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Switchfoot - On Fire

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Submitted by: Aprilfool

On Fire

Tabbed by Johnny Betancourt
Jnnybgd86@aol (Aprilfool here on CGR)

Hey everybody, I LOVE this song, and Iíve taken the time to chart this song
out in two keys, C is the real key, and G is my key. The reason I transposed
it is because in C itís almost impossible to sing! And if you canít sing, it
doesnít really mean anything. So, hopefully one of these keys will work for
you. God Bless!  

     *C*                                       *G*

Chords needed:                            Chords needed:

C2     x3m033                             G2     3m0233
G      3m0003                             D      xx0232 
Am7    x02210                             Em7    022000 
Fmaj7  xx3210                             Cmaj7  x32000

Verses:                                   Verses:
C2    G                                   G2    D
Am7  Fmaj7  4x                            Em7   Cmaj7   4x

Chorus 1                                  Chorus 1
C2    G   Am7   Fmaj7                     G2    D   Em7  Cmaj7
C2    G   C2                              G2    D   G2

Back to verse                             Back to verse

Chorus 2                                  Chorus 2
C2    G   Am7   Fmaj7                     G2    D   Em7  Cmaj7
C2    G   Am7   Fmaj7                     G2    D   Em7  Cmaj7 
Am7   Fmaj7                               Em7   Cmaj7

Back to verse pattern                     Back to verse pattern

Comments about this tab

little_seve - 2004-07-13

Great Job man. I found everything in this to be correct. I love this song and am glad i found a guy that knows what he is doing!

Josephde - 2004-07-27

Geez, no one watches the acoustic performance on the DVD!

Well, accoustically if you dont have a keyboard, all he plays is this

1/2 step down tuned

C2 G2 1 F


C2- 032033
G2- 320033
1- 001000
F- 133211

Thats it. WATCH THE DVD!

mmggppmgp - 2004-08-25

yo dude not every1 has the DVD

mmggppmgp - 2004-08-25

yo dude not every1 has the DVD

bc2skaterpunk - 2004-09-26

sweet job even w/ out watching the dvd because of course everyone in the world owns it heh

misschicky2291 - 2004-09-29

This is such an awesome song! And the chords are perfect for beginners such as myslef. Thanks so much and God Bless!

IDareYouToM0ve - 2004-09-30

I love this song and im way new at the guitar. After watching th Dvd i have agreed with the statement earlier above, but I have one question. I've tried and tried but being new i have to know, in what rythm strokes does he play the song, ive got the chords but i cant figure out the strokes!

diver4christ - 2004-10-21

I have to agree with josephde in all points but one. if you watch the Dvd closely(for those of you who have it) after playing G, Jon plays a different form of an Am7, which is played 002010. Try it out and you'll see what i'm talking about. P.s. you don't have to have the dvd to be a true switchfoot fan.

carsonh76 - 2004-11-06

play your c's and g's regular. it's a lot easier and it sounds smoother.

carsonh76 - 2004-11-06

play your c's and g's regular. it's a lot easier and it sounds smoother.

faLLingOut19 - 2004-11-06

dude. this song IS awesome!!! thanks for the tabs. I CANT STOP PLAYING THIS SONG!

carsonh76 - 2004-11-30

i play it,
C G Am F.
Saw it at a switchfoot concert myself.

Aprilfool - 2004-12-21 guys are so funny. Anyway, you guys are right, I don't have the DVD, but if you listen to the song, you'll find that he DOES play an Fmaj7!! Honestly, I don't care what he played in the DVD...alot of artists have many ways of playing their songs, (probably just to confuse us but I know for a fact that there's a major 7th in there, and that's why I tabbed it that way. Besides, who wants to be using a capo on such a simple song??? take care fellow switchfooters! and tell me what you guys think!

~Johnny b

Aprilfool - 2004-12-21

Oh BTW, if you're looking for other reliable tabs, check out my tabs of "I Dare You To Move", "Learning to Breathe", "You Already Take Me There", and probably some other ones...haha, I can't remember. I'd love to see you guys post on those too!

~johnny b

daniiii - 2005-01-08

Isn't that Em7 x33033?

StewMore - 2005-01-10

Haha... yeah, I'd have to agree with you in saying that this is a great song and the chorus is very easy to throw into a worship set. Just to let you know too... Am is written x02210... that's a standard Am... Am7 is written x02010... see the ring finger is lifted making what would normally be an "A" a "G" (talking about the note here on the 3rd string) from that "G" you would count from the bass note which would of course be A since the cord is an Am... you count ABCDEFG and 1234567 corresponding to each letter... therefore the x02010 is an Am7 and the x02210 is an Am... I can give you other examples if you'd like I just don't want to take up any more space on this forum... you can e-mail me if you have any questions... Thanks and God Bless!

StewMore - 2005-01-10

Oh yeah, and Em7 is written 020000... 022033 would be an Em sustained (the "e" note is made a "d" on the 4th string... counting up from E (the bass note of Em) you get EFGABCD... add those up and you get 7... a lot of arithmetic)

You can play the song how ever you feel sounds the best... as far a how Switchfoot plays it I have no idea... haven't listened to the song enough times to know

StewMore - 2005-01-10

Ok sorry I have to give one more example...

D2 would be written xx0230 where as D would be written xx0232... the middle finger is lifted making the F# an E... counting up from the bass note D to E is simply DE (2 full steps) making it a D2...

4Play - 2005-02-24

Lol! Technicalities people! IDareYouToM0ve -> Played with single strums, x32033 on 'TELL' where you need to... 320033 on 'GO'
x02200 or 002010 or x02210 (depending on how YOU want to play it) on 'TELL' when you need to... 133211 or xx3210 or xx3211 (depending on your preference) on 'LEAVE' and so on... C2 on first word of first line of verse, G on last word of first line, A2 on first word F on last word...
Then C2 on 'EVERYTHING'... inside you knows there's.. then G 'MORE'
A2 on 'SO' much... F on 'FILLED' etc. Chorus is C2 on 'YOU'RE', G on 'YOU', A on 'FIRE' and F on 'SPEAKS' C2 on 'ON' G on 'AT' and C2 on 'MYSTERIES' then towards the end of the song there is some rhytmic strumming, but it's pretty basic, just listen to the song. Other then that, Have fun... Respect the Foot!

sixstringes777 - 2005-04-02

I dont have the dvd

Beyer413 - 2005-04-26

I wanted to add this, it's the solo played on the Dvd

----------------------------you repeat that a numer of times and then


That's the cool solo

Sam Cook - 2005-09-28

Let's please not say "GEEZ" on this site. Cuss and swear if you need to but don't blaspheme God's name, Okay. I have the DVD and sit and figure out songs and stuff but that doesn't mean I can figure it out any better than anyone else. Like someone else said, artists do often play a song differently live than they do in the studio. It's mostly in the ears. And to the guy who said "geez", G2 is not 320033. That is a standard G major. G2 is 3m0233. It's like a Dsus4/G. Actually, Jon does just mute the 5th string like it says in the original post. It's easier that way and it sounds cleaner. Let's just try to be nice to each other OK!

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-10-24

well said sam cook (i mean the 1st line of your comment.

anyway now to my comment

nice i don't know the song but i feel like saying nice say i said nice i will say it again but twice this time. ready... wait for it. bet you're getting nervous. will he pull it off.


yay! i struggled a bit on the last nice

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-10-24

hey guys about the last comment i made. I was just being stupid ignore the comment

Silent Steel - 2005-11-19

Ummm, 4Play? Dude, that name is totally inappropriate for a Christain tab site; and I think you know why.


ImissDCtalk34 - 2005-12-31

This IS a great song! And I don't why y'all must argue over technicalities. It doesn't matter! As long as you play the chord proggression right, it doesn't matter. Am7 is E-x02013-e by the way, but it doesn't matter.

neonboy - 2006-02-08

well i thnk that most of you are right{ did you like how i said MOST OF YOU hehe}.
but there's a hundred ways to play that one song and lot to just wanted to say that.
p.s.:i only know four of those ways.
god bless nick

Switchfoot_ - 2007-01-11

Hey,Great tab!the only thing wrong is the tunning.if tune it half a step down,it will be 100 percent correct!

p.sI saw them live so I Know
p.p.s.My correction is for the C key.
p.p.p.s you can also sing with it lol

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