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Submitted by: dyndragon

Jars of Clay
--Amazing Graceó
Album: Who we are Instead

Transcribed by dyndragon for

Verse 2x:
D	G	Gsus4	G
	D	Dsus2	D
	D	Dsus2	D

C9 (Am)	G	D
C9	G	D
C9	G		D
C9	(G)		D

Interlude: G	D	C9	G	D




Chorus 2x

Ending: Verse chords (similar to intro)

Note: the chords in parentheses are for the last set of choruses, they go on
the repeat, in place of the chord that precedes it in this chord sheet.

Comments about this tab

ratiugx - 2004-04-26

This was a really great tab. The only thing that I saw wrong was instead of playing a C9 where indicated, play a C2. That's really it. I hope that helps someone.

jimbojones - 2004-06-01

umm... isn't a C2 the same as a C9? i was taught so. someone please respond and let me know if i'm playing wrong? thanks

legionbenji - 2004-06-07

C2(aka Csus2)=x30033
Cadd9(can be called Cadd2)=x320033
This song uses C2 and Cadd9 with some alternating and hammering. C9 is totally different and doesn't at all fit this song.

legionbenji - 2004-06-07

C2(aka Csus2)=x30033
Cadd9(can be called Cadd2)=x320033
This song uses C2 and Cadd9 with some alternating and hammering. C9 is totally different and doesn't at all fit this song.

jimbojones - 2004-06-11

ok thanks guys. it's a big help.

JesusFreak!07 - 2004-07-17

Yes and no. You see on the "C" scale a "2" named after the second note in the "C" scale same as a "9" the only difference is a "2" and a
"9" are "B" octives aparts. But they do have very distinctive sounds.

JesusFreak!07 - 2004-07-17

isn't that amazing?
but ya the song is amazing grace stick to the subject

I am here - 2004-12-10

could someone mark how to play the chords

tubadude101 - 2004-12-29

hey guys this worked thanks but where are the words??? i have the chords but i need where to play the chords at wich word in the song

yearofrolling - 2005-01-16

To post lyrics and chords together is "illegal" - bummer ehh?
I can't really imagine a situation where you would need to hear the difference between a 9chord and a 2chord.
Sure they are different, even notably different, but around the campfire,
in the dorm room or in front of the congregation leading worship the difference
(to me at least) is trivial. Thatís my two cents.

mvjhow - 2005-01-24's a real bummer when you can' have music AND lyrics "together"'s
not like people don't already know. What are they going to do next...take stuff
out of our heads in fear that we might actually know the song. Oh well...

BTStars23 - 2005-03-03

Hey, a 2 verses a 9 is'n what makes the chords sound so different. In the C9 chord that was displayed, the dominate seventh is being played while it is not in the C2 chord that was shown. The 9 being an octive higher than the two isn't what is making the dissonance. There is a diff between 2 and 9 but not enough to say that 9 wouldn't work. In fact, the C2 that was wrote out includes the 9th.

guitarplayer438 - 2005-05-01

Ya, there is definately a differeance between the C2 and C9 chords but im too lazy too get upp and check

and about like it being illegal to put chords and words together its still easy to figure out where to change just by playing it, i mean u can hear it in ur head, andif worst comes to worst just listen to the song

Jahzgirl - 2005-05-03

But if it's so illegal to post lyrics and chords together then why is it that more sites do it? And nothing's been said about it?

just curious...

...I love this song...

Jahzgirl - 2005-05-03

and so what chords are we using here? C9 or Cadd2 (Cadd9) or C2? Now you've got me confused...

Jahzgirl - 2005-05-03

If you want the words Here (no chords though):

I grew this heart into a drifter
I never felt the roots I bare
I sold my sight, oh brother, sister
For a mountain of fool's gold, it's gone
Only God Knows, only God know where

My soul was restless for redemption
My feet were lookin' for a place to stand
well, I ain't got no life
and you know I ain't got no money
just the faith of an empty hand


Amazing Grace, I feel you coming up slowly now
like the sun is risin', heat on my face
oh love that keeps on shinin', don't let the shadow come
Ya know I gotta feel you're healing rays

I hitched a ride, I was a beggar
I had murder on my hands
I need water to rinse these stains
but only blood could remove whats spillin'
and pardon me for the blame


tubadude101 - 2005-06-06

hey i loved em new words to the song woh wver ut em ther koolio ok if it is illegal to put chords adn words togetehr y does many pl do it then??

~FreT~ - 2005-11-08

I didn't think it was illegal, but maybe lack of space, and maybe when tabbers put words in the song it get's messy. I don't really know.

SagaciousMusic - 2005-11-23

Good job on the chords.

Seriously, if you want words, it's not hard to go find them. Just search for them in a search engine and they'll come right up. But that was very nice of the person above to go and get them for you.

playmusic4him - 2008-11-02

Hi could someone put it into a tab I am trying to learn this for my mom for christmas it is her favorite song
Thaks very much to anybody who responds
Have a Great CHRISTmas

theguitarchick - 2010-02-18

ummm...if you listen to the recording, you can hear that barre chords are used, especially for the D/Dsus. Listen for the base note of the chord. It also gives you the riff.

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