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Submitted by: angela05

Here I Go Again
Casting Crowns

Added by ChristInMe88: Capo 1

Intro:   F#m  A  E  D (2x)

 Verse 1:  F#m  A  E  D
                  F#m  A  E  
                  F#m  E  D

Pre-Chorus:  A  E  F#m  E  D
                        A  E  D

Chorus:  A  E  F#m  E  D
                 A  E  F#m  E  D  D
                 A  E  D

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1)



Guitar Solo:
A -|--4----------------4-2-4---4----2-0-2---2----0-2-0---
E -|--------------------------------------------------------------

A -|--2----------------4-2-4---4-----2-0-2----2-----4-------2-------------
E -|----------------------------------------------------------------------


Chorus:  A  E  F#m  E  D
                 A  E  F#m  E  D
                 F#m  E  D
                 F#m  E  D  D
                 A  E  D

Ending: play the same chords that you play in verses 1 & 2.
               end on an E

This song has an awesome message...I encourage you to go out and buy the
whole CD if you haven't already. The music rawks, but the lyrics are
awesome. They're really challenging. This song in particular pushes me to
step out of my comfort zone, driven by the love and strength and words
Jesus puts in me, and share that love with the people around me. This life
and my relationship with Christ isn't just about me. He wants to use me, to
live in me and love through me. How will they know what they have never heard?

Comments about this tab

angela05 - 2004-01-12

Hey guys! It's me, Angela (I submitted the tab) I left out a minor detail: Capo 1st fret. All chords and the solo is relative to the capo. If you have any questions or comments and want to reach me, my email addy is

rebeln4cer05 - 2004-08-31

I think the D is supposed to be a D2, but maybe thats just me, i think it sounds better, great tab tho!

Romans 16:19,20-

jesusfreak22191 - 2004-10-14

Thanks so much for posting the chords for this song! This is one of my fave Casting Crowns songs. It means a lot to me, and I'm so thankful you put it up! Thanks Angela!
God Bless You!
Kelly Phil. 4:13

meya33 - 2004-11-09

hey thanks for putting the tab up! i was just wondering if anyone tabbed this song in a different's a little low to sing to ...thanks! God Bless.

AudioRKFFHfan - 2004-11-22

hey meya, to change the key, just change the the capo to a different spot on the fret board. -ryan- 1 Cor. 10:13
Phil. 4:13

matt j t - 2005-01-14

Yea, just change the capo position to your style.

Jeremiah 29:11

1 Corinthians 13:1

Penguin_Lover - 2005-01-23

This is totaly rockin' Awsome!!!

JesusFreak18 - 2005-02-10

Hi guy's I have no idea what you guys are talking about I don't know how to play but my sister wants this song played for her wedding one day everytime we hear it we cry!!! Change the words around for your family and it's awesome that's how we feel about or unsaved family!!! One Love in Christ!!

God bless!!

April Solis!!!

ForGodeyeLive - 2005-03-09

Some People dont play with the capo... So anyone have the tabs for people who play regulary??

John 3:16

musicmatt112590 - 2005-03-24

I'm going right now to put up a tab that's capo-less if I don't find one. This is annoying!

matt j t - 2005-04-03

I Agree!!!!!!!!!!

ibanezplaya007 - 2005-04-14

calm down guys\
it should be played the same way without the capo (just for the record a capo is the little clamp thing tat attached to the fretboard)
Just try it

LittleNewey - 2005-08-03

Good Tab i like it and man do i wish we could put in the lyrics that would make it even better

guitarplayr4jc - 2005-08-27

AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JesusmyKing - 2005-12-08

Awseome!!!! sounds 100% correct to me
Thank you so much!
God Bless

S.T.L. SpeedT.L - 2006-01-30

Hey that tab was awsome. I love god and prowed to say it. Im only 15 years of age and this song talks about what tenage christans go through everyday. I know because i am one. You should tell all your friends about god and how great he is I do all the time. Its funny because my biology teacher hates me but I love him. I lost alot of friends telling Them about god. You may think that your a sisy because you love god, But that just shows that your not. Being a christian is hard . Christains go through more ridicule than homosexuals. Oh and If you know any one that is gay then love them don't hate them. Try not to use "thats hecka gay" eather . Then that will just make a homosexual person become father away from christ. Sory if there is any misspelled words in there.

monz8328 - 2006-03-02

close but i think it goes like this
no capo
Gm Bb F Ebadd9

Gm Bb F Ebadd9
Gm Bb F Gm7 F

pre chorus
Ebadd9 Bb Fadd4 Gm7 Fadd4
Ebadd9 Bb Fadd4 Ebmaj9

Bb5 F Gm7 F Ebadd9
Bb F Gm7 F
Ebadd9 Bb Fadd4 Ebadd9

Gm 355333
Bb x13331
F 133211
Ebadd9 x65363
Gm7 3x333x
Fadd4 xx3365

i am almost positive that is right
but that is just the way i play
God bless

flourished - 2006-03-05

yea..great tab..
though if played with the capo on the first fret, Eadd9 sounds better than E
Eadd9 - 024100
God bless

Longo042 - 2006-05-29

nice tab,it really helped me and my band.

yohney - 2007-01-04

An amazing song, whole CD as well... But this one is really specific... CASTING CROWNS RULES!!!

God Bless all, and this one is 5/5

Bobby G - 2007-02-26

play every chord as a power chord, except F#m play regular
Awesome Tab
Casting Crowns rocks!!
Bobby G

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