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Submitted by: braverul8

Casting Crowns
Your love is Extravagant

Verse and Chorus

E A C#m7 B


B C#m7 B

if anyone wants the mandolin tabs i have those just email me

Comments about this tab

csguitarist2004 - 2004-01-12

great tab. i would also like the mandolin tabs if you have those.

ccasmus - 2004-01-17

Replace the A with A2, and alter the B so that the B and high E string resonate continually. In the bridge, include a A2 between the C#m7 and B.

Bill the Pony - 2004-01-23

I'd love to have the mandolin tabs, if you could e-mail them to me at that would be great

angela05 - 2004-01-24

could you please send me the mandolin tabs? i'd appreciate it!

secondmile - 2004-02-02

Could you please send me the mandolin tabs? Thanks so much!

buster1357903 - 2004-02-08

Could you please send me the mandolin tabs, thanx

billyt62 - 2004-02-13

i too would like the mandolin

selbstlosigkeit - 2004-02-14

heres the intro part arranged for guitar:




spoiledstud87 - 2004-02-16

Hey I was just wondering if you could send me the tab for the mandolin also i mean ... i'm just starting out and it would be a good addition to the collection

worshipper - 2004-02-18

Could you please send me the mandolin tabs: Thanks

OneTaco39 - 2004-02-23

hey i'd really love to have the mandolin tab for this song if anybody has them. you can email them to me at thanks a lot!

woogie85 - 2004-02-24

Can I get the mandolin tabs to this song as well? My youth group wants to give it a shot. Thanks! God bless!

aznechelon - 2004-02-29

Oh crazy...I would love to have those tabs...


kicktheturkey - 2004-03-07

hey, could you send me the mandolin tabs? My address is Thanks.

ddurre - 2004-03-16

Hey I would really like to have the mandolin tabs please

warmrosco - 2004-03-17

please send me the mandolin tab, also do you many mandolin tabs? I am looking for some?

talkative_girli - 2004-04-07

please send me the mandolin tabs!!

Dobro7 - 2004-04-13

Yes, please email me the Mandolin tabs. Awesome job.

takamineplaya - 2004-04-23

Hey I was wondering if you could please send me the mando tabs Thanks A lot!!

JesusIsTheBest - 2004-04-28

Hey! I don't want the mandolin tabs lol..surprise surprise!!!I just thought it would be nice to add something to the comments beside " I want the mandolin tabs lol" Well...have a nice day!!

wallaby311 - 2004-05-03

I would love to have the mandolin tabs as well. Thank you. -Dan

wallaby311 - 2004-05-03

My email is Sorry I forgot to mention that before.

Wonderboy893 - 2004-05-12

That would be too awesome!!!

We're doing that song on Sunday, and it would be great if I could have them!

Wonderboy893 - 2004-05-12

Btw .. my email is

marshall8832 - 2004-05-15

hey bro can u send me the mandolin tabs thnx

mandalinguitarr - 2004-05-16

gracious i had no idea so many ppl played the mandolin.... beautiful... that makes me very happy :) God bless ya'll

Gotpaint101 - 2004-06-08

Hey I was wondering if I could get the mandolin tabs. thanx

Gotpaint101 - 2004-06-08

oh ya my email is

zinger - 2004-06-18

I'd also like the mando tabs! thanks and God bless!

Kevin.Ka - 2004-07-08

could you send me the mando tabs to? thanx

BlakeArn - 2004-07-09

Hey, I would really appreciate it if you could send me the mandolin tabs. Thanx a ton. My e-mail is

minoscrams - 2004-07-10

another mandolin request here .... please

Dennis Morris - 2004-07-21

I know you've heard this already, but, could you email me the mandolin tabs? Thank you, brother.....mail to

jimshaffer - 2004-07-22

Could I have the mando tabs too. THANKS!!
God Bless !!

leed383 - 2004-07-23

I would like the mandolin tabs also. Thanks.

praiseandplay06 - 2004-07-23

I would love to have the mandolin tabs.

greeneyedgurl05 - 2004-07-25

like everyone on this message board with great tast has asked, i would love the mandolin tabs! thanks so much, just emial me at! again thanks so much and God bless!

Andreacava - 2004-07-28

Could you also send me the mandolin tabs? Thanks

leed383 - 2004-08-02

HEY EVERYONE! Has anyone received the mandolin tabs? Are we supposed to e-mail the person that posted this song directly? If so, how do I get the e-mail address? I'm not sure the person with the tabs is reading the comments section and responding since it has been a while since I posted. Thanks.

mikeabarr - 2004-08-07

Can you send me the mandolin tabs? Thanks,


chickenadobo - 2004-08-12

hey please email me the mandolin chords.Thx

Brandilee - 2004-08-16

hey would you please email me the mandorin chords if you dont mind cus im tryin to learn how to play and i really wanna play this song thanks :)

oclay10 - 2004-08-24

Me to, mandolin tabs please.


brewpastor - 2004-08-26


rjbsoccer88 - 2004-08-26

hey, I would love to have those mandolin tabs if at all possible. my email is

tbcpicker - 2004-09-08

Can you please email me the mandolin tab? Thanks.

nickh - 2004-09-18

hey people, i sorta found this out messing around and i like the way it sounds... its the mandolin part....
on the high e string, play --9-11-12-11-9-7-5-4-5-4-2
then on the end of that slide from 2 to 4, then back to 2 and then pull off of 2 it kinda makes a filler

brother_nelson - 2004-10-17

if you still check this, I would appreciate the mandolin tab being emailed to - I'm playing it in a wedding in November so any help would be appreciated!

przhmdaly - 2004-10-17

ALERT! ALERT! Mandolin Tab! I strongly recommend playing the Capo 2 version
(D G2 Bm A2, etc) Mando strings are G D A E. The solo is played on the A and D
(2nd and 3rd) strings. A 4 6 7 6 4 - - - - - - - - - - -
D - - - - - 9 7 6 7 6 4 6 4 6 4 2 (or open w/capo)
If you haven't used a mandolin capo before it can be kinda tricky. You have
to wrap your hand behind the capo. God Bless!

StPeteKLife - 2004-11-02

Verse: E A2 C#m Bsus

Chorus: Bsus C#m A2 Bsus

StPeteKLife - 2004-11-02

Other than that, I think you got the general idea. GOOD WORK!

FreedomPing - 2004-12-11

Verse are E/G# Asus2 C#m7 B
Chorus are B(add4) F#m9 E/G# E/A B

Discus Man - 2004-12-21

if you have time could you send me the Mandolin Tab for Your love is extravagant.

Gods love
Discus Man

YADAH - 2004-12-25

could you send me the mandolin tab also at

dlo.0lbME - 2005-01-09

can you send me mandolin tabs, please? my email- (the character after the period is a zero) thanks

guitarmanjer - 2005-04-24

Holy smokes. You guys are crazy!! if you want chords just print them out and you got chords from the webpage. Jeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeee louise. Anyways, the music I know of that has this song is from Darrell Evans Trading My Sorrows CD. so if you want to know how it is played GET THE CD!!!

soccercrzynut - 2005-09-05

I would like the Mandolin tabs as well.

Jason_1034 - 2005-09-13

I would like the Mandolin tabs as well. Jason

Jason_1034 - 2005-09-13 . I guess it would help if I left an email address.

scaby - 2005-11-04

I think the mandolin tabs are POSTED, and maby you could ask that tabber for the guitartabs, just to even the balance(j/k).I love you guys, if theres a record for continous requests for the same thing i think you win.God Bless and I hope everyone learns to play the mandolin part for this song, and teaches everyone else to play it, who then will teach everyone else to play it, cause the requests for it alone are deserving of such an outragous out-roar & I want to hear it everywhere I go now =)

scaby - 2005-11-04

ohh yeah, could I get the mandolin tabs for this song too, 8-)(god bless you ambiguous mandolin tab e-mailer we are all in your gratitude, may your help be rewarded 10 fold)

wjshea - 2005-12-01

Great work please send me the tab as well,

DUCKWEED - 2006-01-13

heres the intro part arranged for guitar:



frontline365 - 2006-02-01

Nice tab. The way my youth pastor taught me was in the verse, right after the A2, go to the Bsus and slide to the C#m7. All in all, it looks something like this during the verse.

E A2 Bsus (slide) C#m7 Bsus.

Then continue the the way you have it during the chorus. The slide's not necessary, but it gives it a different sound. Good tab though. God bless!

bobzilla33813 - 2007-01-17

Could you please send me the mandolin tab for this song. I need to play it at church this weekend (1/21/07). Thanks

chattindood - 2007-01-26

Chords are E/G# A2 Bsus C#m7
i have the book and thats the chords
at the bridge part its B F#m Bar Chord A

chattindood - 2007-01-26

correction E/G# A2 C#M7 Bsus

777jordan - 2007-02-04

could you please send the mandolin tab to Thanks!

rick sawyer - 2007-05-21

Please send me the mandolin tabs to: thanks.

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