me make the sound really loud and listen to it and also look at the hillsongs lyric/chord book =) <-- thats wat i did

jepoy - 2005-02-09

this tab is great, can anyone display the tab on the instrumental after the first chorus ?

crispy81 - 2005-02-27

Hey guys,

if you want to try a nice change then on the second time through the bridge try:

B F#
You are the way the truth and the life
G#m7 - E
We live by faith and not by sight
For You
We're living all for you

crispy81 - 2005-02-27

Hey guys,

if you want to try a nice change then on the second time through the bridge try:

B F#
You are the way the truth and the life
G#m7 - E
We live by faith and not by sight
For You
We're living all for you

crispy81 - 2005-02-27

sorry don't know if I just send a slightly erroneous copy of what I was trying to write

if you want to try a nice change then on the second time through the bridge try:

B F#
You are the way the truth and the life
G#m7 E
We live by faith and not by sight
G#m7 F# E
For You, we're living all for You
C(!) B F#
You are the way the truth and the life.....

This is what they do on the soul survivor CD (I think!)

daniel_i68 - 2005-03-08

I think the bridge is wrong. kind of a mixed up.
It's a B G#m7 F#m7 E then G#m7 F#m7 E

bhoyped - 2005-04-27

HUMILITY HUMILITY HUMILITY HUMILITY! thats what counts. a skilled musical arranger can transcribe a song into a thousand arrangements. but if Jesus doesnt like it, it wont matter even to a bug. just like the song says. ONE WAY "JESUS". it is one thing to play your best, and another thing to be accepted. (that goes for all the BIG HEADS). worship the Lord with all your heart. and let Him decide whether he wants to change your chords or your heart. GOD BLESS!

TheRealEvidence - 2005-05-26

Hey everyone....just to let all of you know....the real name of the band is hillsong united or just United
l8er and god bless,
The Real Evidence
Paul L'Ecuyer

Elius - 2005-07-26

In the chorus part - - it goes B F# G#m E
B F# G#m A
I'm sure that is 100% right. Gbu u all

janjan_invzim - 2005-09-10

the tab i play in after chorus sounds like this...
G-8-66-8-66-8-66-8b8-6-- 2x


guitar4godjosh - 2005-09-18

capo 4 thats all i will say

elykoko - 2005-10-05

the old version.. is B F# G#m E B F# E

the for all youve done version is B F# G#m E G#m F# E

i prefer the new one better ( G#m )

roland - 2006-03-22

It's really nice to copy the exactness of music from the CD but even though we got the correct parameters, it will never be played the same as the CD. It's a one time event for everyone everytime we play it. So i'll go to everyone's choice in whatever you prefer to do but please don't go to much away from the original unless you want to do an arrangement of yours. Besides we are all UNIQUE! You're all great! Thanks to God he has given us grace and talents. Yeah!!!

Iam am Jeremy - 2006-05-13

Gosh stop fighting someone has said they have the music book and that is right so just go by that i think i read the same chord progression about 50 times in the corrections

SMP23 - 2006-06-13

I'm in a youth band in my church and I'm tired of playing this song.In my opinion Acoustic Man is right. But I think that instead of fighting you all should listen to a guitar that plays:


e---0------------------ if any other JESUS FREAK has any suggestions please let me know.

Gods-child - 2006-06-26

i realli dnt fink u shud call us jesus freaks......... jesus is mint its the best thing thts eva happened in my life, changed me forver
so dont dis JESUS

SMP23 - 2006-07-04

Well... Sorry?? I din't mean to hurt you. I would do for Jesus anything without thinking it twice. I would give my life. I´m sure you are in love with Him as much as I am, but I think that the next time you hear something different, you should have an open mind. Remember what the Bible says: Test everything; retain what is good. But just in case you didn't get my point, here is my definition for a JESUS FREAK!! :

JESUS FREAK : a person who would do anything for Jesus Christ. A person who would give his/her life for Jesus. A person who had a close encounter with Jesus. Person that only things in Jesus. A person that only lives for Jesus.

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