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Chevelle - Wonder What's Next (Full Album)

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Submitted by: Ceagon

  Wonder What's Next (2002)

1.Family System                  
2.Comfortable Liar               *
3.Send the Pain Below            *
4.Closure                        *
5.The Red                        *
6.Wonder What's Next             *
7.Don't Fake This                *
8.Forefeit                       *
9.Grab Thy Hand                  *
10.An Evening with El Diablo     *
11.One Lonely Visitor

album REtabbed by Caleb Loffer 
AIM: Sit Deus
album originaly tabbed by  Micah Loffer 

Dropped B tuning: B F# b E G# C#

x = palm mute          ^ = triplet     |
/ = slide up           \ = slide down  |
X = (finger) mute      b = bend        |
h = hammer on          p = pull off    |
- = beat               = = half beat   |
~ = let ring           % = harmoinc    |
(b) bar                                |
(i) index finger      (r) ring finger  |
(m) middle finger     (p) pinky finger |

Where available, the fret numbers I believe to be involved with muted         |
strings are given in the line under the 'x'.                                  |

~~~Family System~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01*

This song has me all confused... I'll try to tab it out here in the next few weeks.

~~~Comfortable Liar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~02*

Dropped B

One of my favorites on the Cd. =]
Here's the basic cords, and beats.:

C|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1x1x1x-| (b)
G|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1x1x1x-| (b)
c|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1x1x1x-| (b)

C|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1=1=1=-| (b)
G|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1=1=1=-| (b)
c|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1=1=1=-| (b)

C|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1--| (b)
G|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1--| (b)
c|-5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1-----5-\1/5-\1--5-\1/5\1-1-1--| (b)

not quite sure if this is right... I couldn't find the CD to listen to =/
C|/5-----------\1-----------| (b)
G|/5-----------\1-----------| (b)
c|/5-----------\1-----------| (b)

Micah said play this, at 2:53. ;]
c|10%-| (i)

~~~Send the Pain Below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~09*

Dropped B

Strum each a couple times,  heavy distortion.
E |-14--| (r) |-11--| (r) |-11--| (r) |-7--| (r)
b |- 0--|     |- 9--| (b) |- 0--|     |-5--| (b)
F#|-12--| (i) |- 9--| (b) |- 9--| (i) |-5--| (b)
B |- 0--|     |- 9--| (b) |- 0--|     |-5--| (b)

Next, the background cords are the first and the third in the intro.
The squeels are him struming the very top [closest to the keys] top three stings. [B F# b]
I gues u could say it's "negitive 1..." If you have the movie watch it to figure out what i mean.

E |-11--11=11=11-11=11=11----11--11-9=9=-| (r)
b |- 0-- 0= 0= 0- 0= 0= 0---- 0-- 0-0=0=-|
F#|- 9-- 9= 9= 9- 9= 9= 9---- 9-- 9-7=7=-| (i)
B |- 0-- 0= 0= 0- 0= 0= 0---- 0-- 0-0=0=-|

(No distortion)
E |-14--| (r) |-11--| (r) |-11--| (r) |-7--| (r)
b |- 0--|     |- 9--| (b) |- 0--|     |-5--| (b)
F#|-12--| (i) |- 9--| (b) |- 9--| (i) |-5--| (b)
B |- 0--|     |- 9--| (b) |- 0--|     |-5--| (b)

Played the same as the intro
E |-14--| (r) |-11--| (r) |-11--| (r) |-7--| (r)
b |- 0--|     |- 9--| (b) |- 0--|     |-5--| (b)
F#|-12--| (i) |- 9--| (b) |- 9--| (i) |-5--| (b)
B |- 0--|     |- 9--| (b) |- 0--|     |-5--| (b)

Play this a bunch. After second add distortion, pause on forth time. Run through on sixth.
b |-0h2--2X--5-5=5=5X=/2-| (b)
F#|-0h2--2X--5-5=5=5X=/2-| (b)
B |-0h2--2X--5-5=5=5X=/2-| (b)
Then play this on the pause and very last time.
b |--------------|
B |-222222222222-| (any finger)

End like this:       *
E |-===11==| (r)
b |-==0 ===|
F#|-=9= ===| (i)
B |-0== ===|

*: In case you couldn't figure this out: it's like a slow strum... ;]


Dropped B

On finger mutes just keep the same cord shape.    
E |-7--X=X=X=X-10--X=X=X=X--9--X=X=X=X--10-9=10=9--| (r)
b |-0--0=0=0=0- 0--0=0=0=0--0--0=0=0=0-- 0-0= 0=0--| 
F#|-5--X=X=X=X- 8--X=X=X=X--7--X=X=X=X-- 8-7= 8=7--| (i)
B |-0--0=0=0=0- 0--0=0=0=0--0--0=0=0=0-- 0-0= 0=0--|     

b |-3-3=3X=3/7-7=7X=7\3-3=3=3/7-7=7=7\-| (b)
F#|-3-3=3X=3/7-7=7X=7\3-3=3=3/7-7=7=7\-| (b)
B |-3-3=3X=3/7-7=7X=7\3-3=3=3/7-7=7=7\-| (b)

Play each cord a couple times
E |-5-| (r) |-3-| (p)
b |-3-| (b) |-0-| (b)
F#|-5-| (m) |-1-| (m)
B |-3-| (b) |-0-| (b)

::Back to the verse::
::Then to the bridge::
::And last, bridge::

Somthing like this. Pete uses some distortion too...
b |----------------------------|     |-0x=0x=0x=0x-| (b)
F#|-9-9-8-8-7\3--3-3=3-0=0=0=0-| (i) |-0x=0x=0x=0x-| (b)
B |----------------------------|     |-0x=0x=0x=0x-| (b)

~~~The Red~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~05*

Dropped B

Intro: [x2]
Play lightly with overdrive one measure, then play muted with heavy distortion.
b |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10-| (b)
F#|-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10-| (b)
B |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10-| (b)

  Verse part one:
  Palm mute
b |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--8-8=8=8-| (b)
F#|-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--8-8=8=8-| (b)
B |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--8-8=8=8-| (b)
  Verse part two:
b |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10------| (b)
F#|-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10------| (b)
B |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10------| (b)

b |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--12--12-12-12--12--12-12-12| (b)
F#|-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--12--12-12-12--12--12-12-12| (b)
B |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--12--12-12-12--12--12-12-12| (b)
Chorus part 2:
b |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--12--12-12-12--12--9-9-9---| (b)
F#|-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--12--12-12-12--12--9-9-9---| (b)
B |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--12--12-12-12--12--9-9-9---| (b)

Bridge: [same as virst verse, but not palm muted]
b |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--8-8=8=8-| (b)
F#|-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--8-8=8=8-| (b)
B |-2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--10-10=10=10----2--2-2-2--5-5=5=5--2--2-2-2--8-8=8=8-| (b)

~~~Wonder What's Next~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~06*

Dropped B

Heavy distortion
b |-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=6-6--0=5--| (b)
F#|-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=6-6--0=5--| (b)
B |-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=6-6--0=5--| (b)

Pick scrape: Bar 5th fret on B,F#,and b strings and scrape.

b |-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=6-6--0=5--| (b)
F#|-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=6-6--0=5--| (b)
B |-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=6-6--0=5--| (b)

In parts of the song it slows down a beat. It goes like this:
b |-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=--6--0=5--| (b)
F#|-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=--6--0=5--| (b)
B |-0=5=6-6--0=5---0=5=--6--0=5--| (b)

b |-0x=0x=0x=0x=3-3-3-3-| (b)
F#|-0x=0x=0x=0x=3-3-3-3-| (b)
B |-0x=0x=0x=0x=3-3-3-3-| (b)

The chorus changes later in the song to:
b |-0=0=0=0=3-3-3-3-| (b)
F#|-0=0=0=0=3-3-3-3-| (b)
B |-0=0=0=0=3-3-3-3-| (b)

Goes somthing like that.

~~~Don't Fake This~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~07*

Dropped B

Clean Intro:
[Not gonna put how many times you hit it, just the cords.]
E |-4---7-11-| (r)
b |-2---5- 9-| (b)
F#|-2---5- 9-| (b)
B |-2---5- 9-| (b)

b |-2---5- 9-| (b)
F#|-2---5- 9-| (b)
B |-2---5- 9-| (b)
Then this right after [just once]:
b |-2~| (b)
F#|-2~| (b)
B |-2~| (b)

Play as background noise:
b |------------9-| (b)
F#|--9-9-9-9=9---| (b)
B |--------------|

I'm not sure how he does all the squeeks and squeels, it's layerd though. 
So hit, with heavy distortion, this:
b |-2-2--2-2-| (b)
F#|-2-2--2-2-| (b)
B |-2-2--2-2-| (b)

[Not gonna put how many times you hit it, just the cords.]
b |-2x--5x-- 9x--5x-| (b)
F#|-2x--5x-- 9x--5x-| (b)
B |-2x--5x-- 9x--5x-| (b)


Play all this twice: 
~	    2x	         			~
~	 b |-2x-2x--2x-2x---2-2^| (b)		~
~	 F#|-2x-2x--2x-2x---2-2^| (b)		~
~	 B |-2x-2x--2x-2x---2-2^| (b)		~
~	    2x					~
~	 b |-2-2--2-2---2-2^| (b)		~
~	 F#|-2-2--2-2---2-2^| (b)		~
~	 B |-2-2--2-2---2-2^| (b)		~
~						~
~	 At the end:				~
~ 	 F#|-5=5=5=/=9=9=9=|			~
~						~
~ 	 ::Chorus::				~


Dropped B

b |-7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-5^-3^-| (b)
F#|-7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-5^-3^-| (b)
B |-7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-7X=7X=7X=7X=7X--7x^-5^-3^-| (b)

b |-3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-2^-2x=2x=2x=2x-| (b)
F#|-3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-2^-2x=2x=2x=2x-| (b)
B |-3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-3X=3X=3X=3X=3X--3x^-2^-2x=2x=2x=2x-| (b)

b |----------|-7^-0=0=0-|--5^/7^-| (b)
F#|----------|-7^-0=0=0-|--5^/7^-| (b)
B |-7^-0=0=0-|-7^-0=0=0-|--5^/7^-| (b)

Throw this in some where:
b |-----0^-|-0x^=0x^=0x^=| (b)
F#|-----0^-|-0x^=0x^=0x^=| (b)
B |-0^--0^-|-0x^=0x^=0x^=| (b)

~~~Grab Thy Hand~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9*

About this time I'm tired of tabbing. I'll just put the way it goes, you can figure
out where to place them.

Dropped B

Intro (x2)                
b |--=----=----=----=-=--=0-|--=----=----=---0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)
F#|--=----=----=----=-=--=--|--=----=----=---0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)
B |-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0=h1=--|-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)

Verse (x2)
b |-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0=--=0--|-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)
F#|-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0=h1=---|-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)
B |-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0=h1=---|-0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)

   Next play this (x4)          And this (x4)
E |--9--9--9--9--9-10=10=10=10-|-------------------------| (b) / (r)
b |-9--9--9--9--9--  =  =  =  -|-8=8-7=7-0~-----0=h1=p0--| (b)
B |----------------------------|-------------------------|

Now play this clean a few times.
E |------------|
b |-8=8-7=7-0~-| (any finger)
B |------------|

Play this four times.
b |0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)
F#|0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)
B |0=0--0=0--0=0--0=0--0x=0x=0x=0x=0x=0x--| (b)

   Then this a few times.       Then this once
b |0=0--0=5--0=0-0=7---0=0=3=3-|-------5--------7-----------| (b)
F#|0=0--0=5--0=0-0=7---0=0=3=3-|----------------------------| (b)
B |0=0--0=5--0=0-0=7---0=0=3=3-|0=0--0=---0=0-0=----0=3=3=3-| (b)

   Then this a few times.       Then this once
b |3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3------8=8-7=7-0~-----0=h1=p0--| (b) / (r)
F#|3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3------------------------------| (b)
B |3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3------------------------------| (b)

~~~An Evening with El Diablo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10*

Dropped B

It goes somthing like this:
Intro is all bass...

b |4-4-4=4=4-0^--| (b)
F#|4-4-4=4=4-0^--| (b)
B |4-4-4=4=4-0^--| (b)

Then play this clean
b |-7-7-7-7-7-7^--6-6-6-6-6-6-6^-| (b)
F#|-7-7-7-7-7-7^--6-6-6-6-6-6-6^-| (b)
B |-7-7-7-7-7-7^--6-6-6-6-6-6-6^-| (b)

::Back to the verse::

Then to:
b |-------------------------------------------|
F#|-7x-7x-7x-7x-7x-7x^--6x-6x-6x-6x-6x-6x-6x^-| (any finger)
B |-------------------------------------------|

b |-------------------------------|
F#|-0-0-0-0-0-0-7^-0-0-0-0-0-0-6^-| (any finger)
B |-------------------------------|

Then play this w/ distor, for a long time.
b |-7-7-7-7-7-7^--6-6-6-6-6-6-6^-| (b)
F#|-7-7-7-7-7-7^--6-6-6-6-6-6-6^-| (b)
B |-7-7-7-7-7-7^--6-6-6-6-6-6-6^-| (b)

~~~One Lonely Visitor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~11*


Comments about this tab

FIREPROOFdrumma - 2004-04-08

-Ok, first off, most of these tabs are wrong, i dont meen to be harsh, but they are, SORRY!

rntguitarist - 2004-05-16

your tunigs are wrong also pete uses like 4 different guitars in a concert!!
Family system-dropped b, comfortable liar-dropped C#, send the pain below-dropped b, closure-dropped b, the red-dropped C#,wonder whats next-dropped b,
dont fake this-dropped C#, forfeit-dropped b, grab thy hand-dropped b, an evening with el diablo-dropped b, one lonely visotr-dropped b

i know for a fact these are the tunings!

walkerfsf - 2004-10-21

Okay... I think the biggest problem withthis whole thing is that you don't have "one lonely visitor"! Whats up with that? thats such a good song

njsk8rboy - 2005-01-17

decent i agree should have 1 lonely visitor

DyingAlive - 2005-06-28

I've been looking for a "One Lonely Visitor" tab for months... I can't for the life of me figure out his tuning on that one... o_O is it like a 1/4 step tuning or something... cause no matter how I play it, it sounds off... >_<

Add a comment/correction

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