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Third Day - King Of Glory v2

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Submitted by: Rockoutryan

"King of Glory"
by Third Day 
Offerings Copyright 2000 New Spring Publishing, Inc./ vandura 2500 songs

Intro and verse:

  D            Asus4          G        Asus4  Gsus2

Verse part 2 and Chorus:                  


This is a very difficult point for me. This is obviously a slide guitar
solo with delay. It also sounds like he's using a harmonizing effect
because you're not going to be able to play something like this with a slide
Unfortunately, I'm hearing a different interval (besides the fourth)as well.
So near as I can figure, this was two guitars playing this harmoniously.
I guess Brad and Mark just play this at concerts while Mac just plays rhythm.
It's beautiful. I guess they do it that way live as well. If you want to play
it without a slide, go right ahead. Put some thick delay and reverb in the mix.
have fun.



Well, there's some other guitar stuff going on, but it's sorta not that 
memorable. This is a pretty good song though and the solo is fun.
If you have any comments on that in particular, like...if you've seen
them do it live differently, feel free to email.
God bless.

Comments about this tab

acousticman04 - 2004-06-15

i was just fixin to tab this song b/c i couldn't find it right anywhere but now i have. this tab is perfect.

scheller - 2004-08-03

You are right in that they use a slide for the solo, but it is probably two guitars playing slide--one for the E string and one for the B string on the recording. I don't know how they play it live.

swimmer - 2004-08-13

the intro sounds better this way:

b ---2h3p2----

GuitarOfGold - 2004-08-16

I've been to a 3rd day concert. They use a 6-string steel guitar, almost identical to the one at (for somewhere between $79 and $99). It's one guitar, so I'm not sure what tuning they used. I had my guitar set up for it once a long time ago. It's an unusual tuning, and I can't seem to remember it. If you experiment with it, you'll find it out. It involves the 3 highest strings, but only two of them at any given time. And a lot of delay and chorus, too.

guitarmanjer - 2004-10-21

So far I haven't found any lyrics with chords to any of these songs. If anyone comes up with chorded versions I have both the words and lyrics to some of these songs from these guys. if you want to email me I can email them to just reach me at God Bless, guitarmanjer!

audioa41 - 2005-01-03

thats sounds exactly right, exept i think it's in the wrong key, it should be in E. like this:

E2 Emaj7 A A

audioa41 - 2005-01-03

^ actually just put a capo on the second fret

GuitarOfGold - 2005-03-21

Dude, E without a capo is far more euphoric.
E5 - 079900
Emaj7(no 3rd) - 079800
Emaj7(no 3rd)/Eb - x69800
A(add9) - x07600 or 577600
A(add b5) - x07800 or B(add4)/A (nearly the same chord) - x09800
A(add9)/C# - x47600
C#m7 - x46600
B4 - x24400
A2 - x02200
B(add4) - 799800

I use these chords everytime I'm in E. And you don't even have to be able to do bar chords. ;) (although it helps as a reference, since these chords are based on bar and double-bar chords.)

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