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Comments about this tab

jkcausey - 2004-04-15

Capo on the second fret to make it match the Passion Sacred Revolution CD released in August 2003.

curt02k1 - 2004-05-02

thers just somethin about this that isnt right...i seems like no one can get this song right cause tomlin wont put it out.....oh well i guess we'll just have to keep guessing

junkreverge - 2004-05-18

instead of a "c" try a Csus2(030033)... it sounds much better

aznechelon - 2004-07-02

It's incredibly simple. Instead of Em play a G/B (x20033).

takamineplaya - 2004-08-31

Just wanted to add that on the 2nd bridge rather than F try playing Em7 (022033) it sounds better to me. enjoy

m3066 - 2004-09-01

Bridge 1 is A Cmaj7

fufuberrysmurf - 2004-10-07

Chris used a capo 3rd fret when i saw him play this song last, and its the same on the new album too. the chords are G=(320033) Csus2=(030033)
Dsus4=(xx0233) Em7=(022033) the A on the bridge is like this (002233) and the C is a Csus2 G/B=(x20033) D/F#=(200232) i, like chris himself, use my thumb on the low E string to form that one. F=(133211) and on the second bridge the C is a "normal" C so (x32010). yeah, i am listening to the song right now, and these chords sound perfect, but chris has been known to change the way he plays songs from album to album.

Smitty1213 - 2004-12-16

The way our youth group plays it is:

F# D E (2x)

i can't remember how the bridge goes. i think it is something like this:
A D F# E

Smitty1213 - 2005-01-19

sry bout the bridge. it's A E G D
that's the accurate way our youth group does it and it's pretty cool.

royalsfan1 - 2005-02-07

Whatever sounds best to you guys, capo or no. Doesnt really matter. Whichever is easier to sing. Thats why God created more than one key :-). But just for the record, fufuberrysmurf is right. Way to go fufu!

Jesus <3's YOU

brockleeman - 2005-02-09

Capo @ 3rd fret is correct (or at least easiest for acoustic).

Try changing Em in verse to G/B.

Try changing all C to C2 its easier to get to from G.

G C2 Dsus

G/B C2 Dsus

G C2 Dsus

G/B C2 Dsus

G/B C2 Dsus

chris_robin_24 - 2005-02-11

All you have to remember is that Chris isn't a 'great' guitar player.. on almost everything he can get away with he'll capo and play in "G".. this song is really quite simple, took me about 10 minutes to chord out.

GuitarOfGold - 2005-03-21

Curt, those E minors on the verse ARE right.

Does nobody here actually listen to the basslines in songs? ;)

GuitarOfGold - 2005-03-21

I just realized why it seems off. It's an Em7 - 022033. That's why some people think it's G, others think it's G/B, other's - Em. Makes sense, right?

dkabelitz - 2005-04-03

For those who say its Em7 and those who say G/B you are both correct. The only difference in the chords Em7 and G/B is one string. The Em7 (020033) has an open string compared to the G/B (x20033) which has a muted string.

acousticpunker - 2005-04-12

Hey guys, Does any one have the tab for the beginning?? I think it starts...


But that's kinda tricky to play as fast as it is on the CD...Could someone help me out

c82cj - 2005-04-14

the intro is...





acousticpunker - 2005-04-20

Thanks...But...Is that capoed at all or is that relative to the capo or what??

Thanks again...

dougwood - 2005-04-22

I'm not sure, but doesn't Chris tomlin use a cut capo on this one? Our worship leader at church started using a cut capo for this song and it wasn't until he used the cut capo did it really sound identical to what Chris is playing.

c82cj - 2005-04-28

i did the intro without a capo

c82cj - 2005-05-01

What strings are open on the cut capo?

gsus_freak7 - 2005-05-04

does any one know that cool lil' lick between

every one sing ?????? every one sing

musicmatt112590 - 2005-05-16



Pretty simple.

brockleeman - 2005-05-18

Check out my new tab of this song and rate it please.

TheeEAR - 2005-05-19

The capo for 3 is correct and the dsus need a hammer on 4

Doog - 2005-05-23

It also sounds cool if during the verse you play a D major after the Dsus by going from xx0233 to x00232. This resolves the chord nicely, and all it needs is the pinky finger.

theekevy - 2005-05-30

In the "Everyone sing..." prechorus/bridge/whatever you want to call it, the progression goes A7 C.

jgdrisk - 2005-10-03

By the way, the song is in Bb. just so everyone knows, he may play with a capo sometimes...but to really get the full effect of the song. i suggest playin in Bb.

aeortiz - 2007-04-23

Where is it, it's gone!

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