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Submitted by: Crono801

Artist:  Relient K
Album:   The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek
Label:   Gotee Records
Song:    "For the Moments I Feel Faint"
Tabber:  Josh Gambrell (

Alright, the site already has enough tabs of this song, but all of them
are missing one chord, which this tab has.  I'm sure that it's correct:

E - 022100
A2 - 002200
C#m7 - x46600
Bsus - x24400
Cmaj7 - x35500
F#msus - 244300
A2* - 577600


E - A2 - C#m7 - Bsus


E - A2 - C#m7 - Cmaj7 x2

F#msus - A2*

Back to intro/verse/chorus

This is a great song, it's good for listening to when you feel faint (heh),
good for playing in church, anything.  I love it.

Comments about this tab

TBrown511 - 2004-04-06

I agree, it is a great song to play in church. I have play it for my youth group sometimes and it is always a favorite! Also, i liked the chords you chose it sounds great!

Number1RKfanAMT - 2004-04-12

This is such a great song to play. Not only is the music terrific, but the words and the meanings behind them lift my soul every day. Relient K did an excellent job on this song and thank you Josh Gambrell for tabbing it perfectly! RELIENT K IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

sanctusfan14 - 2004-06-20

perfect tab, and i figured out a lil fill in there, here it is



good job except the intro if u listen close they play different chords then what u have

WWJD-4-U? - 2004-09-01

i think the bridge is different,

Bar chords
"gather my incificientces, and place them in your hands,place them in your

hands, place them in your ha------nds

i think thats how it goes

JesusFreak2009 - 2004-09-04

After listening to the song like 4 times, thats what the bridge sounds like, so I think thats correct.

WWJD-4-U? - 2004-09-13

guys' let me know if the bridge sounds right. thats the way i play it. peace

lildrummerboy_ - 2004-10-18

Sweet tabs...maybe some day I'll be good enough to play this song for my own youth group tee hee...for now I'll just stick to drums lol

Ddog - 2004-11-07

Hey i know this isn't what they play but it sounds good if you play high E for the first chord. Then you can slide up and down for your chords. Good job thats exactly what they play.

David wood - 2004-12-09

thanks soooooooooooooo much for doing this song

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-29

thanks sanctus... and thanks for the tabber of this song i like it!!! i like the song i can recomend this to my youth group leader very awesome message... I thought all Relient K hav in this CD are like non serious songs but kool(dont get me rong Relient K rocks) but this song is very serious and touchin in a sense... GOOD JOB... RAWK OUT FOR JESUS!!!

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-29

oh yah there is a tab here with the intro it sounds pretty good...

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-29

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-31

umm forgive me for another comment.. but since im recommendin this song i need like the song # thingy... u get me??? like for songs u need to hav a CCLI??? wut eva it is something song # to hav the words up on overhead or power point... yeah i will really appricciate it if u guys noe and email it to me at or Aim at guitarchef97124... GOD BLESS AND RAWK OUT FOR JESUS, CUZ HE DESERVES IT ALL!!!

swimmer - 2005-01-27

nice tab, but the song is accompanied with another guitar in the intro and the chorus. The only thing you lack in this tab is the second guitar part in the intro.

DavidFrank - 2005-02-20

Thanks for the tab Josh, this is why I have been coming to CGR for years, cause' you-all know your stuff!!!! Love this song, I just got it (been buying RK in reverse order). Hope my neice wants to learn the violin part.

Take Care

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-27

Out Of All Of The Tabs For This Song, This Is The Best

Flip2006 - 2005-03-05

Hey this is the riff for the song like what they play in the beginning.
Then repeat it as many times as you want I am pretty sure they repeat it once.

shongsta - 2005-03-24

Bridge goes like this...

E-E Aadd9-Aadd9 <---play each chord Staccato

C#m7 C2

E-E Aadd9-Aadd9 <---here too

C#m7 C2

F#msus A2

E Aadd9 C#m7 Bmsus

E A D G B e
- - - - - -
E - 0 2 2 1 0 0
Aadd9 - 0 0 2 2 0 0
C#m7 - x 4 6 6 0 0
Bmsus - x 2 4 4 0 0
C2 - x 3 5 5 0 0
F#msus - 2 4 4 3 0 0
A2 - 5 7 7 6 0 0

Georgenewton - 2005-04-11

Wicked song. I love it!! Great job tabbing it. and remember to always trust God. PEACE!

sixstringes777 - 2005-05-03

Great job!!!!!!!!
This is awsome!!!!!!!!

beatrum - 2005-05-27

I think Relient k plays this song tuned to and open E chord. Try it out it makes it way easyer but a lot of work to figure it out. My guitar teacher figured this out so i can take the credit. :-)

beatrum - 2005-05-27

What is the Differece between a 2 chord and a 9 chord? They are the same right. And what about a C12 and whatnot. Is it just diff fingureings. I know this kinda sounds lame but why can't you have the simpler 3's

Nath - 2005-06-16

Good Question Beatrum.
I don't know.
SOMEONE PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rhhughes - 2005-07-23

The difference between the 2 and 9 is more distinctive on the piano. It would be the same note, but a 2 would played right in the middle of the chord (like 1-2-3-5), and a nice would be at the end of the chord (1-3-5-9), giving it less dissonance. Chording on the guitar is limited, so we don't always have the luxary of making the distinctions that the piano can make.

rhhughes - 2005-07-23

Now, can anybody tell me how the guitarist makes the ascending baseline on the Bsus at the begining of the song? Is he tuning differently or what?

Crono801 - 2005-09-16

That "ascending bassline" you hear at the beginning of the song is part of the little riff the second guitarist is playing that Flip2006 posted (correctly) in an earlier comment:


The higher octave is much more distinct since it is higher than the notes in the chords that the rhythm guitar is playing, while the lower notes blend in more and give it that "asscending bassline" sound. I omitted the "lead guitar" (though it's kind of a stretch to call it lead in this song) when it tabbed it, but Relient K does play this on the recorded version, though later in the song it is replaced by a violin.

-Josh Gambrell

paino_gal - 2005-09-22

i just wanted to say relientk rocks!!!!

pjohn - 2005-10-19

Dude. This tab was perfect in the beginning. please ignore comments made about the bridge. Although they sound different... they are correct. And those of you who made those horrible corrections about the bridge, maybe you should have played drums or something...

ruffridah182 - 2005-10-31

hmm yeah I think that technically you need to have that E A C#m B part in the bridge although really its just the same as the verse. Its just kinda confusing thats all no need to tell people they should quit guitar and play drums.

Link13rock - 2006-03-22

I think these chords are right but do you have the sheet music? that would really help, thx!

Link13rock - 2006-03-22

btw my e-mail is

Vanquish385 - 2006-09-04

these chords are all right on, including the bridge that shongsta did, and the violin part sanctusfan14 got, but if you listen carefully, there is a variation of the E - A2 - C#m7 - Bsus pattern heard throughout the song, especially in the intro, and it goes like this:

keep the same strumming pattern, but change chords along witht he violin part
(play each chord as many times as needed, you can figure out the timing easy enough, but i will just put the chords to change to and from)

Start with normal E(022100) then quickly shift from
A2(X02200) to E2(X02100) to A/B4(004400) and back to A2(X02200) again
then normal C#m7(X46600)then quickly shift from
A/Esus(X01400) to Esus(X02400) to B4(X24400)

remember to change chords as the violin changes notes, and to switch between the sets of 3 or 4 shords quicker, while keeping the E and C#m7 chords the same

email me with any questions at, or just post them as comments

Rkchic[k] - 2007-04-01

this is random, but does anyone know where i can find super easy(free) online lessons on electric guitar basics and stuff?

i'm only used to acoustic(which this song rocks by the way).

ok, thanks.

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