About us

This site was started in July of 2000, to fill a void in the area of Christian tab sites on the internet. There were several decent sites out there, but there was more could be done to serve the Christian guitarist community. Thus, Christian Guitar Resources was born! This site is here to help you help each other.

Also, here is a neat thread on our message board with more about the history of the site, including old screenshots of the main site and message board.

The Team

Paul Kim - Webmaster

I aquired the site in April 2007. I am 32 years old, I was born in Baltimore, MD and currently live in Dallas, TX. I've been playing guitar for a little over five years, but I'm still a novice guitar player.

Art Bennett - Administrator

Art came to CGR in 2001, and soon thereafter became a moderator in The West Coast. Since then, he has moderated Sports and Athletics, Movies and TV, Music Business and Technology, Jounals and Blogs, Individual Artists, CD REviews, and General Discussion at different times. He was promoted to Super Moderator in July 2005, where he has served since that time.

Mrs. M - Super Moderator

I came here in 2005 because my daughter was a member and she asked me to join. I have a bachelor's degree in nursing and a master's in organizational psychology. I am a Director at a hospital. I live in central California with my husband (ApprovedWorker) and daughter (mtlmouth). I have been moderator of the Prayer Request forum and the Advice forum, and I love to pray for the good people of CGR - so don't hesitate to let me know if you are in need of prayer!

Daniel Wagner - The People's Super Moderator

An active member of the forums since September of 2002. Daniel is the newset member of the administrative team. He previously moderated Canada, as well as a number of other forums. He resides in Aldergrove, BC with his wife Rachael, and works at Trinity Western University in the Registrar's Office. You may also find him playing shows with his band, The Neverknown, though not as often as he would like

BillSPrestonEsq - The Anonymous Admin

The Anonymous Admin currently is pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Talbot School of Theology. He has his bachelors degree in Bible from Moody Bible Institute. He has been on CGR since 2001, first as a regular user, then as a mod in Prayer Requests and Advice before being appointed as SMod and subsequently Admin. He is married to his lovely wife since May of '05. His wife would also prefer to remain anonymous. He spends his time monkying with amp and guitar electronics, doing his homework for his masters program, taking care of his wife, playing guitar and CGR.

Leboman - Super Moderator

I came to CGR in 2003, after accidentally stumbling into the Newsboys forum. I have served as moderator in Journals, Marriage & Parenting, Secular Music and Christian Music for quite some time. I have a B.S. in Biblical Exposition from Mid-Atlantic Christian University and am currently contemplating getting a M.A. in Religious Studies. I live in North Carolina with my wife (also a CGR member) and our three children. I help lead worship in my home church and often fill the pulpit when the pastor is gone. My most recent ministry was as lead church planter for a church in Pearlington, Mississippi. My wife and I are considering another church plant sometime in the future.

Rainer - Super Moderator

In 2003, he got his first electric guitar, and called upon CGR in his quest to make some excellent music out of it. He was the moderator of the Guitars forum, and has since moderated a multitude of other forums. He currently attends the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. He spends his days making photographs and visual art, going to classes, and cooking up a mean ribeye. He spends his nights rocking out around the city of Seattle.

Gustin - Super Moderator

I joined CGR in 2003 after using the tab section of the site for the for a couple years. I started out helping CGR as an Artist Administrator for the tab section and eventually moved on to moderating in the forums. In 2007, I moved to Nashville, TN to go to school for training as a recording engineer. I currently work at a studio recording voice overs and running live sound for concerts and various events, and I'm also active in the worship music industry.

Our Future

Who knows? So far, our growth has been astounding, and that is a big benefit to you. As more people visit the site, more people send in songs, which helps everyone out. I'm adding new songs to the site pretty much every day, and I'm always working on new ideas for the site. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

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