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Relient K - Mood Rings

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Submitted by: Aprilfool

Mood Rings
Relient K

Copyright Gotee Records 2003
Tabbed by Johnny Betancourt

Hey everybody, I'm pretty sure that these are the most comprehensive
tabs and chords out there for this song, so I hope you guys enjoy it!
E-mail me at if you have any suggestions, or if you
just want to complement me for my hard work! Remember, don't settle for
second best!        


Chords needed:
       F#m     -244222
       C#m     -x46654
       Abm     -466444
       B       -799877
       A       -577655
       E       -079900
       C#m     -9 11 11 999
       Cmaj7   -8 10 10 988

1st verse


Can I construct...


Let's get...

A  B  E  Emaj7\D#
A  B  E  Emaj7\D#
A  B..

She's so pretty, but..

E  B A B
E  B A B
E  B A B
E  B A B

Verse 2

Same tabs as verse 1

Can I construct...


Let's get...
A  B  E  Emaj7\D#
A  B  E  Emaj7\D#
A  B...

She's so pretty, but...

E   B A B
E   B A B
E   B A B
E   B A B
E, B, A, C#m,B
E, B, A, Cmaj7
E, B, A, C#m,B
E, B, A, Cmaj7

And when it's green...


And that's all right...

C#m, B, A...

Verse 3

Same tabs as verse 1

Mood Ring, Oh Mood Ring.... (Fingerpicking is necessary)


E--9------------7------------5------------8-----------  REPEAT
                                         Lightly Strum 2nd time

Comments about this tab

kmswim03 - 2004-02-20

I have a small correction for the first verse.

at the very end I think you have it wrong.

I play it


Of course you need the rhythm, but those are the notes.

kmswim03 - 2004-02-20

you had it right, you just need to move all those notes up one string

newsgirl14 - 2004-03-15

Very nice. Very. I'm just not entirely sure of the end.

mmggppmgp - 2005-01-06

the fingerpick huh... it doesnt sound right to me... but good job bro

mtlmouth - 2005-02-07

What??? Where in this song is the "Can I construct..." part? Is that "And I've contrived some sort of a plan to help my fellow man..."??

Xo PePpEr NoSe - 2007-01-19

i agree with mtlmouth...

smartguy101 - 2007-05-17

hey, i am new around here and i really love this song. i am also new to playing guitar and i have an acustic. can someone explain how i would go about playing this song. thanks and god bless.

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