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Submitted by: Relient_Kev

Song: This Is A Call
Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Album: Phenomenon
Tabbed by: Kevin Lam (

This is an awesome new song by Thousand Foot Krutch…you can preview their
new album on their site. God bless!

Capo 2

E  A2  C#m  A2

E  A2  C#m  A2
E  A2  C#m  A2
F#  A2  F#  A2

E  B  A2  F#
E  B  A2  F#

E  A2  C#m  A2

C#m  F#  E  B
C#m  F#  A2  B

E  A2  C#m  F#

Chords (all chords with capo):
E: 022100
A2: 002200
C#m: 046600
F#: 244XXX
B: 024400

Song order:
Verse 1
Verse 2

Comments about this tab

erej - 2004-01-10

He said that you use a B really thats Bsus

Sammy - 2004-02-06

I believe that the intro goes E B A2 C#m B A2
In this case E would be XX6454 and C#m would be 446654

Axeman_1 - 2004-02-25

the background part of the intro goes X13X15XX,X11X13XX,X9X11XX (not relative to capo)

crazygonuts - 2004-05-22

you did a good job tabbing it sounds better if you play it in power chords

souljahrar - 2004-10-08

In the bridge it changes keys...I think to a key higher...

BlackMage - 2004-11-18

okay you guys seriously, this guy got it right the first time. there is no B in the intro. LISTEN TO THE FREAKIN SONG!! the intro goes just like he tabbed it, (capo II) E A2 C#M A2. verse same chords as intro, and then the chorus is E Bsus A F#M. the bridge is C#M F#M E Bsus C#M F#M A2 Bsus E, back into chorus. i swear on my other guitar that this is 100% EXACTLY how the song is played on the Phenomenon album. LISTEN TO THE SONG ON THE CD, then you'll see what im talking about. i've played and listed to this song 10,000,000,000,000,000 times. trust me, i know what im talking about. anyways, if you guys wanna know how to play this song 100% CORRECTLY, USE THE TAB ABOVE!! peace out ya'll!!

souljahrar - 2004-11-26

The bridge changes keys...Maybe you guys can figure out what it changes to, but I do know it changes.

gfg41 - 2005-02-11

This is an awsome tab well done and to the brother in Chist above whatch the language
God Bless

lespaulkid21 - 2005-02-24

Correct I am a new tabber and i think the tabber should be the one to tell if the are incorrect.

BryantMagnus_07 - 2005-06-17

Just one thing, the F# sounds better if you play it

tfk_rox - 2005-11-02

Will someone PLEASE tab rude awakening

JustifiedbyHim - 2005-11-25

This is good, but a couple of things are different.

Capo: 2

In the verse and Chorus (not the bridge) there is a F#m rather than an F#.

I love this song. At our recent concert our "sister-band"(or "brother-band") "Marton" played it. I helped them out with some of the chords. Music is basically my life. Figuring out songs is all I do (other than school). My Dad can listen to basicall any song and telling you the chords, start playing it on the piano. He is incredible! I can do that too, but not as good as he can.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-09

I think you know you've written the chord names like there was no capo, right?Because the chords are actually one step higher. E should be F#, A2 should be B2 and so on. It's fine with me the way you've written them, I think it's easier that way, but it might be worth mentioning that the chords should be one step higher. No big deal, just a suggestion for next time.

YOUR CHORDS SOUND AWESOME!!! PERFECT!!! Really, really nice job. But C#m and B have a lot more suspension, I think the proper names should be something else than just C#m and B. I gotta check the names, but the chords sound awesome. I've played through the whole song with your chords, I've also listened to the song without playing to try to hear if it is correct or not. I'm convinced. It's perfect, EXCEPT FOR ONE LITTLE THING:

JustifiedbyHim is right, F# should be a F#m. And it's played like BryantMagnus_07 says, that's a F#m. Or actually it's a G#m, but the way the tab is written it sure is a F#m.

So C#m and B should have a slightly different name, and F# is a F#m, (not a powerchord, it sounds way too dead compared to the rest of the chords) but otherwise I totally agree with BlackMage. LISTEN TO THE FREAKIN SONG!! It's perfect and this is the perfect way to play it.

I am going to tab this song myself though. Because I want to try to tab the exact rhythm of the acoustic guitar's strummings, and I'm also adding the electric Lead Guitar in a tabbed version. I'm going to use the chords of this tab, I'm going to find the exact names for C#m and B, and then I'm going to give Relient_Kev all the credit and the honor for the chords.

YOUR CHORDS ROCK!!! Now I will stop talking. lol

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-09

Oh, by the way, the F# chords in the bridge is definetly major chords. NOT minor chords like I said and not powerchords like the tab said.

G|--3--| or F#: 244322

Whatever way you want to put it, but there it is. F sharp major.

Britnee - 2006-07-26


tfkskillet - 2006-07-29

yea its all good

normajeanrock08 - 2006-10-02

this song is awsome and it gives a great message in it

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