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MercyMe - Spoken For

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Submitted by: trappermark

Title: Spoken For
Album: Spoken For
Artist: MercyMe

These are much more accurate chords for this song than the ones currently
posted. These chords will give you more of the "spacey pop ballad" sound
of the original recording.

Unusual chords:
D9     xx0230
D9/G   3x0230
D9/B   x2x230
C9     x30030
Asus4  x02230

For the D9/G and the D9/B, I use the finger I reach the bass note with
to mute the string below it (the "x") by slightly leaning that finger
over the muted string.

D9   D9/G   D9/B   D9/G   (repeat)

D9     D9/G
D9/B   D9/G
D9     D9/G
D9/B   D9/G

D9/B   D9/G
D9/B   A

D9     D9/G
D9/B   D9/G
D9     D9/G
D9/B   D9/G

D9   D9/G   D9/B   D9/G

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1)



C9     C9
Asus4  A
C9     C9
Asus4  A

Chorus twice

D9     D9/G
D9/B   D9/G

Comments about this tab

rach13 - 2004-02-12

it's actually a D2, as a D9 would imply that the 7th is also in the chord
D9- xx0210 D2- xx0230
ending stays on D2 for the duration

lilnicky429 - 2004-02-27

Actually, I find that these chords work better :).

G(rock) is a G chord without the 1st finger on the 5th string, the 2nd finger should knock out the 5th string.

intro: D Gmaj7 Bm7 G(rock) x2

verse: same as intro

bridge: Bm7 Gmaj7 Bm7 Asus4

chorus: same as intro then follow into the next verse with D A/D D A/D Dsus4 D A/D Cadd9

middle: Cadd9 Cadd9(flat5) Asus4 A x2


Ovation - 2004-08-15

D9 doesn't mean D2 and D7 combined, it means it's a D2 but the add2 is an octave up, or 7 scale notes up. Thus, D9.

paulberg - 2005-01-02

Actually, D9 doesn't neccesarily mean to play the E in either the 2 or 9 position. Technically, D9 or Dadd9 is the correct way to refer to it, although D2 is sometimes favored among musicians as it seemingly makes a bit more sense. However, in colloquial music language D2 is most common while D9 is sometimes saved to tell the musician to play the 2 an octave higher or at least apart from the root.

rach13 - 2005-01-03

That is an amazing demonstration of talking in circles by paulberg. Also, the lack of theoretical knowledge displayed here is very disturbing. 9ths,like 7ths, 11ths, and 13ths are chord extentions and have absolutely nothing to do with what octave the note is played in. Music Theory 101. In addition, each extension requires the assumption of the previous. In some cases, certain notes are left out. For instance, when the 11th is added the 3rd of the chord is ommitted to avoid the minor 2nd between them.

bobguitardude - 2005-03-03

Morons to the 7th, 9th, or 11th degree, you pick which one sounds best to you.

B429R - 2005-11-23

I tried those chords...they didn't make sense.


praise_habit - 2006-07-25

Odd, since they're perfect. Good tab.

dwags - 2010-11-23

Wow, interesting the tones of comments being made on a "Christian" tab. Nice example for the non-believer...

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