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Switchfoot - Only Hope

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Submitted by: youngyounghead

Switchfoot  Only Hope
Tabbed By: Young Choi

Standard Tuning: EADGBE

  E    B    A    C9   C#m7 G    D    Em   F#7




Verse 1: (4x)


E     B     A
E     B     A     C#m7 
A     C#m7
C9    B    

Verse 1: (1x)

Verse 2:
Em    G     Bm    Em    C9    G     C9    B
Em    G     Bm    Em    C9    G     C9    B
Em    G     Bm    Em    C9    G     C9    B
Em    G     Bm    Em    C9    G     C9    B

Chorus: (repeat)

Pre-Bridge: (2x)

D     Em
D     Em 
D     Em
F#7   B
A     B
A     B

Chorus: (repeat)

(Guitar 1)
Verse 1: (2x) 

(Guitar 2)


Comments about this tab

Sevan13 - 2004-02-16

Though some of the notes are correct, if you listen to the music, you hear the slides I added here. :)

Verse 1 (always slide)
| 1st | | 2nd | | 3rd | | 4th |<------chord formation

1 3 1 1 3 2 2 1 3 1 3
(barred) (barred)
fingering ^
1=pointer finger

If you notice, your ring finger always stays on the D string. I use my pointer finger to bar the (A,D,G) strings in the 1st chord formation, and the (E,A,D) strings in the 2nd chord formation. You will see that for the last couple chords, you don't need to change the formation of your pointer or ring finger. You keep the same formation for these two fingers and slide to the frets along with the base note. Basically, the only finger that changes strings is the middle finger. This makes a complicated sounding song not complicated at all.

Sevan13 - 2004-02-16

...srry, my spaces in my correction didn't come up. i'm sure you can decipher which chord formations are which. i seperated each one with like 6 hyphens. then you get to play the 1st grade line match game. the fingering is in order with the notes as they come up from left to right. match the fingering with each note played.

mmggppmgp - 2004-11-09

hey bud, i think ur tab rocks... most or all of the little details of this song is in here and also the big once, i think u did a very good job!!! God Bless

jesusismyhero - 2005-05-05

What is an easy way to finger the Bm in the 2nd verse?

mmggppmgp - 2005-05-05

lol wut a coincidinc... im bored n i wanna look at this tab again cuz i dont like printing... lol is this EMO???... ne wya Bm... hmmm... barre 2nd fret with your index finger or finger 1... then hold the forth fret for the d and g string pinky or 4th finger with G... and ring finger or 3rd finger with D... then play the 3rd fret in the B string with your middle finger or 2nd finger.... or if u cant barre it... hmm the best way is to just hold the high e string with ur index...

to make it short...

e-2 < so is this and the whole second fret... if u dont wanna then just hold the
B-3 this one u use finger2 or middle finger E string
G-4 pinky or finger 4
D-4 ring or finger 3
A-2 < this is barred and the whole second fret... this is the root that is y
E-x u may want to barre it
if u cant u'll get ur B
from the G string
barring jus makes it
sound more complete.
but if it seems like ur
muting the other strings
just hold e the e string

Well i hope im not confusing...
that is the most detail i can go on how to make it simple... but i will look for another voicing if this is stil too hard

mmggppmgp - 2005-05-05

wala... after 2 minutes of research i figured it out ( hmm i just wasted like 15 minutes typing the thing above).

this is the easiest way

D=(0)< these two make
A=(2)< the chord complete

but if u cant this is a short cut that still sounds good with the progression

E=x the theory behind this is that in triad chords a minor is 1st-3rd(b)-5th
so if the 1st of B is B then the third is D# and fifth is F# then
your triad would be B D F#

which is in the chord

e=2-F#---5th... walla triad chord just like in the piano(lol)
B=3-D----3rd----yep pianists usually plays triads when they play chords
G=4-B----1st----while guita players can play the octave with it and more notes
D=x-------------cant go further cuz im still taking classes this summer for more
A=x-------------music theory

oh well i hope i answered your question x x x 4 3 2 ... hopefully
i did not go too far and confused u greately

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