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Submitted by: Andp_p

This song is an oldie but quite possibly done the best on the 'look to you' 
album. Everytime i hear it i get goose bumps. I've tabed the keyboard intro
as well as putting the chords cause its sounds cool
      Dmaj7   A2      E    F#m

Then the whole song is 
     D       A         E        F#m
Our awesome...reigns...Heaven above

I tend to play it with a D2 and A2 and i play F#m7 leaving the top two 
strings open like this
  D2  A2  E   F#m7

This is such a powerful song and goes off if you got a good team
Have fun playing and remeber our God is an awesome God

Written by Rich Mullins 1988

Comments about this tab

SGuy - 2005-07-03

I agree. Hillsong adds a nice touch to this old popular song. Nice job.

Koop - 2005-07-15

Every time i listne to this song i get goose bumps because it is such a powerfull song. Hill song does a great job and nice tab.

matttil - 2005-08-06

man because of what they did with that song i want to make my chuch sing like that

anticfire - 2005-08-16

Yeah, this song is so awesome, I feel God's presence when I play the song at home! I want to get my our youth group to play it also, because this song will touch their hearts, and we need revival starting with our young people!

matttil - 2005-08-20

yeah fully it can so touch people it touched me lol im actully like addicted to hillsong united they have such wicked worship songs our god is an awsome god amen

hanhan - 2005-09-18

this song is such an amazing song, its an anthem, as it says our god is an awesome god, and theres something about the whole church singing it together than gives you goosebumps. our youth band did it in our church and i dont think ive ever seen the congregation worshiping so honestly and truly from their hearts as i did that week. god is working in our youth! hes an awesome god!!! and i love him!!!

jwsw - 2005-09-20

this song is great ...when i heard it ...i wuz like WOW !! fantastic !! ...and in my youth ..we do it wif Take All Of Me then follow wif this song ...this is a great combination after all especially during both of the piano instrumental part wuz played together ..try it ..

Weld_Man4GOD - 2005-10-02

i think ur right jwsw it sounds good

jwsw - 2005-11-01

thx weld's just a try ..but it turns out good ...and recently in a rally youth band did it is vely good and d crowds wuz touched wif tat music and of coz the words of d song ..

christian_boy_7 - 2005-11-03

this song may be an oldie, but it is one of the most moving songs i'v ever heard

oydannyboy - 2005-12-02

Try it with a capo on the second fret
new chords are
C2 G D Em
sounds good - awsome song

kevin_borst - 2006-01-03


les_paul_player - 2006-03-17

good job dude
this is a great old song
Keep playin (les pauls)

XTeejayX - 2006-04-08

yeah,this is a good song,very well done too actually..
is anyone from here live in B.C.?or go to any retreatslike sunnybrae bible camp or camp quanoes?if so what youth group are you from?I'm from Newton Fellowship.

Mr. T - 2006-06-21

When you're leading worship, you can focus more on leading the people into God's presence by making chords easier. You can play F#m like this:
Mute the A with your middle finger (it should already be hitting the bass E on the second fret)and use your ring finger for the d string and your pinky for the g. If you want a G#m, move this chord to the 4th fret.

Mr. T - 2006-06-21

Thanks for the tab! (I forgot to say that last time.)

Andp_p - 2006-07-04

Heya Mr. T, it is sweet if you dont mute the A string cause A is in the F#m
triad anyways so it goes together basically like peas and carrots

wowbertmz024 - 2006-07-24


awsomegod - 2007-03-23

well i ply it and it is c,g7,d,Em,c,g7,thend,c,g7 real fast thank you i love this song hilsong rocks

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