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Submitted by: BlueComb78

Song:  Definitely Maybe
Artist:  FM Static
Tabbed by:  Tim Dominice

This is a picking pattern switching between the E and A power chords with a
couple added notes use your thumb when the 2nd fret on the E string comes in.

E/--------------------------------   Repeat 6 times

From here there are two different riffs just listen to the song and figure
out where they go. These are all power chords.

Riff 1

Riff 2

Comments about this tab

acting2damax - 2004-06-29

actually the intro goes

E/-------------------------------- Repeat 6 times

Valedor - 2004-07-14

Neither of you are right on the intro


gowithgod - 2004-08-17

acutallyacting2damax is right.

1Love-1God-1Way - 2004-09-05

Actually I Know the band and that first correction is right.

guitarmonkey<>< - 2004-09-14

Ne 1 ever notice that riff 1 sounds like the Rock version of Disneys Haunted Mansion Theme ( the original) lol.

krutchfan66 - 2004-12-10

U NO DA BAND! Dat means u no tfk! well sorta... anyways! tell them 2 update their site and get their autographs sent 2 NICK STUTSMAN at 70233 carolyn ave. michigan PLEASE! TREV IS MY FAV SINGER/ GUITAR PLAYER!

krutchfan66 - 2004-12-10

!last thing- wut church do u go2 and where? toronto right?

burningfaith08 - 2005-01-28

yeah trev is pretty good vocals but Rob is like 50 times better and Noah is like 1000 times better than him at guitar. ROCK ON PILLAR!

jc_rocker_gurl - 2005-03-29

no.....trev is def the best! tfk and fm static are awesome

bonedaddy89 - 2005-04-21

holy crap, u know them. thats awesome. can u like, hook me up w/ some stuff, like autographs or somthing, email me, talk to me man.

Strikeout_27 - 2005-04-30

hey, i'd like to get in on some of these autographs here.

376 Butterfield Circle- Sagamore Hills, OH 44067

_rock on

Jesus_Freak226 - 2005-05-31

me too

TG-da-JF - 2005-07-19

phew....... dudes dont u think this is too much? just leave em alone... they shud have 100000000 of guys like u screaming autograph!autograph!autograph!this is for rating a tab not asking for autographs... do that on the forums or so but not here :S ... anyways nice work guys :D

TFK-FrEak - 2005-09-27

dude.. i agree with TG man leave them alone.. I'm sure they like the
publicity and all that but they prob nd a rest 2 so leave them alone... just admire thier music...

Btw autographs to me if can...
just jokes
any1 noticed the guy who know fm static hasn't replied or talked in this tab again..seems kinda fishy..
I wouldn't mind an auto...

steven1234 - 2006-02-14

k if you guys are so desperate for an autograph go to there concert and wait for them gosh!!!!!!!! you guys are lazy

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