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Submitted by: rach13

Casting Crowns
Praise You With The Dance

capo 2
|D2    |Asus   |G2    |Asus    2X

|D      |A       |Bm     |G
|D2     |Asus    |Bm     |G
|D      |A       |Bm     |G
|D2     |Asus    |Bm     |G
|D2     |Asus    |G   A  |D

|D      |G       |D      |G
|D      |G       |G      |A
|D      |G       |D      |G
|D      |G       |G   A  |D
|G   A  |D       |G   A  |D2    |Asus    |G2     |Asus

|D      |A       |Bm     |G
|D2     |Asus    |Bm     |G
|D      |A       |Bm     |G
|D2     |Asus    |Bm     |G
|D2     |Asus    |G   A  |D

|D      |G       |D      |G
|D      |G       |G      |A
|D      |G       |D      |G
|D      |G       |G   A  

Fiddle Solo
|D      |D       |D      |G  A  D
|D      |Bm  C   |D      |G  A  D
|D      |Bm  C   |D      |G  A  D

|D      |G       |D      |G
|D      |G       |G      |A
|D      |G       |D      |G
|D      |G       |G   A  |D
|G   A  |D       |G   A  |D    

Comments about this tab

djlop2006 - 2004-02-24

hey i was wonderin if any yall could add lyrics to this cause it doesnt feel complete without the lyrics

rach13 - 2004-03-10

This site has asked that the lyrics not be included due to copyright issues.

ashleyisnuts - 2004-03-11

I actually sat down and played the song with the chords that were written down and they are all correct as far as I can see!! Great job!

iwant2playgetar - 2004-08-13



HE LIVES....... HE LIVES ..... HE LIVES....

superman23yo - 2004-08-23

good tab. on the chorus though, the it's D - G - D/F# - G and so on. the second D should always have an F# bass.
Keep up the good work!!

christlover08 - 2004-09-12

for lyrics..
go to
enter site (warning: music will start to play)
click on "Music" on option bar
click on the words that you want!
hope that helps!

gcat1486 - 2004-10-01

what does this mean


PenetcostRock86 - 2004-10-26

I believe he is just refering to the timing when it is "|D" ... Looks to me he was just using a reference to the 4/4 timing in the song, I may be wrong.

Acts 2:38

matt j t - 2004-12-14

hey "iwant2playgetar" i can see you can't read tab without lyrics

don't worry, you will get the hang of it eventually!!!

msugangsta - 2004-12-21

The bars "|" stand for the beginning and end of a measure. A measure is a block of a song determined by the time signature, which is the number of beats and length of notes. I know this isn't the best explanation, but I'm not a music teacher, and I don't have enough room to write out the whole explanation.

I'll say that this particular song is in 4/4 timing. This means that a measure has four beats. So when you see a single "D" in between two bars, you hold the D chord for 4 beats. I hope that gets you started.

BTW, in case anyone was wondering, the fiddle solo in this song is an old folk tune called "Simple Gifts". Easy to learn and sounds really neat on a mandolin.

Lanceshield - 2005-01-01

^Yes, but the reason it was most likely included with this song is that it is commonly redone with different lyrics by the name "Lord of the Dance"

Cobrasvenom - 2005-01-24

great song, got to get the strumming right to sound good, but whats a d2? I cant find that note.

Christ's Rocker - 2005-01-26

d2 is a variation of the D major chord. It's tabbed like this

Churchi - 2005-03-03

The original song on their CD is in E! So its like E h2 !2 and h2 again! Only ifsomeone wondered because it doesnt sound right if you play it to the original CD ;-)
bb Churchi

Andy Miller - 2005-03-11

Yeah, the song could be played without a capo and played the chords such as E, B9, C#9, and Asus2, those chords. that could work too; both of them can actually, but i find these chords better and well played.
-Andy Miller

MassageMan - 2005-06-20

I love this version of this song, I just submited a version that is for the acoustic guitar without the capo. Hope ya'll enjoy. PEACE!!!!

mallad - 2005-07-21

idk what anyone else thinks of this, but I don't have an acoustic electric, just plain acoustic (as I'm sure many of us do) and idk.. to get the sound they have in this song, especially the intro, a plain acoustic sounds a little off (or I just can't strum it right) but it kinda sounds a bit better (and easier to strum) if you hammer on the last note of some chords.

Example :

when you play D2 hammer on to a D
when you play Asus, instead of using the 3rd fret on 2nd string, leave it open, and hammer a regular A when he plays the high strings in the song.
same with G2, play just the 3rd fret 6th string at first, then hammer on the
3rd on 1st string.

to clarify...(H = hammer on)
This doesn't show the strumming but is just to give an idea of what I mean. In the actual recording he just strums the chords, but for some reason as close as I get to it I can't nail the strumming down just right, plus as I said, my guitar makes the high notes sound a bit too high and it's perfectly tuned practically...but anyways just a thought. Helps get the sound of the low notes followed by the high, and much easier even if not the correct way. any thoughts or improvements please please lemme know lol I love this song
D2 D Asus G2

sam da man - 2005-08-21

Intro [: E Bsus A2 B :]
E B C#m7 A2
I will sing to the Lord And I will lift my voice
E B A2
For You have heard my cry
E B C#m7 A2
I will sing to the Lord And I will lift my hands
E B F#m7 B A2
For You have brought me out of the pit
E B F#m7 B E
For You have brought me out of the pit

E A2 E A2
And I'll sing glory, hallelujah I lift Your name on high
E A2
And I'll sing holy, 'cause You're worthy
A2 F#m B
I'll praise You with the dance
E A2 E A2
And I'll sing glory, hallelujah I lift Your name on high
E A2
And I'll sing holy, 'cause You're worthy
A2 F#m E **(to fiddle solo)
I'll praise You with the dance
A2 F#m E
I Will praise You with the dance
A2 F#m E Bsus A2 B
I Will praise You with the dance

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