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Who Am I To Say Who Deserves What
By Dogwood
Tabbed By Eric Exley

Chords used in this song:
   E*  C   D   E6* B   A


A--77---55---33---22---77---55---33-2--A    (2X)

then:  E*-C-D-E6* (4X)

E*                       C
All the Christian songs, all sound the same
D                        E6*
All they do is condescend and condemn
E*                            C
Everything is dandy, there's nothing wrong with them
D                             E6*
In this life they can sin without feeling shame
E*                              C
That's a fallacy because we've got problems galore
     D                            E6*
The Holy Spirit brings us guilt, more and more
   E*                     C
A never ending battle to save souls for God
D                            E6*
If you see a perfect person, you know they're a facade

D--99-55-77-444-55-22-4-5-4-5-4--D      2nd time palm mute the B and
A--77-33-55-222-33-00-2-3-2-3-2--A      leave out this part
E*    C     D                 B
I am by no means better than you
    C        A    B    C      B -C
And I won't tell you what to do
     E*    C     D                 B
And who am I to say who deserves what?
      C         A     B    C    B     C   B     E*
It's not up to me to say who's right and who's not
E*-C-D-E6* (2X)

E*                    C
Assailed by lies and pummeled by demands
D                        E6*
No one looks my wayt or lends a helping hand
      E*                           C
My Christian friend tells me I'm wrong and I'll burn
    D                           E6*
I traveled that road once, but took a wrong turn
E*                           C
Now I'm too far from God, He won't accept me again

D                                E6*     E*-C-D-E6*
Can't you just hear my cries and let me in?

E*       C      D              B
Who are you to tell me if I'm right?
          C                A         B   C  B    C-B
Should Christians walk by faith and not by sight
     E*    C      D                 B
And who am I  to say who deserves what?
C           A        B C    B  C -B   E*
I can't witness by keeping my mouth shut

E*-C-D-E6* (2X)

E*                             C
How am I supposed to stay on track?
      D                              E6*
The Spirit gaurds your life and He's always got your back
E*                               C
How can I receive this gift you got?
D                           E6*
Open your heart to God and He'll give you a lot

E*-C-D-E6* (4X)

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