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Switchfoot - Twenty-Four

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Artist: Switchfoot
Song: Twenty-Four
Album: The Beautiful Letdown
Tabbed by: Choong-Fai Too

This is such a beautiful song, hope you enjoy it

G   Cadd9  D/F#  G
Em  Cadd9  D/F#  Cadd9

G  Em  Cadd9  D/F#

Comments about this tab

hockey_chick19 - 2004-06-06

hey! i have a question. how would you play the chord: Cadd9 if you could please email me at: thank you ! ~sarah~

hockey_chick19 - 2004-06-06

i figured out the chords! everything on this tab is correct! you can use C2 instead of Cadd9. also on the verse Em, Cadd9, D/F, Cadd9 play D/F just a little longer than change to Cadd9! ~sarah~

manchahector - 2004-06-07

i was wondering the chords are right, but he is also doing hammer ons and other things do u know what those are?and is he using power chords? thanks

acousticman04 - 2004-06-11

i just wanna say that this is a near perfect tab of one of the best switchfoot songs ever. the only thing it could useis to tell the inexperienced guitar players where the hammer-ons should be.

cftoo - 2004-07-01

Actually, I've figured out a new way of playing the chords... I saw Jon play live and there are many hammer-ons. I've figured out some other things to do with this and it involves a lot of bar chords and tuning the low E to a D. I think Jon plays it with a non-standard tuned guitar. The current tab is simpler. If you really want it with hammers and stuff, you can email me.

switch_acoustic - 2004-08-03

hey i have a question... i just started playing guitar like 6 months ago and i also play piano and have been for like 10 years and this tab works good job, but how do you play a d/f#?

GuitarAddict830 - 2004-08-16

Sweet! Thanks for the tab.

Pochey45 - 2004-09-03

The hammer-ons and what not are on the tab section of this song. It's pretty easy to play and it's only really in the beginning. There's a few here and there in the middle but most is in the beginning. But if you're lazy and feel like reading this then by all means do so. :)

x x x x
x x x x
x x x x
7h9 7h9 9h10 7h9
10 10 9 10
x 8 10 0

then I add this just for a little fun it sounds pretty good.

x x x x
x x x x
x x x x
7 5 4 2
10 7 5 3
0 0 3 0

then lead into the strumming. Hope this clarified the hammer-on problem :)
Oh lemme know if that little add-on I did sounds ok.

REWIND - 2004-09-10

i will appreciate if someone could email me the chords because sor somereason they don't appear here...please once again i will appreciate it..

blammo - 2004-09-24

This is a sweet tab. Sounds great if you drone the top D. Thanks. Anyone got any idea what the song is about?

BreakComa7 - 2004-09-24

can someone tell me the meaning to the chords d/f# and cadd9?!?!

guitar_girljo - 2004-09-28

its great!! really easy for a beginner like me if u play with the music. good job. oh by the way i dont know what d/f means either but i just play d and it sounds fine. God bless!

scottcg - 2004-09-29

A d/f# means that you play a d chord, with an f# in the bass. So for that chord you'd play your typical d-chord and add (usually your thumb to the) 2nd fret low E string, giving you the "f#". The Cadd9 is a c-chord with an added 9nth, which would be a "d" in the c-scale. You can play this with the following position: x 3 2 0 3 0. Pretty simple, play your regular c-chord, then just add the pinky to the 3rd fret "B" string, giving you a "d" or, the ninth of the chord. Hooray for music theory!

BreakComa7 - 2004-10-05

thanks scott, by the way, i found out that the website has a chord library, huh, who knew

skilletwill - 2004-10-26

cool, i hope that i can figure out how to post on this site.until then,ill post on other tabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!skilletwill

Will Mcarthur
of U-Turn


i was to lazy to read everything but hte top 3,4...any way....those "hammers" are muting of hte left hand and strumming certain strings....

umdwon1 - 2004-11-05

I play G like 320033 I also play Cadd9 and instead of D I play Dsus!

God Bless

Mattular - 2004-11-08

hey regarding the person who wants to know what the song is about..ok if u listen to Let That Be Enough on the Learning to Breath album he rote that song wen he was turning 22 soo that song is regarding Jon in my opinoin and a couple years later wen they released The Beatiful let Down in this song he uses 24 so if u put 2 and 2 together i think he rote this song wen he was 24 and how hes coping out but hey if and one else knows why dont hesitate to share this is just my personal opinion any ways later

faLLingOut19 - 2004-11-08

can anyone give me the order of this song?

mattsimms - 2004-12-13

With regard to the meaning of the song, I have the Switchfoot "Live in San Diego" DVD, and in it Jon explains that the song was written the day before he turned 25. It is intended to illustrate the way we sometimes tend to be 24 different people in 24 different situations. The song is meant to be a call to become one man(or woman) of integrity regardless of the present circumstances encompassing our lives.

Geekyboy2440 - 2004-12-23

a Cadd9 is the same thing as a C2 and it is a very easy chord to play and i know 2 variations and if your guitar was head up and the numbers represented the frets the tab would look like this {0,3,2,0,3,3} or you could play it as
{0,3,0,0,3,3} either way works. the reason the chords are the same is that a chord is a set of notes from a scale that make a single combined sound. the c scale is C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. notice that there are 8 notes, when it says to add the ninth step it means to add the nineth note in the scale, problem is, when you look at it, there is no nineth step but the scale repeats and goes back to the beginning in the 8th step. so then you would play the second note in the scale D and it comes out to be C, D, maybe E, G and that's your chord. for a D/F#, that one kid was right on the money, i play it as {2,0,0,2,3,0} though.

sportsboi - 2004-12-28

here's the way i play it...(i know it's not completely correct but it's the way i play it)
on first g i ply normal g then go 300203 and on c i play it then add high e third fret, then i do d and dsus em i make it esus
try it out and see what you think!
have fun playin ur guitars!

sportsboi - 2004-12-30

a correction...didn't have my guitar w/ me the first time i did it so i forgot...the added g goes 300233 the c i play is x32013 which moves to x30213 then the rest is right.

minidude010 - 2005-01-03

what is the strumming pattern it doesn't have any flow to it without it. Please reply ASAP
Here's MINIDUDE signing out

Mr. Switchfoot - 2005-01-11

hey cftoo can you send me the tabs for your way my addy is

cftoo - 2005-02-10

Hey, sorry for the late replies. If people are looking for the hammer on tabs, I'm afraid in the last reformat of my computer I wiped out the text file I kept for the tab. I'm really sorry, and it's been too long since I've seen them play or listened/played it to remember. Try figuring out the notes from the open chords and moving them up the fretboard to barchord-like formations. The open treble notes with the barred bass notes makes for a really good sound.

boarderchick - 2005-02-19

I'm kinda new at playing the guitar but I LOVE this song! How do I play D/F#?

mr.tado - 2005-02-22

hey man It's cool being a Christian... Christian contemporary music rocks!!! I love switchfoot.:-) LONGLIVE CHRISTIAN BANDS... To God be all the Glory...

mchandles - 2005-02-25

boarderchick, you only need to play a D chord on d/f#, the f# sharp is for the bass guitar to play

bjamong - 2005-02-28

of course you can play d/f# on the guitar..


God Bless:D

marc11 - 2005-03-14 ****VERY SIMPLE*** terms... as far as hammer-ons and offs goes. Here is what I do: when playing the G and C chords I lift my index finger on one beat and then put it back on the string the next beat and so on. On the D chord I lift my middle, not to flip you off :) LOL...anyways i lift up my middle finger for one beat and put it back on the string the next beat. For the Em chord I lift my middle finger for one beat and put it back on the next beat

bjamong - 2005-03-23

Man! this song rocks! It acctually means alot to me.. God bless all of you.. He loves you!

Basketball6 - 2005-05-03

Hey to the dude who wants the D/F# chord it is:


thx... ask me 4 any chord
i know most. ;-)
Have fun playing.. Switchfoot Rock!

normingtona - 2005-05-03

hey peeps. this is an awesome song but i just wanna see if i can improve my playin a bit. how do u play D/F# ? plz email me as soon as possible.

Jesus_Freak226 - 2005-06-02

if you don't know how to play a chord then go click on the chords link at the top of the page and it tells you how to play just about every one

elessar_ii - 2005-06-25

just a couple of notes from someone with a BA in music.
1) C2 and Cadd9 are the same chord they both have the notes C D E and G.

2) a D/F# is the same chord as D but in an inversion; meaning, a D chord has the notes D F# A and in a D/F# the lost sounding note is F# rather than the usual D. So if you have a bass player, he/she should play the note after the "/" on any chord.

if you have any music theory related questions please e-mail me (

jesusfollower - 2005-08-06

the strum pattern is very slow bout 4 strums to each chord each lasting a a second or 2 hope this helps

BlarneyPilgrim - 2005-08-23

Timing/Strumming: Remember this tune is in 6/8 time and each chord is played for 2 measures. So stum 4 sets of triplets per chord. So keep a *1 2 3 *4 5 6 rhythm with grace strums in between. Hope this helps!

rocker_john_113 - 2005-09-01

the hammer-ons happen when he's not singing

and they go


That's only for a G chord. For the others just do the same. Use your pinky to tap on those extra notes.

Jon foreman rocks

Mar-T - 2005-09-09

Hey I just thought I might say what I think this song is about. He says, "You're raising the in me" I think he's saying Jesus has raised the in him and now it isn't all about him, he's the second man, Jesus is first and foremost in his life. "Oh Oh, I am the second man now" Jesus is #1!
God Bless!

Guitar&Vocals7 - 2005-09-14

Amen to that brother!!!!!!!!

JESUS RAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emancipated1 - 2005-09-15

I haven't tried the tabs yet for this song but it is like my favorite song on this CD . I will try them soon . I think this isong is about how often we all fall short but that God has made us New Creations . "I am the second man ". I also think it is about how our salvation & Gods' love for us isn't conditional on our actions ,but our actions should be a response to His love for us . I am a failure ,but God is raising the dead in me . God Bless.

themanthemyth - 2005-11-20

Rock on emancipated1. We are all sinners and need Jesus.

praise_habit - 2005-11-21

Just wanted to throw in that this song includes my favorite line from any song ever... "I wanna see miracles, to see the world change; I wrestled the angel for more than a name, for more than a feeling, for more than a cause."

When you think about it, a Christ-centered life is a huge sacrifice, and the name "Christian" doesn't justify the struggle. Salvation is not just being delivered from hell. It's being plucked from useless, dry existence into full freedom and intimate relationship with a holy, loving God. That's the part that's worth the pain, and if you haven't experienced that, you need to, because you're missing what you were created for.

The song is about one man's transition from lost and dying to alive and free. Hence, the first and second men. The song is about how unworthy we are and how merciful He truly is. David Crowder would call it his Divinity meeting our Depravity.

Just my two cents. May God raise the dead in us all.


britesidesfines - 2006-01-07

i'm not sure about this but the part when he says, "Not Copping Out..." i didnt notice that it was tabbed or not. i saw them live and he played as may not know what this is untill you hear it on the dvd or something. but this is played from the first line of "i'm not copping out" to "and your raising the dead in me" and then you go to the chorus.


gnarlyfresh_mee - 2006-03-31

hey man I first of all want to tell you "Great Job".. These are very good chords. I figured this song out about a month ago, And the chords I play are a little different but you have them right... the way I play it, It sounds basically the same as you posted.. well peace out!!


<>< <><

gsus_freak_01 - 2006-11-29

you are right on the money, it is one thing to be a christian and another thing to live it out through god
Jesus is my president

dantal - 2007-10-11

Here's what I think the song means: The key to understanding it is Romans 7:14-25, and chapter 6 seems to have a bit to with it. In Rom. 7:15, Paul says, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Much like the song talks about "24 failures in 24 tries." As a whole, this passage from Romans is about 2 natures, an old sinful nature and a new sinless nature. This new nature (or "new man") is talked about in Rom. 6:4 and 2 Cor. 5:17. It is a "new creation" raised to life just as Jesus was raised to life. This makes sense of the repeated line "You're raising the dead in me." As for "I am the second man," it communicates that for the Christian, he/she is really the "second man" raised to life in Christ and not the old sinful man that keeps sinning. This is exactly what Paul is saying in Rom. 7:20, "Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it."

I know this is a very strange concept to our natural minds. But it is the theology of who we really are in Christ. We grieve over our sins and continually fight against them, but the truth is that God gives us a righteousness outside of ourselves. And part of that righteousness is a completely new person, who in all truth, is sinless (though the old nature is sinful). So while we hate our sin, part of the Good News is that we really are a new, perfectly sinless being.

I'm not sure if Jon would have had these same Scripture passages in mind, because there are many that convey this truth. At least read Romans 7. It's life-changing.

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