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Benjamin Gate, The - How Long

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How Long-bass tab
The Benjamin Gate
Tabbed by Ralph and Odi

cool song from a timeless calssic...


chorus(1st part 3xs-2nd part once-after chorus 8xs)
1st part
2nd part
after chorus


chorus(1st part 3xs-2nd part once-after chorus 2xs-2nd part once)

bridge 2xs

chorus(same as second chorus)

then finish on
A--7---let it ring.

thats it...a classic
peace to odi,chief and michael
all glory be to God...
mistakes or commentXXXXX me at

Comments about this tab

Brendini - 2004-04-14

I think that something in the bridge isn't quite right.
Possibly, all the lines need to be played twice, not just the C#m D#m G#m G#m one.
I think it should go like this:

C#m D#m G#m G#m(2)
E B F# F#(2)
C#m D#m G#m G#m(2)
E B F# F#(2)
F# F#

GuitBoxSP - 2004-06-23

actually, i think the part revised above should not have any repeated individual lines but instead all 4 main lines should be repeated. other than that, not bad

tabmngr - 2004-08-14

Correction on Chorus:
E B F# G#
I wanna be in the light as you are in the light (Let the E and B ring out, and chop the other two to hear it)

E B F#
I wanna Shine like the stars in the heaven

E B F# G#
Oh Lord be my light and be my salvation
E F# G#
all I want is to be in the Light

I am not sure about all the notes, they sound like they are acurate. I don't play all the fingerpicking but mainly just chop strum and it sounds good, and experiment as i play...good luck. Let me know what you think. These chords I saw in an "official book" but got them out of a home made worship leader song list.

tabmngr - 2004-08-14

sorry about that the chords didn't stay over top of the right word. but you will get it.

further4rmyself - 2006-07-14

great tab thanks

ChristianRocka! - 2006-10-06

chords in chorus dnt sound rite

rapids36 - 2006-11-12

I think the G#m sounds better than the G#

gtarchik7 - 2007-02-24

i dont know if im hearing this right..but to me it sounds like the intro on this song goes like this:

e ----------------------------
b ----------------------------
g --4-----3--------------4/6-4
d --2-----4------6----66------
a 2---2-4---4-6--6--6-66------
e 0---0-2---2-4-----4---------

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