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Switchfoot - Ammunition

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Submitted by: relient217kpax


Just so you know, this is my first tab...i just picked up the guitar and
played along with this song...its a little high but not sharp.

The entire song is these three chords:
D C G (in that order)

the trick is getting the rhythm 

the intro is just d, c, g thats pretty easy to get

during the verses its dd, ccc, gg
obviously you just play the intro part in between singing in the verses

the chorus is different
for the "weve been growing up" its D, "...with the issue" is C, and when it
breaks for a split second its switches to G
the "we're ammunition, we're ammunition" part it goes D on we're, G on
ammunition...fairly simple

Anyway thats pretty much the song, email me at if you have
any questions...have fun!

Comments about this tab

lego_boy_26 - 2004-04-05

It's "We're blowing up" not growing up, and "We're the issue" not with the issue.

madelineadele - 2004-08-02

"we've been blwing up we're the issue its our condition we've been blowing up we're the issue a detonation we've been blowing up we're the issue we're ammunition, we're ammunition, we are the fuse and ammunition" haha. love this song. nice tab, look into how to chart chords and try that next time. but for a first try, not bad. :)

IbanezGSA60 - 2004-11-05

First, thats not much of a chord chart. Great effort, but KEEP IT SIMPLE. Put the chords in their respective place under a thing like "verse" or "chorus."

LesPaulLuke - 2004-11-30

na dip lego boy LOL

LesPaulLuke - 2004-11-30

I went to there tour in San Deigo

chickachonk - 2005-01-02

hey guys
if you want to know the lyrics, go to
they've always gotten the words right for me.

wwjd_wwjd - 2005-01-05

very very confusing andit doesnt sound right........but that jsut might be my crappy playing

rock4christ08 - 2005-01-16

JUST F.Y.I. everything works alot easier in this song when it's in Drop D.
ex: the chorus:
D--9h11-11p9--11--7-7-7-7-7/14-14/4-4--- i listened to the song to match, and this is the closest sounding way to play it that i can come up with.
Just concerned, ray

gsus_freak7 - 2005-03-15

doesnt sound quite right, but good job for your first time. keep up the good work.

guitarplayer67 - 2005-07-08

-2-2-2-2-2----2-2-2----2-2-2 x4
that is the correct inro
if you want the whole song go to,s,10005,Switchfoot,Ammunition,166469

rocker_john_113 - 2005-09-01

this is totally off but i'm no better at figuring out tabs

but i know how THIS one goes so ...

E|-7-6-11- that's just the intro

this is the way jon foreman plays it

the rest .. i'm too lazy

angelsfreeek - 2006-06-07

how the [bleep] is it possible for ANYONE to play this:


you'd have to have some pretty freakin long fingers to be playing that.

Rockerdude6 - 2006-06-08

the song gose like this the intro is B Bb C# and the verse is like this A G F# and the chorus is B C# A E F# and then A B and the briege is G A E try it out

superjman5 - 2006-08-16

could you put the chords up for that?

gillowats1000 - 2007-01-11

hey could ou post this with lyrics. this is an awesome song though.

Jesus_dude - 2007-02-15

first of the song is in standard tuning, and Rockerdude is right about the chords, this is the intro:


trust me, this is correct, i got the book, lol

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