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Submitted by: tumer_man03

Releient K
Angles we have heard on high
Album:Deck the Halls and Bruise Your Hand
Rewritten by: Matt Thiessen and the rest of Relient K
Gotee Records

This is the part for the lead guitar. It will take me awhile to figure out
what the background guitar is doing, so I figured i would just go ahead
and submit the main part.Palm mute for the first verse. Enjoy.  RELIENT K

Intro: C   F   C   G    C F      G

Verse 1: C         G C(2x)

Chorus: C   F    C    G    C  F  C  G C (2x)

Verse 2: C        G  C (4x)

Chorus 2: C   F   C   G     C  F  C  G   
        C   F   C   G     C  F  C  G  C (Hold out)

        C  F  C  F  C     G

        C  F  C  G   C F C G Am 
        C  F  C  G  C

I hope this isn't to hard to read. If you have trouble, email me and i'll
see if i can make it where you'll be able to understand it and i'll send it
back to you. my email address is

Comments about this tab

mcds - 2004-04-21

its alright

RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-08-17

How a-come nobody tabs out any other songs on thier christmas album, for instance deck the halls or santa claus is thumbin to town....??

calazoid - 2005-02-06

its too hard to read

jamforchrist123 - 2005-05-16

Could Any Body Tab Out 12 Day Of Chgristmas?

Down In Flames - 2005-12-11

its not christmas anymore its Jesusmas. we need to take the "X" out of X-mas and put Jesus back in, ergo, Jesusmas.

Ramuh17 - 2005-12-12

Down In Flames,
your intentions are good, but i don't think that we need to take the "x" out of Christmas as you suggest. when people say x-mas the x is a visible reminder of the cross that Jesus died on for us. being reminded about that is never a bad thing.
anyways, sorry this is off topic. all the chords seem to be spot on, although i think they sound better as power chords the way they play 'em, but that's just me. Merry Christmas everyone!

project7 - 2005-12-21

This tab is a little hard to follow, but good job anyway. In regards to the previous comments, Xmas is not actually removing Christ from Christmas. The Greek word for Christ is "Chi". In the Roman alphabet, the letter "X" represents "Chi". Therefore, Xmas is not removing Christ at all, in fact, civilizations have used this symbol for years. I hope this information is helpful. We shouldn't waste our time fretting about perfectly justifiable replacements because many world and local problems exist, and these problems deserve our attention more than phrases that seem unholy. God bless and take care.

Britnee - 2006-07-23

Thanx for the chords!! It would be kinda nice if you had the words underneath the chords though. it would be awesome!!! once again, thanx!! :)

Kazuki-chan - 2006-09-29

Hey, Britnee, it's illegal to have the words under the chords. If you have a good ear for music, just play the song in your head and pay attention to where the guitar parts change notes. Is this helping? If not, try playing your guitar while you read the tabs. On another note, the intro sounds great, dude! Keep up the good work!

pastorpaco - 2006-11-19

Actually, that is only the case if the lyrics are under copyright; but in this case, the lyrics are public domain, so they could legally be posted.

a music pastor/church copyright consultant

Switchfoot_ - 2007-02-26

You know, on this album, There IS a hidden track! it's like a minute after Auld Lang Syne. It's a rock dafy duck version of "12 Days Of Christmas".It's really cool!

audioa4me - 2007-10-12

I think it was very easy to read! I played it through with the CD on my first try without missing a beat. The spacing really was very good.

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