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Submitted by: axeman7

song:Burdon Me
artist:Jeremy Camp
tabbed by:Tristen Whaley

|---------------------------------3-------3-----3-5-------5-----5-- repeat

verse: D5, Bb5, F5, G5 2x then the above 2x

bridge?: Bb5, C5 3x

chorus: D5, Bb5, G5, F5  D5, Bb5, A5, C5  2x

part after first chorus


verse 2 

bridge 2

chorus 2

interlude to solo: G5, F5, C5

outro chorus: D5, Bb5, G5, F5  D5, Bb5, A5, C5 repeatitivly

end on A5 holding it out.

It might seem confusing even though it really isn't. Such an easy song.
If anyone has any questions or comments email me at my email address or
talk ot me on my aim name jethro caiphas. I didn't put the solo out because
it's not too difficult, four notes over and over basically. If anyone wants
something that I doodle around with talk to me or email me.

Comments about this tab

1Timothy412 - 2005-07-27

Which of Jeremy's CD's is this from? Because I have three of his CD's and I don't remember a song called "Burden Me" on any of them. There is a song "Carried Me" is it the same?<><

Mar-T - 2005-11-19

Yeah, I have his 3 cd's and have never heard of 'Burdon Me' either.

rotj4 - 2006-01-14

The song Burden Me is from Jeremy's first album titled "Burden Me". It is an idie disc and it is long Out Of Print. It is very rare but can be found from time to time used.

jeremycampfan05 - 2006-01-16

really? i had no clue! i have stay, carried me, and restored. I thought his new cd was going to be called burden me?

jeremycampfan05 - 2006-01-16

o yeah and too - live unplugged dvd and cd

1Timothy412 - 2006-02-08

"Burdon Me" seems kinda the opposite of Jeremy's style. He is all about 'God take my burdens(worries,fears,corcerns,ect.)that keep me from You.' Unless,you're asking God to give you a burden for the lost.ya know?

1Timothy412 - 2006-02-08

Sorry guys!I just researched it; rotj4,you were right!! I willingly admit defeat:o). I thought I knew all about Jeremy Camp but I guess not! Sorry, I guess I should check the internet before I start correcting!
In HIS love,

Eustice - 2006-06-03

The song is also on "Jeremy Camp: Restored - Deluxe Gold Limited Edition."

jeremycampfan05 - 2006-06-13

I thought so too ya know with all the 'Burden Me' talk. I have all of his cds exept for this one-I have STAY, CARRIED ME, RESTORED, AND LIVE UNPLUGGED DVD AND CD. I had NO idea that he had a cd out BEFORE Stay-but I'm gonna get the Restored Deluxe version.....

~N CHRIST~ jeremycampfan05. <><

jeremycampfan05 - 2006-06-13

OH YEAH i thought his new cd thats coming out in september was gunna be called "Burden Me"-But ya never know I may have heard different........


Mar-T - 2006-08-08

You can hear the song on Jeremy Camp's myspace.

frankie gonzale - 2007-05-09

does anyone know the bass tabs to "burden me" by Jeremy Camp this is my email address i play the bass for my church new hope world outreach center in gray L.A please email me if you know the tabs.

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