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Submitted by: rach13

I've corrected many wrong chords that appeared in the other version.
I've also added the time signature changes in the bridge, as well as
the correct chord progression for that part.

Who Am I
Casting Crowns

Capo 4

INTRO |G   C2  |Em7    Dsus  D    2X

|G    D/F#     |Em7        D       |C           |C
|G    D/F#     |Em7        D       |C           |C
|C    D        |Em7        D/F#  
|Em7  D/F#     |C          D

|G    D/F#     |Em7    D    |C      D      |C       D
|G    D/F#     |Em7    D    |C      D      |C             
|G   C2      |Em7    Dsus  D       2X

Same as vs1


5\8|Em    D    3\4|C2 G/B A7sus G  
5\8|Em    D    4\4|C2 G/B A7sus G/B   A7sus G 
5\8|Em    D    4\4|F      Em     |C/G     D
   |C     D       |Em7    D/F#  
   |Em7   D/F#    |C      D/C  Dsus  Em7/B  C2


|Em   D    2\4|C        4\4|D
|G    C2      |Em7    Dsus  D   4x       
|C ........   ||


Comments about this tab

poncapoke - 2004-04-16

Great tab. The one thing I hear different is on the third line of the Bridge. It sounds to me like the the C/G chord has an Eb which would make it C minor. Maybe some type of augmented chord. Anyone else know?


kelseymedia - 2004-04-28

that chord in the third line of the Bridge is Cm7/Eb so the bridge should look like this:

Em D | C2 G/B C/A G
Em D | C2 G/B C/A G/B C/A G
Em D | F Em | Cm7/Eb D


jeremy3 - 2004-06-29

i thought it was capod on 3 instead of 4? just tryin to make sure thanks

chelsyalbertson - 2004-07-21

you're is on the third fret capo. also, the chords are based off of "e" like a lot of e's, and a's, and d's and bm's. try it! :)

amoose8myguitar - 2004-10-28

How can I get the words. Thanks!

bgpalwaysme - 2004-11-01

Well i know it completley different and it sounds goodWho Am I" CAPO 3
(V1, B, C, V2, B, C, B, C, E)

G C2 Em7 Dsus 2x

Vrs 1:
G Dsus Em7
Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth
Dsus C
would care to know my name
would care to feel my hurt
G Dsus Em7
Who am I, that the bright and morning star
Dsus C
would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart

C Dsus
Not because of who I am
Em7 Dsus
but because of what You've done
Em7 Dsus
not because of what I've done
C Dsus
but because of who You are

G Dsus Em7
I am a flower quickly fading
Dsus C
here today and gone tomorrow
Dsus C
a wave tossed in the ocean
a vapor in the wind
G Dsus Em7
still You hear me when I'm calling
Dsus C
Lord You catch me when I'm falling
Dsus C
and You've told me who I am,
G C2 Em7 Dsus 2x(1st and 3rd time)
G Em7 C2 3x(2nd time)
I am yours

Vrs. 2:(same chords as 1st verse)
Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin
would look on me with love
and watch me rise again.
Who am I, that the voice that calms the sea
would call out through the rain
and calm the storm in me.

G C2
I am Yours
Em7 Dsus G C2 Em7 Dsus
I am Yours
G C2
Whom shall I fear
Em7 Dsus
Whom shall I fear
G C2
'cause I am Yours
Em7 Dsus C2
I am Yours

LLMusic - 2004-11-10

That version sounds nice when you play it, and it is easy to play, but the only problem is that it is in the Key of B flat. The Casting Crowns recording is in the Key of B. If you capo on 4 and play the version listed at the top, you will be in the right key for the recording. Your arrangement really is nice, though. And the recording has almost no acoustic guitar, so arranging it the way you have for acoustic guitar is great.

jk1211 - 2004-11-19

I was just playing your version (bgpalwaysme) - which is great, thank you so much!! - and in the intro, you can kind of make the guitar sound like the piano, at least with the notes. And maybe you already knew this, but while playing the Dsus, you can go from Dsus to D to D2 and back to D (one strum each). so the tab goes like this: e --3--2--0--2-
B --3--3--3--3-
G --2--2--2--2-
D -------------
A -------------
E -------------

passingthrough - 2004-11-22

Thanks i ussually go to D but d2 ill try, i do this as a solo and it works really good.

matt j t - 2004-12-14

Hey bgpalwaysme, what does (V1, B, C, V2, B, C, B, C, E) mean?

I mean i've seen it before but i don't know what it means!!!

Please tell me!!!

tfrain - 2004-12-19

What's the appropriate fingering for C2 for this song. I just broke my guitar back out and its been a while. I took a classical class in high school and we didn't do a lot of chords.

P.S. I love this resource! My wife gets a little frustrated with all my strumming in the office, but I so enjoy learning these great songs!

tfrain - 2004-12-19

Correction - not high school - I took that class in college (like it really matters!).

bgpalwaysme - 2004-12-30

I play C2 this way 032033, You can check out lots of new chords in the chord section of this site.

Geekyboy2440 - 2004-12-31

and that weird code represents the song progression in this case (V1, B, C, V2, B, C, B, C, E) means (Verse1, Bridge, Chorus, Verse2, Bridge, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Ending. also above the last line of the chorus is G Em7 "Dsus" (rather than C2) and for "younger guitarists" feel free to use c2 in place of c
C2 {(x)/(0),3,2,0,3,3}

Decency - 2005-01-01

I play C2 like this.

mmggppmgp - 2005-03-12

i thought it was pretty good... i dunno y but if i play infront my parent's speakers, it does not sound completly right but i would never get close to how you tab this... so if you guys know Better Days Ahead AKA BDA pls i would really want tabs for them i tried tabbing one out but i do not have a very good ear... God Bless

rockin_4_Christ - 2005-04-15

awsome job! it sounds perfect, and i personally think c2 sounds better when you do it
E-X but thats just me. again, awsome job it sounds awsome keep up the good work.
God Bless,

p-diddy - 2005-06-08


guitarmanjer - 2005-07-25

This is a great choice of chords. I have also edited this so if anyone wants a copy along with some other songs just give me a shout. or indicate that you want chords from this site at christian gutiar resources. God Bless. Jeremy (guitarmanjer)!

Starkindler201 - 2005-08-12

Anyone know what the piano part is chordwise?

MJA-22 - 2005-12-14

What is the time to it?

QuakerGrapes - 2006-01-11

I have the same question.....I'm not sure what the timing is like because I've only heard it on the radio. Coolio maybe someone could help me out...THANKS. :)

crazee - 2006-03-27

does anyone have the music sheet to this song?i'v been lookin for it but cant find..if have pls kindly send to


God Blez

Hebrews11_1_ - 2006-04-17

Hey, well I'm kinda new at guitar. I can understand the chords and all, but whats the diffrence between the Dsus D and stuff like that?

dereknkt - 2006-06-14

does anyone know the little solo the guitar plays while the keyboard is playing in the very beganing?

Metallic-Red - 2006-06-15

In answer to the solo at the beginning, it's pretty simple. I've only briefly listening to the song, but I have found it to be this:

Capo 4 (Recording)


Correct me if I'm wrong. Hope that helps mate.

JasonD - 2006-06-21

hey all ... if you want to make the guitar sound like the piano at the beginning and stuff ... try transitions like below - simply play the first chord down, down, up, up, up ... and hit the transition chord on the second UP. enjoy!

G C2 Em D

paul_armand - 2006-09-08

you guys might want to take a look at this video interview of casting crowns.
he's teaching the chords (putting the capo on the 2nd fret by the way)
God bless!

unidentified225 - 2007-03-20

I couldent tell ya wat teh diff is technicly fer D and Dsus, but I think you drop the First string out of the chord so its 0230 instead of 0232. If im wrong correct me plz.

canadaman - 2007-05-25

D2 is X-X-0-2-3-0
DSus is X-X-0-2-3-3
So if you use D which is X-X-0-2-3-2 you can lift the finger off the E (1st) string to get D2. Beginning with D again, just place your pinky finger on 3 on the E (1st) string and leave the D in place "behind" it if you plan to go back to it again.

I am sure there are a lot of ways to do this chord but this works for me.

By the way, I really like the redone version -- but with the font am not sure exactly where all the chords should be placed on the line.

Has anyone perhaps set this up using the songbuilder free software?

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