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All songs owned by Integrity and Brentwood-Benson are used by permission. If you make copies of any song on this website, be sure to report your usage to CCLI.
by: “Fold Zandura”
album: “rE:turn” 
 1995 NowHere Music (BMI) All rights reserved

This song is in drop D tuneing.  That is DADGBe. All the 
chords are just barred across the fret and turn up the distortion!

can be used by Bass or Guitarist. because i am awesome and made it that way.

opening rift:
D      G#    G                  F  D  A#
D--0----6-6-6--5 (repeat 3 times) -3--0--8---------
A--0----6-6-6--5                  -3--0--8---------
D--0----6-6-6--5                  -3--0--8---------

repeat 2 times

( verse rift B--3-3-3-3-5v  will work or just hit the open strings 
once, I don’t know the real thing)
mrs. jaded
loved a man whose passion 
had faded away
(Opening rift once, second part is F G G#)
(verse rift)
so she waited

for the day when the fires returned
but it never came

(1st part opening rift)
F       A    A#
what she said was:
A#     C       A     G
love’s like the seasons, remember
A#      C       A       G
love’s promised spring and summer
A#     C    A        G   A#     C#
will melt away with December
(start opening rift once)
...see for yourself

(to make it easier: D and then slide 10-11-12 will write as D>)
D>   D>
mr. vision
D>                 F
saw the future then found religion sacred
(opening rift once with G A A# ending)

D>        D>
glitter-free salvation
took the patience of saints
so he cursed the time he wasted away
(1st part of opening rift)

F         A    A#
what he said to me:
A#       C       A   G     A#
faith’s like the flowing waters
C           A     G     A#
a fierce and raging river
C  A   G       A#    C#
will calm in still and light weather

(D slap 11)think for yourself, (same)speak for yourself,(same)see if

it’s true

(D slap 12)if it’s true

A#     C     A  G    A#
just like the seasons, untender
C    A           G    A#
life burns in spring and summer
C  A     G     B    C
but fades away like these embers

(distorted again)

C    D/   B       A    C
the world’s elusive, remember
    D/       A
where love’s the leaf
A       C
faith, the river
D/         B     A     C C#
what’s born as flame dies in ember

see for yourself!
(opening rift 4 times.  last time ending F A A#)

(this is for those of you so now you know what you are playing when you play drop D tuning)
guitar and for bass its just the root as always.
  D  D# E  F  F# G G#  A A# B  C   C#  D   d# 
fheu!  that took a while.  Hope you enjoy 

Tabbed by Seth the Greatest Bass player eva

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