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FM Static  Definately Maybe
Tabbed by: Joel Smith (
*FM Static is an amazing new band!  Just signed by Tooth and Nail, this
band was started by Lead Singer and Drummer from Thousand Foot Krutch!

Intro: E-A-E-Esus/F#

Verse2: (A-bar chord-clean) E-B-C#m-A

Chorus: (Distorted) E-B-C#m A

Verse2: E-B-E-A  E-B-F#m-B 

Bridge: E-A-C#m-B

Outro: E-B-C#m-A

Comments about this tab

SunnyDays102 - 2004-09-26

hey i wassnt sure about the lyrics on this song- could anyone email me those? its thanks!

souljahrar - 2004-10-08

for FM Static lyrics go to

IceHawk - 2004-11-07

the intro is off (maybe not, but I'm not playing it right. Maybe a tab would help...). The rest sounds awesome though.

13rocks - 2004-11-20

What does -Esus- and distorted mean? Sorry im really new to playing the guitar!

godsguitargrrl - 2004-11-30

Distortion/distorted means you should use an amp or pedal with distortion. Esus is o234oo

SunnyDays102 - 2004-12-23

yeah i got that site like a day after i posted that, thanks though!

Zakk@SOP - 2005-12-22

can some one email me the lyrics or post them on here

mattrox - 2006-01-02

can someone type put how the chords look please

drako1011 - 2006-03-04

if you're having trouble with the intro try this...


theflameguitar - 2006-04-17

for every peep who wants to know, the lyrics go like this

I met a girl named tara
and she lived in the heart of america
she liked black caddies
listens to puff daddy
and danced until her legs were sore

she worked around the corner
at the dinner with the grouchy owner
and her boyfriend shane, he dates another girl named katie
he loves her definitly maybe

don't think i can take it
wake me when it's over
so far away
i wish that i was closer
i see you every day
i'm too scared to go over
wonder what she'd say
i barely know


and how much longer
will this keep getting stronger
i wonder what she's doin when i'm singin myself to sleep
he's a faker
so se ya later
i wonder when you'll realize that she means a lot more to me

i saw you in the hallway when my last class was just over
it was friday, school was out tonight
every thing seemed too be all right
i said yo are you goin to the party at the cove
he's pickin me up at six again and i dont wont to dissapoint my boyfriend

and she's starin' at his picture hangin in her locker
tellin all the girls about the things that he bought her
i saw what happend all those times he went for water
when we were at the movie theate watchin harry potter
he had his hands on
every girl he laid his eyes on
hate to break it to ya, he's a pylon
and even when he kissed her
he was lookin over starin' at her sister


i met a girl named tara
and she lived in the heart of america
liked black caddies
listens to puff daddy
danced until her legs were sore

she worked around the corner
at the diner with the grouchy owner
and her boyfriend shane, he dates another girl named katie
he loves her definitely maybe

end of song

what_ever - 2006-11-03

hey, could someone please tab Waste of Time? If so, that would be great!

EmeryFreak - 2007-03-03

In the lyrics when it says she worked around the corner at the diner with a groutchy owner it says and a boyfriend shady not aboyfriend shane Emeryfreak

remington7q - 2007-09-23

anyonr have actual tabs not just chords?

rockergurl7 - 2008-02-15

hey thanks so much for posting this!!! it used 2 be like my favorite song in the world and now i can play it!! its all seems acurate i just am not sure about the B?? anyone have any other options instead of that B?

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