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Submitted by: thousandfootkru

Drop D

Intro: -----------

verse: -----xxx-----xxxxxxx-----xxx-----xxxxxxx-----xxx-----xxxxxxx

Chorus: B D A
        B D A G


Verse 2: Same as 1st.


Bridge: ------------------------------------xxx---xxxxxx---xxxx------

        -------------------------- xxx---xxxxxx---xxxx-----


Solo: If you figure it out, just put it in the correction box!


I have seen TFK 4 time this year, and i have stood right in front of the
guitarist, so i know that that this is almost 100% correct!

Ryan S

Comments about this tab

FirEscape04 - 2004-07-03

The Solo is is just hammering 2 and 5 on the low D since it is tuned to Drop just mess around with that....u will figure out the timing

SSj Guitarist - 2004-08-01

The Solo Goes as shown:


So just mess around with that, it's pretty easy to figure out the timing, and when and when not to play the high notes.

cryistalrider - 2004-08-01

hey dude do u know the i climb song if u do post it 4 me pls thx

Joe_I_Am - 2004-08-02

also during the solo theres another guitar that plays this chord in the background. if you listen carefully, you can hear it


jakie-06 - 2004-08-14

maybe 70% correct my friend....

the bridge part is as follows

and for the verses, what you have tabbed out would be the bass line
lets go with this

and the solo is like this

jakie-06 - 2004-08-14

and the chorus chords are E, D, A,,, E, D, A, C

SSj Guitarist - 2004-09-02

Are you sure that's how the solo goes? If you check my tab (the one with the rating of 3 *the rating does it no justice*, I think you'll find it most useful, please go there and rate it

bob6621 - 2004-09-19

is someone gonna write chords for this song or what

bob6621 - 2004-09-19

is someone gonna write chords for this song or what

krutchfan66 - 2004-10-02

Bob....... Funny.......

pike - 2004-11-28

jakie i dont think your solo is right because if you see the video the guitarist does the solo that SSj Guiarist put up.. good try tho:)

krutchfan66 - 2004-12-17

could sum1 PLEASE tab everyone like me? make it good!

krutchfan66 - 2005-01-19

NE1? plz! im beggin u!mxhgaijszdgtjhbzvhu

pelicanman - 2005-02-09

This is gonna sound stupid but im a beginner so bear with me. What do the xxxx, h2, and 5p2 mean?

strngrndawrld - 2005-02-22

I have a question...why does everyone play in drop d tuning and play power chords all on the same fret instead of playing them in natural tuning and stretching a little bit? I mean, come on!! It's only 2 frets!!... being the lead guitarist and the lead singer in a band, I find it very difficult to keep changing tunings all the time and still keep the flow of a show going... and it's not very realistic to have a different guitar for each tuning... Just putting my two cents in...

jayemm87 - 2005-03-13

people use drop D tuning be cause you can't play the Eb and low D power chords in a standard tuning.

whitemansfro999 - 2005-03-19

xxxx=palm mute

h= hammer on

p= peel off

nodnerb - 2005-03-21

i think the part at the end of the chorus goes as follows:


technometal - 2005-03-28

Hey strngrndawrld, drop D tuning has a completely different (and better) tone than standard. Also, it frees three of your fingers to hammer and bend and stuff. If you can't detune accurately, you should buy a tuner. They're not very expensive, and they help out a lot. Some amps also have them built in. :)+<

Southernx3bell - 2005-04-02

could some1 put in the chords 4 this song thx

strngrndawrld - 2005-06-05

I realize that Drop D tuning has a slightly different tone than does natural tuning... I like the crunch you get when playing with distortion in drop D... sounds cool! Also, I do own a tuner... but why would you need it to drop into drop D tuning? If you can't hear when the low E string drops in tune with the high D, then you shouldn't try to play in Drop D... Again, just my 2 cents

technometal - 2005-06-10

I mentioned the tuner cuz I didn't like drop D at all once; that was when I was a beginner and couldn't even put my guitar in drop D without one. That part of my post was just good advice to beginners.

Caldur06 - 2005-07-18

strngrndawrld, as an electric guitarist, let me tell you that Drop D (and drop C, B, etc.) is very necessary in many situations. One of the more obvious reasons is that you can't hit the lower D on what would be the E in standard tuning. In addition, with standard tuning, you can't use your other fingers nearly as well as you can with drop D.

Take a segment from the song Phenomenon for example:


Would become:


in standard tuning. As you can see, that is not very practical (although possible, and when I'm bored and am already in standard tuning I do play it that way just for fun. And if I'm playing it in my band I'm always prepared to play it this way if I'm accidentally in standard tuning).

Also, tuning up or down during a concert or a show or whatever is not hard. On my pedal (Boss GT-6, which does about everything humanly possible with a guitar), I can switch to the tuner, have my volume off so nobody can hear me tuning, tune back up, switch back to my effect, all in about five seconds. It hardly disrupts the flow of the show at all, and me and the other guitarist in our band do it often in shows. It would actually be very inpractical to not use a tuner during a live show to switch tunings(if you have one on your box, which since you said you are "lead guitarist" I would hope that you have some kind of box or pedal). I mean, I can switch to drop D easily without a tuner when I'm sitting around on my couch. But during a concert, you need it fast, accurate, and without you or the audience having to listen to it.

In fact, if you have a long show, your guitarists should be tuning every string at some point through the show. I have yet to go to a professional concert where there wasn't a point where all the guitarists tuned their guitars. Have your drummer and bassist do a beat through it, and maybe you can talk--that setup usually works nicely.

But back to this song: I find it amazing that none of the tabs anywhere mention the harmonics in this song. Quite frankly in my opinion, I think that the harmonics make the song. On the first time through each verse, a lot of harmonics are added, and the second time through each verse, it's plain scratching--muted with the left hand and strumming with the right. And I prefer to play it a little differently, but you won't notice a difference really.

Play harmonics on 7 at these spots || and harmonics at 9 then 7 and 7 here
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

I can't stress enough that those notes on the three high strings are harmonics, and not just played normal. One guitar plays that while the other guitar plays the same thing sans-harmonics, he just mutes with his left hand and strums with his right. On the second time through each verse there are no harmonics and both "scratch." Then it leads into this.


I used to play that 2-0-5--2-0-5-7, I think either way sounds fine. I haven't had the chance to sit down with my guitar and the CD, honestly, or I would know for sure.

G-------------------- Repeat I forget how many times.
D--5p2h4p2--5p2h4p2-- I prefer to hammer on and pull
A--5p2h4p2--5p2h4p2-- off rather than hitting each
D--5p2h4p2--5p2h4p2-- individually.

I think there were other points in the tab that I disagreed with as well, but oh well. This submission is getting almost large enough that I should send in my own tab--which I don't feel like doing. Good luck playing and God bless.

Caldur06 - 2005-07-18

Gah, spaces apparantly don't stack. The harmonics part should be like this:

Play harmonics on 7 at these spots || and harmonics at 9 then 7 and 7 here
.......\/... \/....... \/... \/....... \/... \/...... \/

The \/ are just pointing down to where the harmonics are, hopefully that doesn't confuse you.

mmggppmgp - 2005-08-07

finnally sum1.. i said it on the other tab... umm i will try ur version

Registered User - 2005-08-21

To those of you who read all these, go and check out SSJ's tab, I did and it worked for me perfectly! the harmonics in the song are to hard to try to place them in a tab, so if you scratch the strings at certain positions you'll get the sound, that's what I found.

josh777 - 2006-03-28

Hey pelican man You cheeseball learn how to play the guitar. If you cant play dont ask what xxxx and hammer ons and pull offs mean if u dont know go find a new instrument. Seriously go bac to first grade and learn what numbers mean

ice_wiz - 2006-03-28

Josh777, he just new to tableture so give him a break.

ice_wiz - 2006-03-28

Josh777, he just new to tableture so give him a break.;)

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-06

First off, I totally agree with ice_wiz! This is a site for christian guitarists. It's a site for guitar pro's and tabbing pro's as well as for beginners. Also, it's a site to learn from. A site for better guitarists to help those who are less good. Telling someone to "go back to first grade and learn what numbers mean" doesn't actually help him, do you think so?

Secondly, Joe_I_Am is totally right about the second guitar in the "solo". Though it doesn't sound as deep. I think he skips the base note so that the chord looks like this:

He could be playing the 7th fret on the A string too, but he's putting the "weight" of the chord on the brighter strings anyway.

Caldur06, great job! I agree on everything you said. I think it is the Lead Guitar that takes the harmonics and the Rhythm Guitar does the scratching, because you hear scratching and harmonics at the same time. TFK is a band with two guitars and as I mentioned earlier the Lead Guitar also adds that chord to the "solo". So there's definetly two guitars in this song.

The Lead guitar only adds harmonics to the first half of the two verses, and the harmonics are DIFFERENT in each verse. I havent figured them out yet, but I'm gonna post the entire song so you'll get them later.

Caldur06 got the chords right for the chorus, even though he didn't write the rhythm. The "solo" however, he did surprisingly wrong. You can play the "solo" like this: (^ marks out where the Lead Guitar plays the chord)

^ ^ ^
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

So you play the A|0---| 18 times in total.

You can also play it with hammer ons, like this:

A|--0--------0--------0------0--------| and so forth.

You have to hammer on the 2nd fret pretty hard to get it to work.

I'll give you the entire song later. Till then, TFK ROCKS!!!
God Bless,

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-06

What? It messed up my markings for the chords! Hope you'll hear where the chords are anyway.

Caldur - 2006-05-03

*checks here after a really long time* >_>

Yeah, Dani Boy was correct about me being wrong on that "solo." Not sure what I was thinking with that.

Hmm, after looking through the tabs, it seems there isn't one rated 5.00. If I wasn't so busy/lazy I might cook up a 100% correct tab, but alas. I am both.

Good luck, keep rocking.

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