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Submitted by: roo5ter

Song:   "My Heart Goes Out"
Artist: Warren Barfield 
Album:  Self-Titled

 2003 Warren Barfield Music /Creative Trust Music (ASCAP)
BMG Songs, Inc. \ See For Yourself Music (ASCAP)
West Lodge Music/Here's To JO (BMI).

Please bare with me... this is my first submission. I believe
Warren uses barre chords through the entire song to create his
quick, synchopated, and bassy sound. The "C - D" part at the end
of some lines is my cheater way of playing what Warren does. It
sounds like he is playing around with something in the D chord,
I just can't recreate it.


A - G - D - C - D


A - G - D - C - D (2x)

A - G - D

Fm - G


A - G - D - C - D (2x)


A - G - D - C - D

Fm - G - D (heavily mute the D)

Tabbed by: Jeff Hoge

Comments about this tab

Adam K - 2004-05-21


A Em7 G D


A Em7 G D (2x)

A Em7 G D



A G D C D (2x)


A Em7 G D


chelsyalbertson - 2004-07-21

I disagree adam k,
capo 1
(play 4 bass strings only)
verse: A2 Em G"2"(w/o pinky) D2 (then little riff G string:3rd fret, slide to 5th fret, then open)

bridge: F G
chorus: A F G D

there ya go!!!

guitar4christ04 - 2004-08-15

you guys might have the chords right, i dunno i didn't look too closely, but just a tip for you...Warren uses DADGAD tuning in almost all of his songs, and i know for sure he does in "My Heart Goes Out." that's why you can't get the chords to sound right. its a cool tuning, its just kinda hard to get used to if you wanna try it out. hope that helps. :)

Miniscott - 2004-09-17

Actually, he doesn't use DADGAD. if you play it the way chelsyalbertson whatever does, it will sound the most accurate of all these corrections.

5ptcalvsts - 2004-10-01

I wont say who's right or wrong, but try listening to the song with one headphone, and then play along with ChelseyAlbertson's method. Only get rid of the capo (your flatting it), and insted of that slide just play 000230 to a 000233 *strumming up hard and only hitting the high strings*. You can also play around with going from D to 000230 (which I think is a Dsus or something. I just play whatever sounds good.)
Warren Barfield is an amazing guitarist, by the way. He just needs to come out with some song books.
Praise God!!

kcamejo - 2004-10-13

I am a "brand new" guitarist and am learning to play by myself (with CGR's help-Thanks!!!! :) Learning these chords is getting easier, but I don't understand the guitarist "lingo (what's a capo?) and what do the numbers on the lines means? (I am sure it's pretty basic... but seems foreign to me)

I am extremely eager to learn (I use every moment I can -lunch breaks, etc... to practice) I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
Thanks you for all your comments...

oreomunky17 - 2004-10-29

A capo is this clamp that you put on the fret of your guitar to change the octive I guess you could say and it changes some chords... it is pretty cool... you can get them at a guitar shop and they are pretty cheap too. the numbers that you see, signify the frets on your guitar... 1 is first fret, 2 is second fret and so fourth... the order you see them in is the strings... E A D G B E... so if it is 000232, that is a D chord... I hope this has been helpful to you... keep practing guitar... I know it seems tough at first but it does get easier... Have a great week and God bless.

truChristian33 - 2004-11-05

Hey guys...good work on the's mostly like chelsy has it up there. Warren is a close friend of mine, and he does not ever use the D tuning you put on :) Just havin' fun...sorry. I played Warren's guitar right after he did a concert and it's awesome and always in normal tuning...He just makes up some crazy chords you never heard of and most of the time he can't tell you what it's called either! He just knows what kind of chord it something in A! It's great to get started out here on the membership board, and I'd absolutely loev to hear from you guys. My name is Shawn Bilton, and I live in Nashville, TN, but I'm from Manning, South Carolina. Remember that God loves you with all His heart, and I hope to be playing a concert for you guys one day soon. I'm a new artist trying to get started in the music world for Christ just like Warren. Email me anytime Take care and God bless! Jeremiah 1

kaici - 2004-11-09

This is kcamejo: Thank you so much oreomunky 17 for your feedback! It really helps! I feel like a kid in a candy factory...I really wanted to learn "Love is Looking for You" and I am getting close now.... as for you, truChristian33, I hope you make it big!!!! You sound like you really have a heart for God... I do too; that's why I'm rehearsing a lot... to play for others as much as I can and maybe some day be a blessing like Warren has been...I used to listen to the Cranberries and Alanis Morissette...but Warren and groups like Sixpence are even better.....
and I am going to purchase a "capo" :)

Alright, enough mushiness.... Peace!!!!

watacool - 2005-01-01

Hi i'm Joycelin.And i really don't know about u guys but i really don't think that the the chord A is involved.Or maybe it is because i know the real chord that replaces A.I don't know wat the name of the chord is but i think it's this.....

133111 on the 5th thret

vocalsforchrist - 2005-01-03

Hey guys. This song is awesome and I am going to try every one to figure out wich tab is correct and then I will let you know. I too am a brand new artist. I actually cant play very well at all.But I am learning. I sing. But anyway. If anyway feels very strongly that they have the right tab. Send me an email.
Don Shepherd
EMO Productions

ibanezplaya007 - 2005-01-24

Does anyone know the fingerpicking pattern for this song?

ibanezplaya007 - 2005-02-14

my bad

ToGodBtru - 2005-04-09

Guitar Chords submitted by ToGodBtru (Amber)
Lyrics copyright of Warren Barfield

Normal tuning; no capo
Chords used: (EBGDAE)

Asus2 Em Gsus Dsus2 A C G D

INTRO: Asus2 Em Gsus Dsus2 (x2)

Try these chords. They are accurate. I have submitted a new version which should be up soon. :)

paintballer1087 - 2005-04-11

hey, can someone tab out "you inspire me"? i'm supposed to be playing it in church in a few weeks, and the music leader hasn't given me the tab yet, so i really need it so i can practice, thanks,

underground - 2005-04-14

I think all the D's or Dsus's are D2 (000230). I play this
verse- A Em G D2 repeat
G D2

Chorus- A C G D2

Bridge- A C G D2 repeat
A Em G D2

underground - 2005-04-22

My mistake(s). The G D2 at the end of the verse is wrong, it should be F D2.
Also, I think the C in the chorus is a Csus (033010).

The weird strum pattern is all about the bass strings of the guitar. You basically hammer the bass strings and pick the third and fourth strings. I don't know for sure but it is close. He does some pretty hard stuff though.

watacool - 2005-06-01

i don't know about u guys but i always thought that the Chorus was like this.
Chorus: A F G D (2x)

Techguitarman - 2005-06-24

it seems as though everyone is partially right...adam k is the most right however. here is what it sounds like playing along with it:

Intro and Verse:

A Em G D






A Em G D

God Bless

ps--a capo doesn't change OCTAVES, it changes the key.

underground - 2005-08-03

I'm telling you! All the D's are D2 (xxo230)

12StonesFreak - 2005-11-04

I agree with underground and I have the Wow Hits 2004 songbook, which this song is on. All the D's are D2. Also, the G in the chorus is actually and Em7, which I play 022030.

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