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Agnew, Todd - Grace Like Rain

All songs owned by corresponding publishing company. If you make copies of any song on this website, be sure to report your usage to CCLI.
Submitted by: Mickey

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Comments about this tab

jimshaffer - 2004-02-16

updated link - other one doesn't work.

lmconnally - 2004-04-13

This is more like it. This is very helpful to even a beginner guitarist.

j-man8907 - 2004-07-23

This is an awesome link. I love it!!! to be completely honest, this is the best one I've seen so far!! Great job, guys, keep it up!!!


Stacie Barton - 2004-08-17

This was an answer to a prayer!
I wish more were done in this format, Thanks!

jermbug - 2004-11-03

nice tab i give it an 11/10. hehe. i wish more were like this one

God bless

matt j t - 2005-01-08

I totally agree with jermbug!!!


MJ_74_2005 - 2005-05-05

I have been trying to view this tab for about a week and I still havent been successful... can someone please e-mail me the version in word possibly? it would be a big help.. I am trying to find the chords to play in church...

my address is

JBguitarguy - 2005-05-12

All it is, is Dm,Bb,F,C. its really easy

Leona Baca - 2005-06-09

this rocks my face off!!! Thank you so very much for the rad web-site!!!!!


fireproof101 - 2005-06-15

Awesome website!!! Does anyone know where I can get the tabs to the song?

Miniscott - 2005-06-20

I can't go to that site for some reason, could someone actually post the tabs or chords(whichever is better) for me?


g3n3s|s - 2005-06-28

ok, before anyone starts to rate this song, might i point out that the link directs you to which is actually Tom Agnews site.. so this tab better get a 5 out of 5 :-)

BSFCanalWOH - 2005-06-30

if your link doesn't work, just go to, and click on resources.
all 12? songs are there.

music~angel - 2005-08-28 redirects you 2 which now only has the music to the songs on his latest album, and i cant seem to find the music anywhere on the site. is there a new link that might work?

AMY J - 2005-08-30

I also would like to play this song in church but I can't find it anywhere, if anyone has the words and chords post it on this site, or email me. thanks

Silent Steel - 2005-09-27

Awesome tab, Todd Agnew ROCKS!!! Where can I get the tab for "This Fragile Breath", though? I couldn't find it here...

GuitarMaster87 - 2005-11-23

Go to and then click on the 'Worship Resources' button on the side. that will bring you to a different page, with the names of all his songs, from his CD's click on Grace like Rain, or any of the other ones.

GuitarMaster87 - 2005-11-23

For Beginners, and even veterans like me, who like to play easy songs once in a while, try this.
if you don't want to play Dm-Bb-F-C
You may play:

Capo 1:
C#m 046600
A2 002200
E 022100
B2 024400

This is literally the same thing, but the chords are easier to play for some.
Also, if you don't like this key, take the capo off, and play the chords above, and it could be easier for you to sing.
Good luck!
If anyone has questions or wants this song completely laid out, (or other songs) email me,

kpride_one - 2006-01-01

is there a site with piano notes

}Tas{ - 2006-03-19

the link is different now lol but this one will work...

redheadednerd - 2006-04-10

Hey, guys, new to the site. I wanted to post a new tab of this song, but can't figure out how. Any help? thanks.

fcwonder - 2006-05-03

updated...updated url

kuri - 2006-05-23


i think this is a great song but for some reason i cant see the tab. Can someone copy it and send it to me at my email


Deago - 2006-12-28

Hay guys,
My frend and i play it Em,C,G,D.

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