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Submitted by: guitar4christ04

Walk by Faith
Jeremy Camp

Sorry the tab I just submitted had no changes, so here's the tab with
the changes, just the A into an Am.  Hope it helps.


Verse 1:
   Am  C  G
G  Am  C  G
G  Am  C  G
G  Am  D  C

G  D  C
Em D  C
G  D  C
Em D  C

Verse 2:
   Am  C  G
G  Am  C  G
G  Am  C  G
G  Am  D  C
G  D   C




 A: X02033
 G: 320033
 C: X32033
 D: XX0323
Em: 022033

Comments about this tab

swo_naz2005 - 2004-05-10

Sorry, but I found this to be wrong. The actual chords are A2 Cmaj7 & G

punkmonkey - 2004-07-03

Actually if you watch the video you can tell these chords are correct.

walkwjc - 2004-09-05

The chords as identified in the chord chart are correct, just the names are wrong. It plays with the CD well and if you are like me, you know the basic cords but not the name or how to finger the 2's, sus's, maj's ect.

kennyd - 2005-02-12

sorry but swo_naz2005 is correct. the cords listed in the tab will sound good if used with the cd but will not sound good without it

gtrox17 - 2005-02-12

i believe these tabs are correct. unless i'm playin the wrong cmaj7 chord, the cmaj7 throws it way off. and Am sounds better than A2.


cmckee1 - 2005-04-24

thanks i found this really helpful. ill be playin it a
youth event tonight

altima717 - 2005-05-07

the chords are almost right, its a C2 chord without the middle finger on the A string third fret, (don't really know what that is) G2, C2 three times and then the last line of the verses is a D instead of the C2
The chorus is G2 D C2, Em7 D C2 thats the whole song right there

altima717 - 2005-05-07

correction on my tabbing............
the G2 and the C2 chords in the verses need to be flipped so it would be the weird C then C2 G2 and D on the last line of the verse

dritter - 2005-06-05

btw i saw him looked like he capo'd 3rd fret

c_glory - 2005-07-20

i think for the verse its Em7 not Am

c_glory - 2005-07-20

NVM that Am would work too.

GuitarGluv - 2005-08-09

Sorry But swo_naz2005 is right

Nice try though

That is what i thought it was at first too

fender28 - 2005-08-12


gaasanch - 2005-08-25

actually neither are wrong..but if u did play Am then if you play C you finger is already on the first bet of the B string nehow...right..i get lazy and play it both they are fine either way

tvhawk2k - 2005-09-02

alot of these ways will work well enough. the chord that altima717 was talking about is actually an Asus7 with the high e shifted up to a g which doesn't really make the chord any different. just thought you might wanna know.

Myguitariscool - 2005-11-18

These are the correct chords for the song i have checked with jerme when i met him in cincert in houston texas at my ucles chuch

peacemaker1-800 - 2005-11-26

haha well there ya go if he met him thats all to it haha
what church? may i ask i live in houston

skyline11 - 2005-12-13

hey, awesome song, can you send my the lyrics w/ chords. thanx dude

skyline11 - 2005-12-13

i forgot to leave my email it is

B429R - 2005-12-17

Hey Broseph! Nice job...I just have one small complaint...
You have your verses like this:

Verse 1:
Am C G
G Am C G
G Am C G
G Am D C

I think they should be like so:

Verse 1:
Am C G
Am C G
Am C G
Am D C

If you listen to the CD, that is what it sounds like. I appreciate your work though!


Broadcaster - 2006-02-23

I'm not shure but I think that Jeremy Camp Plays this chord for the whole intro.

e 10
B 10
G 0
D 0
E 10

I don't know if this is right because I don't have my guitar with me.
I hope this helps. Broadcaster

monz8328 - 2006-03-20

i got the dvd guys i am pretty sure
he plays it like this
capo 3
verse 1
a7sus2 g6add11 gsus2
a7sus2 g6add9 gsus2
a7sus2 g6add11 gsus2
Dadd11 csus2 g7m/c csus2
gsus2 g/F# csus2
em7 d csus2
verse 2 same as verse 1
back to chorus
gsus2 g/f# csus2 g7m/c csus2
em7 d csus2 g7m/c csus2
back to chorus
a7sus2 002000
g6add11 03000
g6add9 300000
gsus2 3x0003
Dadd11 2x0233
G/f# 3x0033
D xx0232
g7m/c 030032
it sounds right i anyways
god bless

monz8328 - 2006-03-20

oh the g6add11 is 030000

Fender_901 - 2006-03-27

From watching the DVD the chords that have been posted are correct..........

monz8328 - 2006-04-01

on the intro he just strums
relative to capo 3

jguitar08 - 2006-05-02

these sound right if you turn the cd way up and play quetly

kalderash - 2006-05-09

Seems like a bunch of comments for a 4 chord song!!!!

devrouh - 2006-06-29

seems to me that for a christian site you all like to break each other down and be kinda rude to one another, why don't we all just play it the way we feel sounds best and leave it at that

G12 Disciple - 2006-07-15

Amen, kalderash and devrouth

hanr - 2006-08-21

seriously, isn't what matters if the sound is right? well actually to get technical what matters is the praise you give. the 2-3 comments above me i agree with.

helives247 - 2006-08-30

AMEN! I agree, if it sounds close enough to play and sing, so be it!

guitar4christ04 - 2006-10-07

ok so i dont wanna go back and redo the chords, cause a couple are wrong (i've gotten a WHOLE lot better since posting this tab), but to clear up everything, i've listened back through it, watched the dvd, and actually was able to watch him play it from about 10 feet away. the proper intro/verse chords are as follows:

Am: X02000
C: X30000
G: 3X0033

those aren't the technically correct chord names for those of you theory gurus. they would be Am7add2 and Cmaj7add2, but yeah writing that out the whole way is just a waste of time. so there ya go, those ARE the correct chords, and then the rest of the song is pretty close. in the verse he plays standard chords in G (i.e. G, C9, Am, etc.) without the added notes.

Techfreak15 - 2007-01-15

Is Walk By Faith played in Standard tuning?

GuitarGluv - 2007-05-05


rocker4him - 2007-05-30

Does anyone know what the strum is? HELP!!!! My email is

rocker4him - 2007-05-30

Hey could someone please send me the words w/ chords. thanks

2fat2strat - 2007-09-22

Hey...I've tabbed out the intro part and chorded the song, with words, in Microsoft Word...just email me at, and I'll send you a copy.

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