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Submitted by: NPBCguitar

Standard EADGBE tuning

Intro: G Em C D

Verse: G Em C D
       G Em C D

Pre-chorus: Am G D G
            C G D

Chorus: G D Em C 
        G D Em 
        C Em D C
        D G  (Do all verse, Pre-chorus, and Chorus again, then to the Bridge)

Bridge: Just play the G Em C D chord progression twice, then back to the Chorus

Outro: G Em C D 

Comments about this tab

SCHUTZDAN - 2005-04-12

Thankyou for whom ever tab tabed this song. I love it so much. My friend and i can finnaly sing this at our school.

Falcon-fever777 - 2005-06-09

I have a question, How are you people tabbing this song? The only instrument i hear is a cello.
Please answer this quetion. I am interested to find out. Falcon-fever777 ><>

Andy Miller - 2005-06-13

i believe this person tabbed this because it can be for people who want to do a guitar solo, plus, it is a praise song, so most artists posted these for guitar players. you're right, there is a cello and a few violins, but this is for guitar players. i hope i made that clear enough and that it was right. but it's my opinion, so, who's knows? God bless to you all!
-Andy Miller

Falcon-fever777 - 2005-06-19

Well Andy Miller, I got a private message from someone and they also explained it to me. I do understand it now. Thanks God bless.
><> Daniel

Ddog - 2005-07-18

Good job

praise_habit - 2005-07-25

Hey, thanks soo much for tabbing this. I love this song. One thing, though. Kutless has a strange infatuation with the Cadd9 chord, and they use it in place of an actual C all the time, and, true to form, this song sounds better with Cadd9 (x32033) in place of the C chord. Thanks again for the tab!

praise_habit - 2005-07-25

Just felt like adding that this song sounds amazing with an acoustic played over the violins and cello.

Croixalier - 2005-08-28

I sang this at my church, witch is very treditional lutheran. The pastors wife said that the song was great.

BlackMage - 2005-09-23

i'm not sure how many of you know this, but this song, as well as most of the other songs on the Strong Tower album, were not written by Kutless. This particular song was written by Craig Musseau, he also wrote the song I Pour Out My Heart, another wonderful worship song. so for anyone that thought that this song was written by Kutless, they didnt. but i was so excited when i saw that they recorded this song, i didn't know many people had even heard of this song, so that was pretty awesome. but perfect job to the guy that tabbed this. its a simple song, but still, good work. God bless y'all!

DavidFrank - 2005-10-18

Nice Job NPCDLJSLguitar,

I Greatly Appreciate it.
Take Care

swmrunseal - 2005-12-02


mattrox - 2005-12-31

awesome job NPBCguitar this is a great song and you did a great job tabbing it thanks

NPguitar - 2006-01-03

Thank you for the correction Praise Habit, it does sound better with the C9 instead of a regular C

Breezy - 2006-01-23

I think on the verse it's G D Em C sounds more full...Not that yours wasn't good, just a suggestion. The rest sounds great though! Thanks for doing it! :o)

Kyle1121 - 2006-01-29

Hey thnx for the chords. I played it with the song and the notes match up perfectly. But I have a question, does anyone know where I could get the cello music or even the entire quartet music?

Kyle1121 - 2006-01-29

Hey thnx for the chords. I played it with the song and the notes match up perfectly. But I have a question, does anyone know where I could get the cello music or even the entire quartet music?

mizpah07 - 2006-04-04

hey guys thank God that your talent is used to glorify God!!just keep on following God!!bye the way u can txt at this n# 09287635924 im a boy!!!!we can priese God together!!!amen

earfejj - 2006-06-01

I think this tab is aweosome, I have been looking so long on how to play that song, So, thanx

the strat guy - 2006-12-15

FINALY someone tabed this wonderful song Ill be playin this for my family

Guitarboy3211 - 2006-12-25

I LOVE YOU!!! (as a friend) i hate tab stuff and i just like it just bein chords...THANK YOU

fastnhappy - 2007-01-06

disagree with the G D Em C D - i think it sounds better as G (200033) Em C D. I like how it walks down the bottom E string. From the G to the (200033) to the Em.

just my 2 cents!


fatpunk80 - 2007-01-16

i dont know i kinda like the G D Em C better

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