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Newsboys - He Reigns

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He Reigns
Adoration: The Worship Album
Transcribed By:S. Sheldon

I know that the CD Jacket says F, C, G, but I've justbeen on the front
row of 2 Newsboys concerts.  

Capo 5

C2  G   D

3   3   2
3   3   3
0   0   2
2   0   0
3   2   x
x   3   x

C2 x C2 x C2x C2 C2
G x G x G x G G
D x D x D x D D 
(several times)

C2, G, D

Comments about this tab

chronicles1289 - 2004-01-25

Hey, that's nice, it almost sounds like it... but there's a problem... how do u strum it?

bigkajunsurfa - 2004-02-25

I agree, it is a good tab, but it is impossible to stum, unless you have something with the song on, so please add the rythym

chaddukes - 2004-02-25

Actually the chords on the jacket liner are correct. If you write out the notes of the chords that you listed you will find that those chords are indeed F, C and G.

This is one of those songs where it is almost necessary to use Barre Chords. You could certainly use the above posted chords but you would have to get used to muting, which is what it sounds like the guy in the band is doing. Its easier for me to use barre chords than to mute.

Here are the chords that I use.

F= X-8-10-10-10-X
C= X-X-10-9-8-8
G= X-10-12-12-12-X

This way all you do is press down the strings when you want them to sound and release them when you dont. This is how you can get that short choppy sound that they use.

gsusfreke - 2004-02-25

I disagree. The liner was right.

RussellKinney - 2004-02-28

It is F C G; It only matters what sounds right when you play along with th CD. And it should be played right in the middle of the neck for the verse and open chords for the chorus.

chronicles1289 - 2004-04-04

but see, thats probably what the head man plays (Peter FUller)
We're talking about Jody Davis. Liner notes are right but... Jody Davis simply does not play with just those kinds of simple chords.

gsusfreke - 2004-05-05

Dude! I was almost literally onstage at a NEwsboys concert and you are off. It is most definately, 200% right. Trust me. I was watching like a hawk!!!!

cadarama - 2004-05-25

I played this song in church and it went over great. I played with the capo on 5 and a 12 string Ovation and the chords C2,G,D and only a bass. You have to muff the strings and just imitate the Newsboys. The bass really helps live. enjoy

norman11 - 2004-05-27

I am new to this- Can someone tell me what is meant by the x-10-12-12-12 etc.? Thanks very much

coolnorth - 2004-06-26

Norman11 - Dude, this is your string layout on the fretboard of your guitar.
E A D G B E - these are the notes open (not pressing the strings) When the chord of F, for example is indicated, as an X-8-10-10-10-X, it means you don't press the bass E, but you press A on the 8th fret, D, G, B on the 10th fret, and don't press the treble E. Gives you an F chord, one of many ways of doing it. Don't foreget everyone, if you can play this for the Lord, and it sounds good, that's all that matters! Doesn't have to sound just like the album, though we do strive for this, no? Praise Him who reigns!

Moegith - 2004-06-27

As for strummign...someone asked up there somewhere...I think the strumming is as written. Strum mute strum mute strum strum, and so on. with some alteration as needed, it should be fine. But it sounds like that's the basics to me. This song is amazing. I just came back from Creation, and during this song last night there was a meteor shower. I didn't see it but my friends said that 6 shooting stars fell across the sky over the stage. If that doesn't say he reigns then I don't know what does. God is amazing is he not?

chach - 2004-07-02

alright i not gona pretend to be a master but i know some stuff from playing for the past 5 years so this is what i think...
after listening to everyone bickering about whos right and whos rong i checked what notes were realy being played and i came up with this...

the Csus with the 5th fret X-3-2-0-3-3 F CHORD X-8-10-10-10-X
capo plays as this... F-A-C-G-C {NOTES} F -C -F -A

the diffrence is very suttle {the only diffrence is the Csus has a G note and the F chord does not} that is why it still will sound right the others are very close as well

the Gd with the 5th fret 3-2-0-0-3-3 C CHORD X-X-10-9-8-8
capo plays as this... C-E-D-C-G-C {NOTES} C-E-G-C

the diffrence is once more very suttle {the only diffrence being the D note in the Gd that the C chord does not have}the last is an exact match check it out

the D played with the capo on X-X-0-2-3-2 G CHORD X-10-12-12-12-X
the 5th fret looks like this... G-D-G-B {NOTES} G -D -G -B

their is no diffrence {between the D and the G} i dont want to discourage anyone but guitar is one of the harder instrements to learn thoery on because you can find the same notes at several diffrent places and still make it sound correct
if you doubt me i found a good site to find chords called if you look you will see a varations button below the fields which will give you diffrent voicings or fingerings of the same chord at several diffrent places

JesusFreak!07 - 2004-07-22


j-man8907 - 2004-08-16

Hey, everybody!!! I just took the note names and figured this one out on my own. I play the C as X-3-2-0-1-0 and the G as X-X-0-0-3-3 but I don't know how to play the F. Can someone tell me how?? Thanx!!!


aglow - 2004-08-23

hay what does it mean to "mute" your strings? Thanks for any imput:-)

cadarama - 2004-09-03

Mute, to me is when you muffle the strings with your right palm(if your right handed)as you strum. On He Reigns I also raise my chord hand from the strings so the tone does not last too long. I strum hard on the chord change then mute/muffle and let up the strings with my chord hand.

Hope this helps you.. :-}

Mr. Switchfoot - 2004-12-26

the f is a bar chord e up one fret like this:


Kutenian - 2004-12-30

Ummm... actualy you guys are almost all correct, Peter plays the normal C F and G, while jodie plays it wiht the capo!

7thDayBassman - 2005-03-05

the actual techneqiue of muting is just resting the bridge of your strumin hand over the strings as u strum. i just want to clear how u muffle the strings.

Nikseroni - 2005-03-05

Hey geniuses,

If ya'll would just look in the lyric book (you know, that little square booklet on the front of the CD, that comes with EVERY CD) you would see that the Newsboys took the time to write out the chords for just about every song. So, stop fighting about what key a song is in, or if it's a C instead of a C2, and just look it up yourself. Like I said, if you have bought the CD, then just look in the lyric book that it comes with.

Girly_4_God - 2005-04-03

I saw the main singer of Newsboys on New song cafe and he even said the song is played with F, C and G ( not sure if its that order) over and over again.

Metal_head_63 - 2005-06-07

It is WITOUT A DOUBT f, c, g, but play it as barre NOT power chords. Power chords have an e minor formation, but if you listen closly to the song, you will hear the 2nd and 3rd strings (G and B strings) that are pushed down on the F chord:
x x x
10 x x
10 x 12
10 10 12
8 10 10
x 8 x

Barre chords (YES, that is how you spell it, ((pronounced as "bar"))so please don't try to correct me on it) are the most simple things to do of all time. If you can't do this, mabey you should drop the guitar and take up the kazoo.
This is a very good song and my church plays it just as it sounds in the cd. From reading these comment boxes, it seems as if some people have a problem with the rythm. The song itself is in 4/4 time, but the guitart part itself ( in my opinion) is easiest if you count 1 2 3\1 2 3\1 2 3\1 2 3\1 2 3.
This may be confusing, but it works once you have it.
IT IS POSSIBLE TO STRUM. You strum most of the verse as:
o x x\ o x x\ o x x\ o x x\ o x x
o x x\ o x x\ o x x\ o x x\ o x x
o x x\ o x x\ o x x\ o x x\ o x x

When I play, I strum the entire verse by keeping a steady rythm and hit x and o instead of pausing my right hand to make the rythm. I raise my fingers on my left hand (finger mute) to create the sounds and pauses.
I hope this helped yall. If it did, email me at .
God bless

beatrum - 2005-09-26

I just came back from a newsboys concert and i had back stage passes! So i asked him how to play the song and he siad that one guitar plays the f c g and the other guitar uses the capo. So stop the bickering!

Delirious Ste - 2006-01-16

That is correct

martinchfl - 2006-02-12

playing with the cd,the sharpness of the chords are clearly open muted on verse,and open on chorus. however,true techniuqe is you put your own style into it snd not try to be play a joyfull sound unto the Lord is what He wants.try not to copy to hard. Love in Christ

Gary4825 - 2008-07-09

It's funny how we all strive for perfection. It seems that every person who has ever lived has (at least to a degree) suffered from a messiah complex except for one...and He was the Messiah...hmmmmmm...

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