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Relient K - Over Thinking

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Song: Over Thinking
Artist: Relient K
Album: Two Lefts...
Written by: Matt Thiessen
Copyright 2003 Gotee Records
Tabbed by Josiah Pagoota  ---

Alrighty ya'll this was quite a tough song for me to get. It should be
accurate for the most part so have fun with it. This is a rockin song too!

Intro: I'm 90% sure this is perfect

D--11/12----12----12----1111/12----12----12----11-    PLAY TWICE

Verses:  listen to the song and you'll know exactly when to change chords 

D5         D5/C#         B5         G5     (PLAY IT ALL TWICE)

Chorus: Guitar 1

D5        A5         B5         G5   (PLAY TWICE)

Chorus: Guitar 2 - melody for all 8 lines in the chorus

D--x--x--x-x-x---   Play it 4 times thru 1st chorus, 8 times thru other choruses

Post-Chorus: Guitar 1 - play B5 and G5 four times staccato each

B5     G5     D5     D5
B5     G5     D5     D5

Post-Chorus: Guitar 2 - melody for the 2nd and 4th lines (during the D5's)


POST-Post-Chorus (the soft part): i hear no distinct guitar parts so why tab it?

Ok so then play:

Bridge Riff: this is sweet (and it's tabbed perfectly)


Bridge: 1st part - play palm-muted with riff behind it

D5    F#5   G5    A5    (PLAY 4X) then:    Bb5     C5

Bridge: 2nd part - this is where it drops to just a palm-muted guitar and
a semi-muffled voice (and its so cool 'cause the key goes from D to F)

   F5*     F5*/E   D5      C5      Bb5             C5

Then: play open (not muted)

F5*     F5*/E     D5     C5     Bb5          C5          D5

Then right before you go back into the chorus:


Then play Chorus, Intro, and last verse

Chords: in order of appearance

Strings->E  A  D  G  B  e
=D5      x  5  7  7  x  x=
=D5/C#   x  4  7  7  x  x=
=B5      x  2  4  4  x  x=
=G5      3  5  5  x  x  x=
=A5      5  7  7  x  x  x=
=F#5     2  4  4  x  x  x=
=Bb5     x  1  3  3  x  x=
=C5      x  3  5  5  x  x=
=F5*     x  8  10 10 x  x=
=F5*/E   x  7  10 10 x  x=

Ok that's it. I hope this tab makes sense to everyone and that by listening
to the song you'll be able to understand where and how to play what. If
you're having trouble with it or you have a comment on it please e-mail me
at thanks a lot.    ~ Josiah

Comments about this tab

Timberwolf - 2005-02-21

I think this songs in drop D.

cgplaya - 2005-02-28

I think the fourth chord of the post-chorus is A5...but this is a great tab!!

Hahathefunnyone - 2005-03-09

Hey, I know there are a bajillion diferent ways to play things However I think i found an easier way for the intro

e|---5--5--5- } repeat as needed...
b|2h3--3--3-3 }

I dunno it sounded good to me, maybe my ears off, but what will it hurt to try?

cgplaya - 2005-04-01

sorri man but i think the intro for the song is perfectly fine

Down In Flames - 2005-12-01

G5 is a power chord i no but what is the tab for it i couldn't find it in the chord section of the website

Down In Flames - 2005-12-01

o yeah and D over C#

Down In Flames - 2005-12-01

nvm i just saw the chord listing at the bottom

guitar_freak_15 - 2006-09-04

i think that the other dude was right about the intro, this intro does not sound right at all

Mobiu5 - 2007-05-29

First off, I'd like to compliment you on a very nice tab. Very well done for the most part, althought I did find one very minor correction in the verses. After listening to the CD and playing along on my guitar, I noticed that the chords you have will work for the song (they sound good) but one chord is different. After the B power chord, there needs to be an F# power chord. (Listen to the CD and you'l figure it out) The G5 at the end is strummed twice before the second time it's played through.

Revised Verses:


Awesome tab once again...

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