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Skillet - Alien Youth

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All songs owned by Integrity and Brentwood-Benson are used by permission. If you make copies of any song on this website, be sure to report your usage to CCLI.
FIVE STRING TAB-John plays a five-string.

Alien Youth

tabbed by Liko (
quick legal junk:  If you wanna copy a part or all of this for whatever reason,
just email me and ask.  Thanks.

It was kinda surprising to me that there wasn't a five-string tab on here,
considering that John Cooper plays a five.  So here's my try.  Quick
disclaimer:  I learned the song from's four-string tab,
and figured out what it was with the fifth string, so chances are I'll be
referring back to it a lot.  Thanks, dude!


Intro-guitar plays kool lil piece a few times, then the bass and drums come in.


Now for the heavy part, pretty much the main riff of the song, the other two
tabs want you to play power chords on the A and D strings.  I think that the
PC's sound yucky on the B and E strings, so I just play the same thing as the
Intro, I just hit the strings harder (OD would be nice here, too).  But if you
wanna do the chord thing, it's...


Now on the verses, the bass is overdriven just a lil bit, but it still sounds
sweet clean. It's something like this...oh yeah.  If you just played the heavy
part hard (no chords), ease up some here.

G|---------------------|                |----|
D|---------------------|                |----|
A|---------------------|  3x, then 	|----|
E|---------------------|                |-b6-|
B|--4--4--4--4-1--1-1--|                |----|

After you play that a couple times, there's a change to a pre-chorus.  It's
like this:

G|-----------------|  3x, then	G|-----------------|
D|-----------------|   		D|-----------------|
A|---------------1-|  		A|-(3)-(3)-(3)-(3)-|
E|-3-3-3-3-1-1-1---| 		E|-----------------|
B|-----------------|  		B|--1---1---1---1--|

note:  the notes in parenthesis are optional, you can play either those or the
ones on the low B-they're the same note, just an octave apart.

Now the Chorus!!


Then back to ye olde heavy part, then play a verse again.  The change after the
2'nd verse is different.  This second pre-chorus is like this:

G|-----------------------------------|  		G|---------|
D|-----------------------------------|  play that	D|---------|
A|--5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-1-1-1-1----------|	twice, then	A|-5-5-5-5-|
E|--------------------------3-3-3-3--|	play 1/8 	E|---------|
B|-----------------------------------|	notes...	B|---------|

During the guitar solo, just play the prechorus from the FIRST verse, minus the
1/8 note C's (A|-3-| or B|-1-| for those still learning the neck.)  Now that's
all the pieces you need to know.  Putting them together isn't too hard.  Have
fun, rock out, and God bless!

Special Thank-you to for making a great four-string tab
for me to work from and for the kindness of letting me pretty much copy the
spots where the low B wasn't used!

Queries, Comments, Praise, Constructive Criticism, and Flames all welcome!
Just no spam.

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