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Relient K - In Love With the 80's (Pink Tux To the Prom)

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Band: relient K
Album: two lefts don't make a right ...but three do
Song: In Love With the 80's (Pink Tuxedo)
Tabbed by:

Standard Tuning

All of the song that the guitar plays except the solo is...

F, C, G, A#

Palm muted during the verse's, and open on the chorus.

Guitar Solo:


ps: The end is a bit off, and it sounds like it's in a different key,
but I like playing it this way.

God Bless!

Comments about this tab

Brendini - 2004-04-17

It sounds like instead of a C it should be a B#.
Like this:
F B# G A#

littlejoaozinho - 2004-06-26

there is no such thing as B#!

unknown - 2004-07-05

hahahahaah lol in all my years of playing music i've never seen anyone put something like that!!! that is so funny!! lol B#!!!!!! hahahaahhahahahaha...duhhhhhh it sound sbetter as a B# than a C...

soccershadez - 2004-07-07

what are you talking about, B# is my favorite chord hahaha wow who ever put that must not ahve payed attention in music class

unknown - 2004-07-07

yeah dude B# and E# are my favs... lol!!!

sir david - 2004-07-08

B# is can be a chord in his own little world

Miffy - 2004-08-08

If you know much about music then B# IS a real chord only it's technically called a Cmajor augmented 9th. B# is just easier to say. But no it's not a B# it is a C natural.

Dumm - 2004-08-17

B# is the same as a C. If you play any other instrument like trumpet, B# is the same. Just like Eb is the same as D# and G# is the same as Ab.

B#isdabomb - 2004-08-30

Ha..b# thats I gotta remember that Ha!

madasatabber - 2004-10-20

I think you guys hammered home your point. However, anyone who thinks B# is a chord should not be correcting other people's tabs. But whatever, the intro is pretty good.

MarkM - 2004-10-23

I don't know what yall's problem is...b# is a chord and can be played. Actually know what you're talking about before you start making fun of someone.

AcousticWonder1 - 2004-11-20

Isnt this a Christian site? I mean it was basicly created so that we can come together and help each other to creat a higher level of praise. Just lay of cuz were all human we all mk mistakes the only one that was perfect died on the cross for us.

professtheword - 2004-12-02

go aucosticwonder! yeh i definately wasnt impressed when i saw the slamage.

ftblljones72 - 2005-01-02

I am disgusted that anyone not to mention someone on a christian site would waste their time insulting someone. This person spent their time tabbing this and there is no thanks :(. I'm dissapointed. I'm sure Jesus our Lord is not to happy.

guitarjunkie808 - 2005-01-11

i 100% agree with the above. the rest of you guys should think of a time when you messed up a chord.give him a break

someone13 - 2005-01-21

Ya, anyways to explain the B# problem. If you look on a keyboard there is no black keys between the notes b and

c or the notes e and f. So a B# is actually a c. Perhaps you meant Bb? Anyways there is such a thing as a b# but

no one ever calls it that because a B# is just a C. But sometimes if you're playing in a key with a Bb or a C#

they will actually use the note B# on the sheet music so they don't have to write confusing natural signs.

Anyhow good tab. The solo is off quite a bit though. The solo goes like this-


This part at the end where I highlighted ^ I hit artificial harmonics to make it sound more colorful.

takamine_14 - 2005-02-01

hahahahaha!!B# is just CM hahahaha and it's one of my faves!!!!:D

jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-09

It Should Be Gm, Not G

gsusboy91 - 2005-05-03

hey guys, well yea you guys shouldn't be so stink.
This guys gone to the trouble of writing it out and all u can do iz dis him about one wrong chord.

Nice tab dude love it!!!

god blees u all

rock_on79 - 2005-05-24

Um...what's the difference between an A# and a Bb? (tab says A#)

guitargirlehs - 2005-06-20

In sound It's the same chord, but for those of us that believe in music theory it is a big difference. In this song it should be a Bb because of the key of the song. Bb is in the Key of F but A# isn't.

thebobert66 - 2005-06-25

there's no such thing as B# ?????????

3rd Bassman - 2005-07-25

lol to the above... B#, i never knew, the whole time i played saxophones, violins, and stuff, and than when i taught myself the guitar like 4 months ago, i said to myself "man, I AM stupid..." lol i love it when i look back on that...

stancardg_u - 2005-08-20

ok forget the b# who cares, everyone who plays music for any extended amount of time knows that a b# is a C ok?
good job dude

jam4him - 2005-12-17

hey professtheword slamage is my middle name but ya its not real christian like but hey we're humans and all of us ever christians are, well not to quote relient k or anything but:
We're cannibals.
We watch our brothers fall.
We eat our own, the bones and all.
PWNED!!!!!!!!!! c what i just did was a horrible act of slamag

jam4him - 2005-12-17

yes i know i left a e off the end of slamagE but hey i know where humans so go ahead slam,insult,pwn ect ect ect me

jam4him - 2005-12-17

oh i almost forgot in the mist of all my lecturing on how humans act, AWSOME SONG man all this got started off one mistake wow by the way smoothe move smacktard aka littlejoaozinho

barbara_16 - 2006-01-05

Hello i really need some help reading guitar tabs!! can someone explain to me? because i am just starting to play the guitar.. And i am hoping to play christian songs at my so yea!! thanks and GOD bless u all

Mike Tizzle - 2006-11-26

I am sorry, I do not know how to teach it to you thououghly, but you can google it.

Mike Tizzle - 2006-11-26

Good luck with your church and remember that everything is for the glory of God

spudsb - 2006-11-28

correction on the solo


great tab man, awsome job!!

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